Latest Upcoming Gadgets of 2012 with Latest Technology

Latest Upcoming Gadgets of 2012  Technology is at its peak in the current times and will remain that way in the near future. We have to look forward to the coming years where it will be expected to soar high. Various online sites feature the latest in online technology. This includes technology news and critical […]

Samsung Galaxy R I9103 Features and Specifications

Samsung I9103 Galaxy R – Full Specifications There are plenty of Smartphones available in the market in which Samsung has huge share of their Galaxy series of phones. In those Galaxy series of handsets Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 are the flagship products by the company. It released feature full, premium design and affordable Samsung Galaxy […]

HTC One X Features and Specification

HTC One X Features and Specification This year’s best smartphone manufacturer award was banged by Samsung but believe it or not, Samsung is currently facing cut-throat competition from HTC. HTC is hitting Samsung’s industry with full force, that too again and again. The attacks have got even worse, as MWC is in action. The latest […]

5 Windows Apps Every Developer Should Check Out

If you are a beginner web developer or designer working on some online app or website, chances are high that you’re using a Windows machine for your work – even if you are using a Mac, you’d still be wise to use a Windows machine (virtual or physical) to test your work and make sure […]

Affiliate Marketing and Ecommerce

Affiliate Marketing and Ecommerce Affiliate marketing and ecommerce don’t always go hand in hand. Basically, affiliate marketing is a type of ecommerce as it is a business that is accomplished electronically. So what is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is like having a sales force working on a commission basis. Let’s say that person A is […]

9 Common Mistakes We Make While Writing Affiliate Product Review

Common Mistakes We Make While Writing Affiliate Product Review Most people are making big mistakes in writing their affiliate product review. These mistakes cost them their time and effort without giving them their desired earning. If you make the same common errors in your review writing, then you will potentially waste your time and energy […]

Nokia 808 Pure View Features

Nokia 808 Pure View Features Nokia has facing a tough challenges from Samsung and Sony as they have released the chain of Android phones and becomes the top seller in mobile market. Now Nokia comes with something that may attract the mobile lovers. Yes Nokia has launched Nokia 808 Pure View, a phone having 41 […]

How to Get More Comments on your Blog [Tips]

Are you having problems getting individuals to comment on your site posts? It’s either your comment box is not working (which is highly unlikely) or you are not reaching the right control buttons. One of the most ignored ways of building stable viewers on a site is through the use of comment box. There’s simply […]

How To Convert Your USB To Bootable USB

Almost everyone of you must have upgrade your window XP to window7 and must be aware of many new cool feature of window7, which is quite fast and efficient and also user-friendly. Now suppose you have went to your friend’s home and he is unaware about window 7 features and you are explaining him with […]

Download LinkCollector Portable Edition

Bookmarking a site is very important thing for bloggers and to manage it is the key concept cause all we need to find a data is the bookmarks and if you lost it then it will take lot of time to recover it. You can do the bookmark backup in the HTML file from the […]