What are the 5 things which you must know about your Web Hosting?

5 things which you must know about your Web Hosting? Internet is one of the best ways to promote your business as it gives you maximum exposure at minimum charges. Therefore almost all the businesses are creating their own business websites so that visitors will get the idea about their products or services. For making […]

4 Ways to help you Focus on Blogging

4 Ways to help you Focus on Blogging Most of the bloggers in addition blogging, they have other works (schools, agencies …), not to mention the work other individuals (friends, family …), so balancing everything seems too difficult. In fact, if not well planned, blogs will be affected first. Sometimes if you see a mess, […]

3 Reasons Why your blog might not be getting Traffic

Most bloggers complain that there blogs are not able to get enough traffic that they thought in a desired period of time.  However, blogging is really great to workout with and it’s just really fun & interesting to do. But still, it feels lonely when there is no one to see the great work of […]

5 Black Hat SEO Tactics every Blogger should Avoid

The Google Panda update is a befitting punishment for content scrappers who think that they can cheat their way into making money by blogging. The Panda update is not perilous to everyone. It is in fact, a boon for those who are posting original content in their blogs as they see a tremendous increase in […]

23 Effective Ways To Build Links For Your Website

Link building is a skill that you fine tune over time till it resembles an art. Link building is an all time fav topic of discussion within the SEO community and with good reason. Everyone’s looking for the best way to increase in-house links. We present 23 great ideas that you can use to build […]

Why you Should Go for SEO

When you have recently launched an online business then probably you need something that can help you in spreading awareness of services and products regarding your online business among the users of internet so that you can hike your sales very easily. There is lot of alternatives for this but going for a process called […]

Apple iPhone 4s Siri Makes another Costly Blunder Again

Apple iPhone 4s Siri Everyone loves the iPhone 4s when it was first released last year and there was a large turn-up of fans to stores in US and some other parts of the world in order to purchase the device. The reason for the record sales of the iPhone 4s was because of the […]

How to Enable Nvidia Graphics Card on Linux

Linux has many features and look that attracts us to use it and as many of hacking tool are built on Linux then for those security testing we need to use Linux as our operating system but many of us are missing some features like playing game which is hobby of many people to play […]

Guest Posting: Blog Promotion and Backlinks in One Nice Package

Just recently Amit published a great article on the Best Tips to Raise Traffic for your Website.  He pointed out many great ideas that all work in getting people to your blog, such as promotion and exchanging links.  I would like to introduce another way that combines those two ways into one: guest posting. Guest […]

15 Predictions for SEO in 2012

In all honestly, for many website owners, 2011 was a hard year in regards to SEO. With Google’s updates and the need to change entire business and marketing structures, many websites simply died out with 2011. There are many good predictions about SEO in 2012 as more website owners are learning how to work with […]