List of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs for 2012

CommentLuv is a great WordPress plugin that parses the commenters blog posts and places them in the comment. It is a fantastic way to network with other bloggers and build traffic and relationships with new readers. If you write great content and titles and comment on CommentLuv Enabled blogs then you will surely attract new […]

Splashtop OS: Alternative to ChromeOS

If you want your computer to boot up in seconds and start browsing on net rather than waiting for minutes on windows (in fully installed case) then Splashtop might help you. Splashtop OS is a lightweight, web-centric operating system optimized for notebooks and netbooks. Splashtop OS is a browser-based “companion OS” that can co-exist with the […]

EarthDesk – Switch to Dynamic desktop

If you are bored with the conventional static desktop and the cool widgets on your desktop is also not fulfill your wishes then here i found one great app for MacOSX  user’s who want to give life to their desktop. EarthDesk  transforms your static (not changeable) desktop picture with ever-changing, amazing and beautiful maps of the earth […]

How to create multiple virtual desktop in windows

If you are familiar with Linux then you might be aware about the term “virtual desktop”  associated with it and it allows you to view your system in multiple desktop to spread your work without lot of hectic happens in single desktop like: Doing Paper editing in desktop 1 Doing internet Surfing in desktop 2 Listening music […]

Zorin Linux – Looks Like windows 7

Windows is one of the most used and intuitive OS for the home and personal user and no one will discard this thought but its fail in some security and some bored looks also so for that linux is the next good option (apart from MacOSX) for the home user to feel something new and interactive in […]

Download iTuneUp – Description and Feature

Suppose your mac system is not running properly due to reason like virus, unnecessary files in system and other things or it giving unexpected error or the your macbook becomes hot etc and you are frustrated to see your system like this then iTuneUp surely helps you. iTuneUp monitors your Mac by running in background […]

How to start a Game Programming

Are you interested in games…!!!! Is the game story and graphics wonders you…!!! Do you want to know how these games are programmed and managed…!!! So you will get all this in the series of this post and in beginning i am going post about the theoretical and conceptual knowledge about the games and graphics so that you […]

Best Tips to Raise Traffic For Your Website

How to raise traffic to my website the only thing that was hunting to my mind when I launched my website, but after a long hard work, I have found some nice and good ideas to raise traffic to my website. Website traffic means how much people visits your website that means more number of […]

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Today, the numbers of websites that are released recently have been increased to a great extent. Each day new and new website is launched on the web. In this fast paced competitive world, SEO assists website owners to enhance the place associated with internet site. This article discusses about the value as well as the […]

Scan your WordPress Theme Files with Exploit Scanner Plugin

WordPress by default has good security, but still there are lots of Security Plugins available to add extra security to your blog. But still lots of WordPress Blogs are getting hacked and hackers inserts some suspicious codes in the theme files. Even if you have recover your blog, the files uploaded by the Hackers can […]