Virtual Machine Installation and Setup

Virtual in the sense “the thing doesn’t exists” and same in case of virtual machine, virtual machine is a program that provides the virtual hardware and its services which is necessary for running an operating system. Some most popular virtual machine software’s in the market are: DosBox Linux-vServer VirtualBox Virtual PC VmWare player Well in above list […]

7 Effective Tips for Writing a Better Blog Post

Are you fed-up of writing blogs? Getting least attention by people? Your hard work is not fruiting? So don’t get annoyed of writing blogs, don’t be dishearten. Stand up, and show the people that you are a perfect blogger. Here are some footprints which are followed by a successful blogger. And now it’s your turn to […]

How to Compile a Linux Kernel

Hello Everyone as in last post i just gave the basic of programming a kernel with some theoretical and graphical description that i am sure helps you out to at least basic understanding of kernel and its programming. If you missed that article then don’t worry click here to read that post. Lets move ahead, Before moving to […]

Programming Kernel – How to Start Kernel Programming

If you are belongs  to computer technology then you should have knowledge about the term “Kernel” and “Programming Kernel” as it is one of the core structure of computers and its operating system. And don’t worry if you are not much aware about this but you wanna learn then in this post i will tell […]

How to solve dual boot issue with Linux

Many of us who are using Linux (including me) using the dual boot configuration either with windows or mac.  It seems little bit of problem if we are using dual boot configuration with windows or mac and we want to re-install the either one operating system. Basically following problem would occur. Existence of system files of Linux in […]

10 tips to adapt your content to Google Panda

We have always heard that the “content is king” but since mid-August to make his guest appearance Google Panda, significantly altering the positions of many  top sites like hubpages, squidoo, daniweb etc. Many small publishers who are not focusing on quality content got affected by this algorithm whose main aim was to reduce the ranking […]

3 Steps to Get Discount on iPhone 5 with Free Voucher Promotion

The uniqueness of iPhone 5 has made it to become the people’s choice. Large amount of people are expecting Apple to make public iPhone 5 as soon as possible after the official Oct. 4 release date failure. People has been searching online for the actual date for the purported release date for the past few […]

iPhone App Programming

“Hello world” One of the most simple and called as first computer program to display just “hello world” on screen. So before moving to Advanced App Development let us start from the basic i.e. to write a program to print “hello world” on iPhone (simulator) Screen. NOTE: Before moving please make sure that you have […]

iOS Programming Basics

Before moving to the development part of iOS Apps you must have the appropriate environment to successfully code and test your iOS App. In this post i am going to tell you the things that you must have in order to perform the iOS programming. There is many custom and 3rd party iOS development tools […]

Introduction Of Java Programming Language

This blog is on Java, Servlets, and JSP. We are trying to implement java tutorial with lots of Unique and Advance Programming Example. You will get all type of Basic code from our Basic Code Menu. Let’s before beginning Java Programming we want some reviews of Java. I began this web site simply to keep […]