RockMelt: Specially Designed Browser for Facebook Users

Even Facebook Released its official messenger for Facebook only but it seems not popular and not so much comfortable to use because we have a habit to use the Facebook in one tab and other task in another tab but handle the things becomes difficult when more friends came online and we have to switch the tabs instantly to […]

7 Steps To Build and Max. Your Readership

1. Steady Articles Update with Quality Contents It’s important to have an up-to-date knowledge of current happenings and should be regular in updating your blog. Your blog should be attractive and make your visitors keep coming back. It’s like calling visitors to your home and treating them well and they think of you on there […]

How to Transform Linux to Windows 7

I posted previous about the Mac Transformation for the Linux system and which is also liked by you now in this post i will show you how to convert the Linux system look and feel to Windows 7 System. Read: How to transform Linux to MacOsX Now to transform the Linux System to Windows 7 System you […]

How to add Tab Feature in Microsoft Office

Generally if you are working on Microsoft Office 2007 or using 2010 version then by default it won’t have feature to open it’s multiple document in tabs rather than new office window. It feels so bulky and tedious to handle multiple windows and some times you are getting confused that actually which article on you working 🙂 So […]

How to Move Your WordPress Blog to a New Web Host

Summary : This article describes the process how to move down the wordpress blog to the new web host provider. Have you got tired of your web host provider and looking to move the wordpress blog to any new service provider? It will be better if you switch to the new web host provider but […]

How to Get Yahoo messenger standalone version

To Install Yahoo Messenger we need to download the file and once it is downloaded then we have to install it but it need “internet” connection. It is good if you just want to download and install the Yahoo Messenger in your system only but what about another system and may be your friend who […]

iTechCode Takes The “My 7 Links Challenge”

Hi, i am very happy to get the nomination from Atish Ranjan from for 7 Link Challenges.It’s an honor to get nomination from such a great blogger like Atish Ranjan. So at first of all I would like to thank Atish for this opportunity to select 7 posts for special reasons. Secondly i would […]

How to Create a Simple Button Control – Android Programming

As in Previous post i have explain you about the Basic’s of Android Programming, its installation and tutorial of simple “Hello world” program . That post includes the following points: What is Android Programming? From Where to start the Android Programming? Tool needed to begin the Android Programming.! Installation Instruction of those tools. Simple “hello […]

How to Transform Linux into MacOSX

If you like the Mac system most and specially its cool desktop (Like me :)) and you don’t have much capability to install mac on your system or in your virtual machine then here is the way to get your Linux system desktop as MacOSX. Read: Virtual Machine Installation and Setup Macbuntu is an open-source software, […]

List of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs for 2012

CommentLuv is a great WordPress plugin that parses the commenters blog posts and places them in the comment. It is a fantastic way to network with other bloggers and build traffic and relationships with new readers. If you write great content and titles and comment on CommentLuv Enabled blogs then you will surely attract new […]