Back to School SEO Checklist

This feeling must be catching as I’m now getting quite a few inquiries, so thought I would share with you my top SEO checklist post website go-live. It’s great to follow if you are launching a new site, but can also be used to give your existing website an SEO overhaul. Starting as you mean to go on […]

How can Businesses use Instagram to Promote their Products

The times have changed a lot. Businesses have now started to look beyond the conventional marketing techniques and adopt novel methods of marketing. Social media marketing is definitely one of them. When you talk about social media marketing, the first names that come to mind are Facebook and Twitter. But, Instagram has now emerged as […]

4 Reasons That SEO Is Critical To Your Business Plan

In this day and age, businesses are using SEO, or Search Engine Optimization to increase their visibility on the internet. Although there are many marketing strategies for businesses that are operated both online and offline, SEO still remains the undisputed champion. SEO has, therefore, become a primary marketing strategy for most entrepreneurs. This is because […]

4 Advanced Tips for Effective Studying

Nowadays, there are enormous numbers of career opportunities and better futures for everyone. With the increase of career opportunities, the number of courses and streams offered in different institutes is also increasing day by day leading to a high competition level among the students. Hence, students, these days are facing trouble to study effectively and […]

Escape Token Aims To Create Global Decentralized Quests’ Aggregator

Escape games booking service powered by blockchain technology announces its Escape Token Sale to boost the blooming quests’ global industry with the innovative VR-baked user experience. Escape games booking service ( announced its initiative to deploy world’s first decentralized quests’ aggregator with online booking and payment system. Escape will develop a secure marketplace based on […]

How Using Business Integration Software will Improve your Company

The increasing popularity of data analytics and data-driven culture in the corporate development seems to be one of the strongest trends of 2018. Actually, a recent study conducted by IBM has shown that about 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past two years. The huge amount of data, especially in the […]

10 Lessons for Building Powerful Networking Communities

Building networks that offer real and tangible value are vital to the success of your business. If you plan to build your business from scratch, focus on quality, not quantity. However, most people fall into the trap of following their own approach to networking which often involves working on their headcount and social media sharing […]

Five Easy Ways to Fix Dropped Calls

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you enter certain places in your house, your phone’s cellular signal either weakens or disappears entirely? If so, you’re not alone. Signals may be strong outdoors, but as soon as you enter a building, there will always be times when cell signals get blocked for a variety […]

How to Navigate the World of Enterprise Cloud Computing

Your Complete Guide to the Creating an Effective ECC Solution To put it simply, cloud computing is when you use the internet to manage, store, and process data. If you think you’re already in on the trend, you’re probably right– cloud computing is everywhere. You use it when you check your bank account online, when […]


WHAT IS WIX? For a long time, Wix has been considered the best website builder on the internet. Wix launched in 2006 after raising more than $60 million in venture capital, and now they provide services to more than 35 million websites over the globe. In the beginning, they started the platform on Flash but […]