How to use the cloud to grow your business

There has never had a better time for IT to be helping businesses grow and become more efficient. With the maturity and advancement of cloud services, any company now has access to enterprise-grade IT technology, without having to invest in infrastructure, software, and hardware or the people to manage and maintain it. Enterprise security for […]

Tips for extending your phone’s battery lifetime

We use our phones for a variety of tasks throughout the day, and even though battery life has been improving year by year, with impressive batteries like the 10,000 mAh found in the Leagoo Shark 1, the new features in our phones are more energy demanding, leading to increased energy consumption throughout the day, which […]

The Importance Of Cloud Storage And Which One Would Be Best For You

So, you have been searching for an affordable cloud storage option for your office and after reading all the reviews and benefits, you are confused as to which one would be best. There are numerous companies that provide cloud storage services at a very reasonable price, but none is better than Carbonite. It has long […]

Which Benefits Virtual Dedicated Hosting Has For Your Website

As a basic reference, a virtual dedicated hosting or virtual private servers (VPS) hosting is a type of web hosting service that hosts websites with only one centralized server. This is similar to a shared server hosting because there is only one server that hosts or manages the websites. The major difference of the two, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Delivering IT Projects On Time

Here’s good news for the IT companies who are tired of extending the deadlines of projects, risking the reputation at the client’s end. Have you ever thought what’s going wrong and how to get things straight so that you can complete your projects and deliver them on time? More than often, you have the right […]

Research Essay: Social Media Addiction

How much time do you spend on social media websites daily? There is hardly a young person in the world who does not possess a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. We use social media primarily for communication and entertainment. We chat, upload photos and video files, read articles about various topics and play video games. […]

Review of Technology Thesis Writing Service

With the rise of Internet, a number of services have become available for the people to avail. By going online, people can opt for various services(thesis writing service) easily. One of the most popular services among these services is the writing services. A lot of websites have been established on the internet, which are now […]

Kepard VPN Review

Looks like thieves love delicious stuff. In old days theft were happening for grains, silver, gold, clothes and so on so forth. Then started the era of data and now there are more theft for data and personal information than gold or money. Today, everyone is much worried about data protection than vault safekeeping cash […]

3 Tips to Create Amazing Video Content for Social Media Using Screen Capture

Social media is by nature an extremely visual platform, and it should come as no surprise that video thrives on it. While it is easy enough to create a video using screen capture, creating a video that actually performs well on social media is something else entirely. When you’re creating video content that is intended […]

The Age of Visual Content: How to Create Engaging Images for Your Blog Posts

Quick question: would you read a blog post that looks like a giant block of text? If your answer is yes, then that’s amazing, congratulations! But, if you are just like the rest of us and technical writing is not your specialty, you probably get bored pretty quickly when a blog post has nothing but […]