Dark Fiber

Notable Reasons Why You Should Invest in Dark Fibre Solutions For Your Business Needs

In the 21st century, the internet has not only become an integral part of our personal as well as social lives, it has also significantly influenced the business sector. With this technological advancement, business tasks that were deemed impossible in the past are easily performed nowadays. Thus, if you’re a business owner, it would be […]


A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For An App Developer

Creating a trailblazing app is a complex process — and your success often starts with being able to properly recognize a competent app developer when you find one. It’s imperative that you connect with a mobile app design company that knows how to develop an app right the first time, with no miscommunication, hassles, or […]

FamilyTimeApp (1)

How can a parental app smartly locate stolen phone?

I always consider the parental controls as software, letting parents set some restrictions for their kids. But I never looked it as a phone tracker. Sometimes even tech-savvy parents could ignore very useful features of modern apps and gadgets and this is what happened to me. But then, my child lost his phone and I […]


Surface Pro 3: Bridging the gap between tablets and laptops

With user needs changing every day, find the sweet spot between a tablet and a laptop has been the Holy Grail for some of the heavy hitters in personal computing. The front runners in recent times have been the Microsoft Surface and the Lenovo Yoga Pro, but up until recently neither has managed to hit […]

Apple 6

Completely Customize Your Phone with a Specialized Skin For The iPhone 6

We live in an age that’s completed dominated by the iPhone. Whether you like it or not, your phone is always beside you while you sleep, brunch with your friends and especially when you need to win an argument. (Usually by looking something up.) Thanks to Siri, Google Maps and million of other useful apps, […]


Commercial Television Displays Can Revolutionize The Way You Reach Your Audience

Commercial television display features are bolder, smarter, and more affordable than ever before. With the impressive caliber of digital signage on the market today, it’s an excellent idea to understand how this equipment varies in consumer to commercial configurations. Since commercial displays are different in a number of important areas — including security features, equipment […]

Real Estate India

Real Estate India 2015: Real Estate Price Trends in Bangalore

The emerging property trends of the year 2015 again predict that Bangalore would perform at par with expected performance. Last year, most of the prime territories of the country failed to meet end user expectations. The markets for residential accommodations did not take off. However this year the situation would undoubtedly change. The relaxed FDI […]

internet marketing

8 Tips to Make Your Online Meeting More Social

Events like online meetings, webinars or videoconferences are powerful marketing tools that have changed the way we do and see the business, stimulating the conversation, engagement and promotion around brand and products. Over the years, online events have developed following the logic of socialization and the evolution of the web world. While admitting that online events are […]


What You Got From Lollipop 5.0 and What To Expect From 5.1

Lollipop 5.0 is a fresh new operating system that can drastically improve the appearance and functionality of Android devices. While the impressive visual features and productivity updates made Lollipop 5.0 an intriguing option, glitches in the programming have slowed adoption. With the upcoming 5.1 upgrade, you can skip some of the growing pains and adopt […]


What To Expect From Oculus Rift

What is Oculus Rift? The Oculus Rift is a virtual-reality headset that is mounted on the head and gives the wearer a full 360-degree view of images. To feel as though you are part of the virtual world, the Oculus Rift comes complete with a pair of headphones and goes head to head with other […]