How to Improve Your Office Efficiency With Technology

Nearly 4.2 million people, or 13.9 per cent of the entire workforce in the UK, worked from home during the first quarter of 2014, as per statistics released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). With improvements in technology and the changing nature of work itself, this number is only going to rise in the […]


Five ways to stop your finances being ruined by unexpected bills

In the current economic climate, we are having to take control of our finances more and more as we discover that we cannot quite afford certain expenses in any given month. The best way to make sure that your finances do not become stretched to breaking point is to plan for the unforeseen; and insurance […]

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management Becoming a Must For Companies

Mobile device management, or MDM, is rapidly changing the way large and small companies do business. The software has any number of benefits that are increasingly relevant in today’s tech-driven world, when hackers are boldly targeting popular brands and putting consumers at risk. MDM is also essential because of today’s reliance on mobile devices, given […]

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Mobile GSM Connection Stability Ensured with a GSM Repeater

A mobile GSM connection is sometimes unstable and weak. This is a common problem experienced by mobile users irrespective of whether they are in a remote rural area or a populated urban center. There are many different factors that govern cellular signal strength. Unfortunately for some residential or commercial areas, smooth coverage is not possible […]


Desktop Virtualization and an Evolving Office

After our systems went completely virtualised more than ten years ago, I didn’t think we would ever see change like that again. It was an infographic showing the evolution of office hardware, which made me realise that we have actually undergone an even greater change than when we first reverted to virtualisation. To clarify, twenty […]

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Top 4 Most Addictive Facebook Games to Try Out if You Are Bored

In as much as Facebook is a very popular social media platform for socializing and sharing information, in the recent past a new phenomenon has been revealed. More and more people have been growing fond of Facebook games. The popularity of the Facebook games has grown tremendously and has even managed to increase the popularity […]

Information Technology

Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Solutions

As easy as the internet has made communications, it has also created the need for experts in delivering the multitude of services associated with it. Technology Opened Opportunity When Gutenberg’s invention of the movable printing press replaced the expert talents of scribes, training began to create experts with the knowledge and expertise to use and […]

free shipping offer

The 5 Best Ways to Promote Your Free Shipping Offer

It’s no secret offering free shipping makes your online business competitive with brick-and-mortar stores. Some people prefer the convenience of shopping from home, but many are unwilling to pay an extra $5 to $10 for shipping when they can pick up an item for nothing extra in town. Promote your business’s limited time or year-round […]

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From Asking to Listening: How Social Media Is Changing Consumer Research

Social media has changed the way that companies market their products and services. Nielsen research indicates that 60 percent of social media users turn to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to research product information. An even greater portion — almost 70 percent — of social media users regularly share their experiences, both positive and […]


5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence Without Losing Credibility

Even the smallest of businesses understand that in order to thrive in the modern world of marketing, they need to develop engaging social media. In other words, you can’t come across too stiff or push your brand too hard, like an online salesperson. Some marketers make the mistake of going too far in the other […]