LEOMASTER- Protect Your Stuff form Snoopers

Mobile phone is one of the basic necessities of life these days. With the growing technology and techniques, number of mobile applications is also increasing day by day. These applications need to be protected from viruses or other threats. In this tech savvy world people prefer mobile phone to use internet rather than desktops or […]

Making Use Of SalesForce Tutorial For Beginners

Things don’t automatically become apparent after you purchase Salesforce. There is  a learning curve and you will have to figure out the best way to use it with your business. In this article, we will talk about how to get started and the things that a new user will need to consider. We also talk […]

Host1Plus VPS Hosting Review

If you are looking for a VPS hosting, I am sure you might have come across so many options that you might be in a confused and doubtful situation as to what and which company to go for. If you are looking for a VPS server, it is obvious that you need more and dedicated […]

Review of Swiftype, an easy way to add search to your website

Adding high performance search on your website, regardless of what type of site you manage, is a challenging problem. This best solution to this challenge will also vary based on how your website is built, whether that be from scratch or from a CMS. If you’ve built a website on your own, adding search can […]

Market your business with a FREE WIFI connection from iiNet

It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup business or have been around for eons, if you need more customers in your store, then you need to invest in a marketing campaign. The problem is that not many small businesses have a lot of cash lying around and they usually have limited marketing budgets. However, […]

Advantages of Having a Business Phone Plan

Now that your business is growing, one of the main issues that you will face is the need for an effective method of communication between yourself and your coworkers. For decades, the answer to this problem is the establishment of an effective voice communication system. With the advent of high tech cellular phones, one of […]

Google Buy Button: Will it Impact E-commerce?

The Google buy button is not yet 100% confirmed, but if it happens, then you may be able to buy things directly from search engine results pages. Google will handle the payment processing, which will be very similar to the processing PayPal offers in that you may enter your card details or use a pre-paid […]

RAID recovery – a necessary evil

Data has become one of the most important assets a business (or even a consumer) owns, so its protection is vital. Loss, theft or corruption of information can even threaten the future of a business, through loss of earnings, stolen intellectual property or even prosecution in some countries. To counter this threat, organisations have a […]

Infographic: How to Use Google Video Quality Report Tool

If you are a regular watcher of YouTube video clips, you are not alone. We collectively watch over six billion hours of video each month but not all of that viewing time is un-interrupted or without some technical glitch. Google has produced the video quality report tool to help you identify some common problems and […]

Significance of Software Testing and an Overview of Its Types

Computers, software programs, and information technology tools and services have become an integral part of our lives. From personal communication and transportation to conduct of business and commercial activities, there is virtually no aspect of modern society that does not involve information technology. In such a scenario, a malfunctioning or buggy software application can have […]