Scan your WordPress Theme Files with Exploit Scanner Plugin

WordPress by default has good security, but still there are lots of Security Plugins available to add extra security to your blog. But still lots of WordPress Blogs are getting hacked and hackers inserts some suspicious codes in the theme files. Even if you have recover your blog, the files uploaded by the Hackers can give them access to hack it again.

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Mostly Hackers inserts some hidden codes in the theme files. After the Hack attempt, you can also look at the codes of the theme files manually to find some suspicious codes. But manual work is time consuming and for those who are unfamiliar with the codings, you have the option to Install a plugin for this. One such plugin is Exploit Scanner Plugin. It will not protect your blog from getting hacked, but will scan for the existence of any suspicious files or codes in Theme. Its a great plugin and every bloggers should try it to keep there blog free from any suspicious Codes or Files. The only problem with the plugin is that it sometimes generates False Positives results. But still its advised to try this plugin and find any unknown or suspicious files in the theme.

Installation and Configuration of the Plugin

1. Download Exploit Scanner Plugin.

2. Login to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload. After Uploading the Plugin, Activate it.

3. Go to Exploit Scanner settings.

4. You will find various Options. See the Screenshot below.

exploit scanner[ Click On Picture to Enlarge ]

After you hit the Run Scan, it will show you the Scanned Results. If the Plugin found any suspicious code, it will display in Results. Then you can replace your theme files or manually remove that suspicious code from your Theme Files.

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  1. I use it before. It’s really helpful plugins.. i really like it.

  2. Rizwan Sultan says:

    This script searches through your WordPress install for signs that may indicate that your website has been compromised by hackers. It does NOT remove anything, this is left for the user to do.

  3. Nothing to say ! Go ahead buddy.

  4. Kulwant Nagi says:

    Very NICE Share Harry !! Getting such information really needs time and research and you did both the things very well… I will try this plugin on my blog.

    • Harry Sehgal says:

      Thanks. You must try this plugin in your Blog to find any suspicious codes or Files present in Theme Files.

  5. good job harry….nice share.

  6. good post …good job harry sehgal…!!

  7. good post …good job harry sehgal…!! keep it up

  8. Hi Harry

    Great plugin! I’ve been on a bit of a mission to secure my blogs and so have researched quite a few plugins lately, one that I’ve tried out and like is ‘Bulletproof Security’, it protects from code injection and other hacking attempts. Do you have any other plugins you like to use for security?

    • Harry Sehgal says:

      Hi Beth,
      You may visit www[.]websitedefender[.]com and Install there WordPress Plugin, its one of the best Plugin related to Security and you must try it in your Blog.

  9. Kuldeep @ Cool Tricks says:

    Nice one Harry! I always like your reviews on plugins! It helps me to know a lot as am soon going to move from blogger to WordPress!

  10. Thank you Harry! I am sure this post can be helpful and useful to all the readers…

  11. This is a great plugin. I have been using free wordpress themes found from search engine.