How to Get More Comments on your Blog [Tips]

Are you having problems getting individuals to comment on your site posts? It’s either your comment box is not working (which is highly unlikely) or you are not reaching the right control buttons. One of the most ignored ways of building stable viewers on a site is through the use of comment box.

There’s simply no better way of evaluating your blog’s health than by computing the actual number of individuals who are not only examining your articles, but are actually offering reviews and reviews. Below described are few tips which might get your comment box going…


Good excellent articles should be useful. But if it isn’t able to tickle your reader’s creativeness or depart them no road for pondering then your articles has only been effective in schooling which is excellent for anyone publishing it on Wikipedia.

Asking concerns at the end of the articles is the most immediate way of asking for your reader’s reviews or reviews. These should be simple to answer but avoid using concerns that could be responded to by yes or no. Start finished concerns provide your visitors allows your visitors communicate themselves more easily and is builds a healthy atmosphere for conversation.


Everything begins with great articles. Create on subjects you experience highly about or trending subjects that produce your reader’s views. However, this should be in line with your market and putting governmental concerns on a meals site is not a smart idea.

Again, a little bit of creativeness and research would help you come up with an exciting topic. Food weblogs for example could discuss debatable diets or meals dishes that are entirely peculiar to their visitors. The opportunities are unlimited and only your creativeness could stop you with coming up with a excellent topic.


The best way to get utilizing is to look at with your own comment. You could end the articles with a question or instantly publish a comment after the articles giving your individual viewpoint on the topic. Other methods involve delivering messages to your visitors telling them about the newest writing and asking them how they experience about it.


Most of the websites that provide a comment box require visitors to log in their private information which could be a bit of a move for anyone only planning to position a few terms or terms. Some weblogs even assist individuals to become lovers or become a member of the website before enabling them to comment.

Comments and reviews give you a further understanding into what form of viewers is examining your weblogs. This is why developing it simpler for individuals to position their reviews gives you a better look into what form of writing works for your site. A simple opt-in box asking them their contact and person name is a excellent way of developing commenting simpler while defending your site from trash reviews.


Taking a tip from conversation boards, developing commenting beneficial allows produce included interest among your visitors. This could be done by enabling them to involve hyperlinks or a trademark on their reviews. Creating a top list of commenter’s and displaying it at the side bar for example is a wonderful way of displaying that you appreciate and recognize their initiatives. A individual contact allows develop believe in and create more powerful interactions with visitors.


Another way of alluring individuals to compose reviews on your weblogs and bring customers is to become an dynamic commenter yourself. Giving your opinions with other site owners and alluring them to visit and comment on your site allows develop more powerful connection with other people.

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  1. Rahul kuntala says:

    Nice post buddy. It would be more effective, if you’d followed #3 of the post.

    The best way to get more comments on any blog is to respond to every comment 🙂

  2. Sudeep Acharya says:

    Do you think moving from wordpress default comment form to Disqus will help in increasing comments?

  3. Chitra@SocialVani says:

    The best thing is to write informative and discursive content that will motivate people to comment. Secondly, the comment system should be simple and not complicated.

  4. keep visiting others blog and drop comments, its the natural method.

  5. Nice tips. Each points are very valuable. Replying each comments individually will help you to get more comments. I think you miss that valuable point.

  6. Rizwan Sultan says:

    Hey Hari,

    Getting comments is not to much difficult task but filtering spammed comments and dealing with commenter is the major task.Because only interaction with visitors

  7. The idea of rewarding your blog commenters is really a powerful one. I used this for a long time and it is one of the ideas that is driving comments on my blog right now. A combination of top commentators and commentluv plugin and a post rewarding the top commentator for the month played the trick. Of course, there are other ways like giving a way a free ebook to the top commentator will also be powerful.

    • Glad that you like the Article.
      Yes i saw on your blog you adopt a great way to get more comment with CommentLuv and Top Commentator Widget. Both are really very awesome to get more comment and commentators always prefer those things. Thanks for your valuable comment. Keep Visiting.

  8. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    Hi Hari,

    Great Guest Post contributed by you. I personally recommend to all people that Commenting should be made Easy by Blog admins. They should avoid captcha especially. And Some really great tips contributed.

    Good Post.

  9. Gurusdiary says:

    Nice bro i love this article i subscribe to ur mailing list for updates ASAP. Once tanks 4 sharing.

  10. Good tips. I would also implement commentluv on my site soon.

  11. Abhi Balani says:

    Asking interesting questions makes our readers curious.
    Another way is, we can start Best Commenter Award. I’m going to start it soon on my blog.