9 Common Mistakes We Make While Writing Affiliate Product Review

Common Mistakes We Make While Writing Affiliate Product Review

Most people are making big mistakes in writing their affiliate product review. These mistakes cost them their time and effort without giving them their desired earning. If you make the same common errors in your review writing, then you will potentially waste your time and energy to write a product review that doesn’t convert. Here are 9 common errors you make in writing affiliate product review:

1. Copying other reviews

It is not a good idea to copy other reviews that you read elsewhere. While you should make some research about how to write a good review by reading other reviews, you shouldn’t copy the review style from others. Create your own review outline that will be unique to you. In this way, people that read your review will understand that it is different from the rest of the reviews that they’ve read.

2. Promoting instead of reviewing

In your review, do not promote the product as if you are the salesperson of the product. Remember that you are reviewing the product, not promoting it. This can be said that you are writing as a customer, not as a seller or affiliate.

3. Not using your own unique style

Uniqueness in your review is important because there are just hundreds of thousands of review articles floating around on the internet. And one product may already have thousands of reviews for it. So, it is important for you to use your own unique style when writing your review.

4. Not writing detailed review

In-depth review is a quality of successful review. By writing in-depth review for the product that you are promoting, your readers will know more about the product when they are reading your review. Your goal should be to inform your readers about the product as detailed as possible.

5. Abandoning your review after writing it

Writing too many reviews without even promoting them will get you nowhere. You will have no or very little sales because you can’t expect those reviews to get read by your readers without your effort. It is better for you to write a handful of review and promote them seriously than writing hundreds of reviews and leaving them without promoting.

6. Not including product name as keyword

Your review title should include the product name. Most people forget to do this. They may only write: “The best coffeemaker 2011” or something similar. You should include the product name in your keyword not only because it will help you on the search engine ranking, it will also help you to inform the readers about what they will read.

7. Not comparing with other similar products

Comparison works best to increase your conversion rate. If you aren’t already giving comparison to your review, you are not maximizing your conversion rate. Comparison will help your readers to make informed decision about the product that they will buy. Also, it will give your readers the opportunity to look at other products. As long as you are affiliated with all of those products that you promote (either the product that you review or the comparison products), it doesn’t matter to you. In fact, with comparison, your readers may buy more than one product.

8. Not asking your readers to buy through your affiliate link

Don’t forget to ask your readers to buy through the link that you provide them in your review. At the end of your review, insert call to action to ask your readers to click your affiliate link. This is very important, yet most people forget about this part.

9. Not telling your readers why the product is good for them

Lastly, you have to tell the readers why the product is good for them. You have to tell them that the product will make their life better. This will increase your click-through rate significantly.

In order to maximize the conversion rate of your product review, you have to eliminate those common errors from your writing.

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  1. Trung Nguyen says:

    This is nice artice that any internet marketer, blogger who want to make money online through affiliates program should read carefully. Thanks for the share, Amit!

  2. Good tips. I want to say #5 is really crucial. Simply writing without promoting will get you no where. You will need to market your reviews if you want them to produce the right results. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Deepak Singh says:

    Excellent Article Amit. I have been tested #8 Point.. that’s Really Works… #2 point – most of ppls avoid this… i agree with you, We should write a review of our product instead of writing texts just for promotion.

  4. Really, nice tips that every blogger can keep in mind while writing the review about the gadgets! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    This post is really an effective one for any Internet Marketer. And of course, these are the Mistakes that are needed to be avoided while reviewing affiliate products.
    Thanks for this great share.

  6. Agree with you, especially with point #7
    from my experience, write reviews along with the comparison will not only increase sales but also increase the traffic because there are many prospective buyers who are looking for information or comparison between product A and product B as an example.

    Some other tricks that usually I use is displaying prices from several different stores

  7. Abhi Balani says:

    So, true post.

    Yeah, I’ve seen people copying already published reviews. And #2: Correct, review means how we feel about the product. It doesn’t mean to promote the product. A review needs to include Pros and Cons as well.

    And you know very well, that I don’t do #8. Right? LOL!!!

  8. Olawale Daniel says:

    These nine steps are straight to the head solution for any reviewer to make use of in order to get good results from his reviews.

    How I wish the writer of this article could write something similar and exciting for Techatlast audience as well 🙂
    Just kidding @Amit

  9. Not everyone can write reviews. As a writer, the second point in the list is most important. A review should be a ‘review’ and not promotion – this is the major mistake people commit.

  10. Ramit Hooda says:

    Thanks for the articles buddy. The point explained really helped me to write down in a better way. keep updating bro.

  11. I’ve done a few product and software reviews and to go along with your point #6, it also makes sense to include the word “review” in the title next to the product name. I agree with your other tips too. Thanks.

  12. Nizam Khan says:

    Wonderful article! Well yes, comparison works best to increase conversion rate and no doubt telling readers why the product is good for them will increase click through rate. Thanks Amit for sharing this info 🙂