Time to take BackUp Data from Facebook, Twitter and other Networking Sites

Today almost each and everyone are using some or other social networking sites like google+, facebook. Twitter, Picasa etc. You become so excited to share your photo, ideas, project with your friends. But have you ever thought that if all these data get vanish from my account then I mean, if in case your account is hacked, or Database of the networking site get crash then what you will do? Your entire collection will be no longer with you.

So, Its time to backup, which will save your entire data.

Backupify is a website which will allow the backup almost from all popular social networking site. It allow maximum 1 GB data storage for free user account. and one of the important thing is it automatically allows you to take backup on weekly basis, so no need to worry if you forgot to take backup.

Backup fpr social networking

And yes, It is completely safe and our data is secure.

How to take backup using Backupify?

• It’s very simple, you just need to have an account on this site mean just singnup for free and ou are done.
• Next click on add button from where you ant to take backup check in above list, for e.g Facebook
• It will ask you to login to your facebook account, click on ‘Go to App’ and give the permission to use your account details (don’t worry it is safe)

allow permission for backup

• That’s it you are done.

Backup complete


Since, now-a-day hacker are trying and getting succeed in hacking the social networking account, you must keep backup of your precious data which can be you photos which contain lots of happy memories, project, status, message, post and many more.

Please share this as much as you can so that your other best friend don’t suffer such accident with there account.

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  1. Abhi Balani says:

    Woah! After reading the title, I thought all of them are going to shut down, there might be a news something like this. LOL!! But thank got, it’s not.

    Another great share, Shiv! I’m not sure I’ll back up all my social networking sites from it, as we (I) don’t have data which is supposed to backed up time to time. But I’m gonna check it out for sure.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Don CAprio says:

    It makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Trung Nguyen says:

    Well, that’s short and informative article, let’s me try.

  4. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    Nice share buddy. I will give it a try, let me see it. 🙂

  5. Rizwan Sultan says:

    Great tips Shiv.

  6. Rahul Kuntala says:

    Helpful tips Shiv. I dint know that we can backup these also. I’ll surely try this soon 🙂

  7. Wow. Nice tricks. very helpful post.

  8. hmm great.. i have already taken backup of my facebook account but was not thinking about other social sites But now heading to them.