3 Things That You Can Do To Increase Your CTA

What You Think Is The Most Important Element Of A Sales Page Or Squeeze Page?

I asked that question to lots of marketers and most of them gives me one word answer and the word is “CTA (Call to Action)”.

call to action

Personally I also think that CTA plays very major role to get conversions on any sales page. Because CTA is what makes people to take action and you don’t like to have a page which doesn’t encourage any action.

The sole purpose of your page is to make visitors take any action like:

–          They gets their name noted into your list

–          Buys any stuff and many other things.

If your visitors are not able to see a clear call to action (CTA) then you might lose lots of customers or subscribers. And I know that you don’t want to lose your conversions.

So here are some effective tips which will increase the effectiveness of your CTAs (Call to Action) to get more conversion easily.

Make It Bigger and Bolder

Lots of people present there CTA (call to action) by a tiny little button, which is very hard to see and find on their whole sale page. And as far as I know, nobody likes to waste their time in knowing that what they have to do on this page and what this page is all about, if they have difficulty with knowing that then they simply going to hit the back button of their browser which we don’t want. Right!

We want to get them in our pocket right.

If you really want to get your maximum visitors gets converted then try to make your CTA bigger and bolder so that each visitor is easily able to see it, and know that what they have to do.

Show Clear Value in Your CTA

Can your product solve their problems?

Can your product change their lives?

Can your Product make their business easy and profitable?

If answer of all these questions is YES, you have something that will change your customers live and make it easier and better.

Then make sure you include it in your CTA (Call to Action). So that you visitors easily able to get the clear impression of what you have for them in your product. Which is most important factor and if you got succeed in showing in your CTA, then you have higher numbers of customers.

What’s In It for Me?

Your each visitor has this question in their mind that “What’s in it for me and what I will get after taking this action?”

So make sure that you CTA answer these 2 questions. Consider yourself as a visitor and see it by yourself that it does or not. If not then it’s time to tweak your CTA (Call to Action) to get a better response…

What you do to get better response from your CTA please share it with us in comment section?

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  1. Nice tips. Yes, you’re right. To make the most out of our visitors or customers, we need to follow some tactics. So that they convert to possible customers.

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Sumon,

      Yeah! we have to implement some effective tactics to convert our visitors into customers. And CTA’s are one of those tactics. So we have to work on it.

  2. Thanks for the tips Romy and Amit for posting this.

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Arsie,

      I hope you enjoyed reading it and thanks for your comment. I hope to see you back soon. 🙂

  3. Fabrizio says:

    Nice post Romy, the one thing that stands out the most for me is what’s in it for me. If the CTA can offer value I’m all for it.

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Fabrizio Bro,

      Yeah! if our CTA offers value to us then we all people will gladly empty their pockets.

  4. Hi Amit.
    Great view. CTA is important not only for marketer but also for bloggers. It’s the most powerful tools that every poeple have, to ASK. So if we want our blog/web visitors do something we want, ASK them nicely.

    For marketers, the great value inside the CTA (as you mentioned), is a killer sales-page combination.


  5. Hi Amit, for me the last one is the most important since in order to buy someone a product or service he/she should be sure that this product will add value to him/her so call to action should be clear about the benefits of using this product, thanks for sharing….

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Kostas,

      Yeah! I always says that don’t act like salesman, act like helper and try to help people by telling them how your product is going to change their lives.

      I written a blog post on it, if you like to read then you can… 😉

  6. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    When it comes to CTA for getting people to buy your product, answering all the questions is one of the important element, and it’s also important that if you can get some special discount code or personal discount code for the buyer, then you can probably get more sales. I do have a niche site following this technique and it generates more sales than usual. Earn less each sale, but get more number of sale!

    Anyway, nice tips Romy!

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Lee Ka Hoong,

      Yeah! Offering some discounts and coupons can obviously boost our sales and lots of marketer and bloggers are already using it to earn huge dime.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope to see you back here.. 🙂

  7. Nice blog. When it comes to CTA for getting people to buy your product, answering all the questions is one of the important element, and it’s also important that if you can get some special discount code or personal discount code for the buyer, then you can probably get more sales.

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Pershy,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Yeah! Clearing people’s doubt is out prime objective to get people’s in our customer list and sometime discount coupon also helps a lot.

  8. Lynn Brown says:

    It seems so easy doesn’t it Amit? I mean why wouldn’t we know that CTA is one of the most important aspects of getting sales. But it is true and I am glad that you are sharing your tips and reminders. So many people want to be told what to do when it comes to the next step for the page they land on.

    I would also like to add, it is even more important to build curiousity and interest so they will come to your page in the first place. Once there, then the content and that CTA is what will bring them in and hopefully will produce the results you are looking for in the first place.

    We can never assume that our visitor knows what to do next … even when it comes to asking them to join your email list — you have to ask. Good post!

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Lynn,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Yeah! building curiosity and interest into visitor is also great way way to increase conversions. And you said it right we have to ask visitor what to do next, we have to ask for everything.

  9. Herbert says:

    Hi Amit,

    This tip came right on time, I have been trying to maximize my posts and find hard times with it. Thanks Dude

  10. Romy Singh says:

    Hello Amrik,

    Yeah making bold and clear CTA’s will obviously help us to increase our conversions.

  11. Raena Lynn says:

    Hi Romy , (Amit)
    Thanks for sharing this very important subject of providing an effective CTR on your squeeze page or blog. It really seems obvious to help a visitor know what to do if they are interested in content or wanting to know what the next step they should take. However, I have visited many blogs and sales pages which are not effective. Your list is helpful and practical.
    You listed 3 things to do to increase your CTR:
    1) Make It Bigger and Bolder
    2) Show Clear Value in Your CTA
    3) “What’s In It for Me and What I will get after taking this action?” Your CTR should be able to answer both questions.
    I think the most important is showing clear value to your visitors, but all three are great guidelines and I think if they are followed, CTR will definitely increase and it will attract quality leads. Great results always seem to boil down to high value content.

    Raena Lynn

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Raena,

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I like it “Great Results always seems to boil down to high value content.”

  12. David Merrill says:

    Great advice, Amit.
    CTA is significant, not only because it encourages people to opt-in to our offer and our subscription list, but because they have done so because they’ve been inspired to seek the value we offer, and they’ve taken action to do so.
    Our most important task, as marketers, is to recognize that a subscriber expects the value (WIIFM) we’ve promised. So we MUST deliver that and more… and consistently, day after day… if we fail, then the CTA respondent becomes a disappointed unsubscriber or, worse yet, a perpetual “no open”.
    If this happens, all our hard CTA work is down the drain.

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello David,

      Yeha! you right what we promised to out visitor we should deliver that otherwise a very effective CTR will not be very effective. So what promise you made your visitors you should work on that its one sure rule to follow when its comes to landing page creation and promotion.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  13. Daniel Duckworth @Web Design says:

    I think another visual factor is creating depth. If the CTA contrasts well with the background and has depth (by using drop shadow) then it really pops out. Sometimes bright colours can make them look like ads within the content. You need to make sure you don’t over do it and create banner blindness.

  14. Philip A. says:

    These are some important key points you shared here Amit, I want to thank you for this.
    I haven’t started using an auto-responder yet but I’m thinking of trying out Aweber, dou you have any thoughts or advices on this service, please let me know.
    Have a great day, cheers.


    • Thanks Philip for Visiting iTechCodea And Dropping your Comment.
      Yeah i am using Aweber and I must say its the best autoresponder for me bcz of its awesome feautures.
      If you want Affiliate Marketing then go with Aweber.
      Keep Visiting.

  15. Anil Agarwal says:

    I think, using clear call to action is the key to success.

    You not only want to increase your sales but getting more people to click on your action buttons is the real key to success.

    I also recommend testing out with different colors if you want to be a successful marketer. Great stuff!