8 Simple Tips to Fix Xbox

X BoxThe Xbox video game console manufactured by Microsoft and is one of the leading competitors in the world of gaming consoles. The console not only allows persons to play on their own but it also allows them to play with others online through Xbox live as well as it allows individuals to watch movies and play music. Since its inception in 2001, it has continued to grow in popularity and attract many new users. If you happen to own one of these consoles, you may find that with continued use overtime some of the regular functions may start to give problems that need to be looked at. This article will go through some of those basic problems and show the most effective means of resolving them.

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Required Tools

  • Xbox
  • Lens cleaning disc
  • Phillips Screwdriver (preferable small)
  • DVD-ROM drive (Samsung SDG-605B OEM Grade B)
  • Solder iron
  • Flux
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Soft cloth


  1. One of the prevalent issues with an Xbox console is when it sparks and crackle when the power cord is plugged in. this could eventually lead to the power smoking. So we will show you how to fix this. First, ensure that the Xbox is turned off and plug out the power cord then use the screwdriver to remove the six torx screws that are inserted at the base of the console. There are not automatically visible because they are hidden beneath the padded feet on the case. Once you have removed those screws, take off the base piece.
  2. Now remove the two screws that hold the power supply in place and slide it towards the front and lift it out. Search for the tabs that look destroyed and use a q-tip with alcohol to clean up any vaporized pieces of lead and you can use a knife to scrape of the additional residue. Heat up some flux with the soldering iron and add some to each of the joints until it overflows in the tab and become solid. Once you are done, then you can place it back into the Xbox.
  3. Another issue that affects the Xbox is when a message appears showing that “Your Xbox can’t recognize this disc”, this shows that there is a possibility that the DVD drive may need to be replaced. With continued use overtime, the lens in the DVD drive can get worn out. All these issues mean that the DVD drive in the Xbox is not functioning properly, you have several options for fixing this issue, you can either clean the laser or replace the DVD drive.
  4. You can clean the lens by purchasing a lens cleaning disc and insert it into the drive and follow the instructions provided with the package. If this option does not work then you will have to replace the DVD drive.
  5. First order a DVD drive which is compatible with the Xbox console such as the Samsung SDG-605B OEM Grade B DVD-ROM drive. This can be order over the internet from home instead of having to search through different computer stores.
  6. Follow step two to open the Xbox then loosen the #10 torx screws and push back the plastic tab and gently pull up on the drive. Disconnect the power and IDE cable and take out the drive and insert the new DVD drive and close the console.
  7. Another issue that Xbox users are faced with is when controller buttons become sticky. To sort this out, use the screwdriver to pull out the screws and flip the controller back so that the screw holes are face down and lift off the top cover.
  8. Remove all the buttons from off the rubber cups and clean them off with a soft cloth dipped into some mild soap and water. You can also lightly clean off the rubber cups and the circuit board without soaking them. Then allow all the components to dry out completely before you start putting them back together. Once everything is back in place then insert all the screws and your controller will be ready again.
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Tips & Warnings

  • Keep in mind that once you open up an Xbox without the authorization of the manufacture, then the warranty is automatically void. But if the Xbox console has already exceeded its expiration date, then this won’t be an issue.
  • Ensure that your Xbox is always plugged out before you do anything, not plugging it out and working on it may cause irreversible damage.
  • Whenever you see a disc error from the disc drive, before you do anything else you can check the disk to make sure it’s either an Xbox game, DVD movie or an audio CD, this may be the root problem. The CD could also be very dirty and needs to be cleaned off.
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  1. Gautham Nekkanti says:

    Great post Charlie, Although i never try my gaming consoles myself, too afraid that I’ll mess it up. I will definitely try these tips from now on

  2. vishvast says:

    very nice post these tips will help the x box lovers will share it with my friends too they love gaming a lot thnx for this wonderful article

    • charlie brown says:

      Yes Vishvast,This will really help all Xbox lovers to solve the fixing Problems.

  3. Ehsan @ GuideAndNews says:

    Hey Charlee,

    I had faced a 3 lens problem on my Xbox 360 ones, I have Googled about the issue and I got a tons of articles on lens problem, but none of them helped me even the Xbox repairer wasn’t able to fix my Xbox. That was the case, I have sold it.
    I don’t like Xbox. It has a lot of problems which can’t be fixed.

  4. X-Box is really an interesting device and is of great importance among kids. It is also an expensive gadget. So, these helpful techniques that you have provided would definitely help a lot in fixing these gadgets. I like the step by step process that you have highlighted. It’s quite good and helpful. Thanks for the share!!