Killer Time Management Tips for Bloggers

Most of the bloggers will suffer finding enough time to blog. The reasons being they’re either not full time bloggers or most of the bloggers will be working somewhere. So it’s always not possible to spend quality time on blogging. But you need to utilize your limited period of time to blog effectively.

Here are few time management tips for bloggers who don’t find sufficient time to blog.

Time Management

Do one task at a time: Don’t do multi-tasking. Human brains don’t work efficiently when they’re doing several things simultaneously. So keep your focus on one task, if you’re writing, just concentrate on writing. Don’t open Facebook, twitter or Gmail while writing blog posts. It will destroy your productivity hence reduces your performance. So make sure you’re not giving any pressure to the brain by multi-tasking.

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Don’t edit while writing: This is one of the biggest time wasters for any blogger. It will gradually increases the time limit that you spend on each blog post. Don’t edit while writing. Writing is different, and editing is different. When you’re writing, you can write great blog posts if you focus on “free writing”. Editing comes in the next phase. Once you finished writing part, then become an editor and delete all the unwanted words from your blog posts to make it more appealing. This way you can easily grab your blog readers’ attention.

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Be sure your surroundings are not cluttered: If your working environment is too good, it will directly creates an impact on creating great blog posts! If your surroundings are too much cluttered, you can’t create quality blog posts, because you’ll be easily distracted by something else. Don’t eat in your working desk. This tip can give you tremendous results in the long run. Make sure you’re working on a less cluttered and peaceful place. And don’t work on bed (most people have a habit of working with their laptops lying on bed, this can easily eat your time). If possible consider giving a office look to your working environment. This may boost your online productivity.

Know your triggers: When do you work better and efficiently? Can you work with the background music? Or do you need an inspirational video before working? Know your “triggers” first. And apply them to work effectively.

Use distraction free writing tools: Use the distraction free writing tools like OmmWriter, CreaWriter, Zenwritteretc to stay focused while writing. Believe me, you can write faster blog posts when there’s no distraction around you. So try those tools to work in a great way.

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Take regular breaks while working: Don’t force yourself too hard to write something. Take some breaks in between to work more efficiently. A research says that you can work productively when you take regular breaks while working. So be sure you’re taking some regular intervals every hour. Get out of bed, laptop or your working environment and get some fresh air and water to work the best possible way.

Tell your friends and family not to disturb: This is very important. Tell your family members and friends not to disturb you when you’re working. So try to maintain consistent schedule, so that your family won’t disturb you while working. Because they can easily understand not to disturb at specific times. When no one disturbs you, it’ll be a breeze for you to work or blog, agree?

Don’t forget to enjoy: Go and get some drink. Or take a vacation with friends and family. Have regular hangouts at weekends. All these are important (essential) for those who’re working online. Because we spend most of the time sitting in front of computers and can’t spend much time offline. So whenever you get a chance to hanging out with others..don’t miss it. You can work even better when you get some relax.

Do you have any more time management tips?? Do share them below.

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  1. Mushfique says:

    Just in time when I am reading for my midterms tomorrow and at the same time reading this post. 😛 Neither can I concentrate on my studies nor this ! Live experience ! Maybe, I should jot your points down and paste in the wall to always remind me.

    Great post Sai Kumar. A killer post indeed.

  2. Avinash King Avinash | MakeMeNoise says:

    Nice post and well written. I must say- this is the post every blogger need.

    Time Management is the another key to success and every blogger should prepare their own time table to ripe more from blogging.

    Thank You
    Go Ahead

    • Sai Kumar says:

      Hi Avinash, Agreed with you. Time Management is the key to success in every field. Every blogger need their own time schedule to work on and be one of the successful blogger. Thanks for your valuable comment bro 🙂

      Sai Kumar

  3. Yes lots of bloggers take blogging as a part time. So they can’t give full afford in blogging. These are the best tips for a blogger to give full concentration on blogging

    • Sai Kumar says:

      Hi Ahsan, as you said most of the bloggers take blogging as their part time work. But if they prepare the correct time schedule for their work and work on, they also be successful in blogging. Thanks for your valuable comment bro 🙂

      Sai Kumar

  4. Its been my biggest problem. I usually keep on checking the spellings and sentences even after writing a single sentence. And then I also preview them, I just don’t know why I do so but it just happens. And I agree with you, it is wasting almost 50 to 70 percent of my time. Thanks for this great post..

    • Sai Kumar says:

      Hi Vivek, Thanks for Stopping by. The same thing i was also doing when i started my blogging and wasted lot of time. Follow all the above tips and work on and You will be successed in your work.

      Sai Kumar

  5. Rudraksh Pathak says:

    Time Management is really a big question. If you have control over time and good in time management, you can do anything.

    • Sai Kumar says:

      Hi Rudraksh Pathak , Thanks for Stopping by. Agreed with your point bro. If we have control over time we can get success in any field.

      Sai Kumar

  6. Hi SaiKumar,
    Really It is very nice article. Today, Most blogger want to become multitasking, it effect the your interest and your real quality. So we should work at a time one task. Your all tips are really nice. Time management is very necessary to become a successful blogger. Your tips and facts are really informative.

  7. Ravi Singh says:

    Excellent post!!
    A well planned day is indeed very necessary for blogging. A good schedule can save large time in unbelievable ways and you will feel fresh at very moment, it improve your productivity. So enjoy each and every moment.

    • Sai Kumar says:

      Hi Ravi Singh, Thanks for Stopping by. You are right bro, a good time schedule can save large time and it will also improve your productivity. Thanks for your valuable comment 🙂

      Sai Kumar

  8. One of the best article i have ever read . Thanks man its a live savior for me now i understand what i was doing wrong .

  9. Planning something and having a good knowledge about a topic to write can make the task easy and one can manage the time accordingly.Also the environment in which one is going to write is also important factor.

  10. Shivani Arora says:

    Awesome post!!
    Time Management is the key to success in every field
    Thanks for sharing

  11. Arsh Kapoor says:

    Now this is really what we call Killer tips is..!! I really liked your point of “Don’t edit while writing”.
    Thanks for sharing useful tips.

  12. Ravi Verma says:

    Really nice way to save the time. Most of bloggers are either part time and they don’t get enough time to blog some time. Thanks for this article 🙂