Top 5 Mistakes Committed by Newbie Bloggers

Blogging has become a trend in this day and age. More and more bloggers are turning up on the market every now and then as they all are getting benefited in one or the other way. This is the reason that the list of bloggers is mounting up with the passage of time. Most of the people choose blogging as their career and others choose it for marketing purpose. Though, many bloggers are emerging up, but these bloggers commit some mistakes while creating content. Mistakes happen due to their immature writing skills or inapt knowledge about blogging. Here are top five mistakes committed by every newbie blogger:

Blogging Tips

Choose a free hosting service for blog – 

The most common mistake committed by newbie bloggers is when they resort to free blog hosting services rather than paid one. They try their best to generate maximum revenue through these free hosting services. Such a mistake ultimately results to the fall of the blog page. Rather, a beginner should take-off his journey from free blog host and once he understands the basics he should move to the paid host such as WordPress. This will definitely make you understand the blogging trend.

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Writing on any and every subject –

Sometimes, bloggers write about anything though not related to the niche of their blog. Such blogs that are based on different subjects are generally not liked by regular visitors. It is not only a tough job but also requires lots of efforts as well. Instead, one should stick to a particular subject related to the niche itself. A niche-related subject will not only keep the audience intact but also make them aware about your services as well.

Posting without pictures –

Search engines rank the blogs with pictures higher than those without pictures. Newbie bloggers do not understand this requirementnd end up making a blog without any clip art or image. Understanding the requirement, experts has come out with Pinterest, a tool for bloggers to promote their work. You can even record screen captures to support the blog. These pictures make your blog look more appealing to the readers. As a result, your blog fetches more traffic as well as positive response from the visitors.

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Free blogging –

Usually, newbie bloggers come up to make money through blogging. But, some of them begin to create blogs for free. Such a practice is considered as a mistake on the part of bloggers as this takes years to earn them money from blogging. So, bloggers should never endorse their blog for free in the market. By doing so, they will earn a good amount from the beginning itself. It will make a good start for them in terms of career as well as in terms of marketing.

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Duplicate content –

Some of the newbie bloggers commit this mistake out of their inability to write content that is creative and unique. Failing to write original content, they copy other’s content. But, this is a big mistake on their part. A blogger must not commit this blunder.

So, these are the five common mistakes committed by newbie bloggers in the beginning. But these mistakes can be negated easily through some practice and experience. Once you overcome these mistakes, no one can stop you in becoming a good blogger.

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  1. prem pandit says:


    Yes you are absolutely right Choose a free hosting service for blog is mark a bad impression on blog and Duplicate content leads the blogging in wrong direction.


  2. Gautam Doddamani says:

    good article as always amit…i really liked the 1st and 2nd point…choosing blogger or other such free blogging platforms has its own disadvantages, not to mention the termination of any account whenever they like!!

    i also agree sticking to our niche topics to blog, blogging about something else will unnecessarily lose subscribers…i have noticed many blogs who do like this but i keep it targeted to my keywords! 🙂

  3. hello Amit sir, nice post i also use to do all these mentioned things but as a new blogger learns new things they start working like a old blogger

  4. Thejas Kamath says:

    Hello Amit,

    Some newbies fail in blogging because they are not passionate about blogging and they don’t know what they are doing.

    Few others blog for money and fail when they don’t see money rolling in! A great post!!

    Thnk you!

  5. Rajesh Chaukwale says:

    You have listed the exact mistakes of newbie bloggers. Also, some bloggers avoid these points, but they lack patience. Blogging is all about patience and wait! Most newbie bloggers lack it and find themselves nowhere!

  6. Simon George says:

    Yeah Bro…. I too use to do the same above mistakes when I entered in the field of Blogging. But due to guidance of many of my bloggers friend I am on the way and trying to improve myself.

  7. Ashraf Kamal says:

    I got every point you said.. it is difficult to write regularly fresh contents if your blog has limited topic, that is why most of the blogger become fail and leave their blogging hobby or work whatever else . So they start writing on different topic which is also not fair. In such condition blogger should stick on particular topic and add another categories/topic gradually with the help of another person who can write for him/her. BTW according to present situation to make money from blogging we should start blog with a team work not alone that will help to balance different topic with rich contents..

  8. I agree copying don’t work at all and also Google doesn’t approve Adsense for the bloggers who copies all the content.But i don’t know why you have written posting without picture since you have not used picture in the article :D. There is only one picture and i think this is the featured image.

  9. Aqib Shahzad says:

    The major mistake that most of the newbies commits after getting entered into blogging is that instead of learning basics of blogging and other important things,they try to focus on making money from their blogs and tries to post duplicated content. Due to this reason, they are’t able to generate money from their blog and their blog penalized by Google which results less blog traffic and then most of these bloggers due to such things leaves the blogging. BTW informative guide on the five major mistakes of newbie bloggers.