Killer Ways To Gain Loyal Traffic and Push Your Blog To The Next Level

The Blogosphere is getting bigger and the competition is getting tighter. Every blogger aims for mostly two things. Traffic and Popularity. But not just bulk traffic, you need loyal and converting readers.

Blogging Tips

1: Write Killer Blog Posts

You might be wondering, how on earth could we gain traffic by publishing a powerful article. But actually you can. Killer blog posts are those which get shared or force your readers to share.

Try to win the heart of your reader and the content will be automatically promoted. Include some humor, personal experience and ask questions of them. You won’t regret it. Mark my words! 😉

2: Don’t forget your Social Surroundings

Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are being used by millions at a time so why not make use of some percent of them? Don’t forget to have a Fan page for your blog, your personal Twitter account and Google Communities and publisher page.

3: Build up a Strong Online Presence

This is one of the best strategies every professional blogger who touched the fame line uses. Wait a sec, can I ask you something? If you see me all over the internet, on discussions, as writer, featured, you will probably try to dive into my online profiles. Right?

So try to be everywhere.

  • Guest Post on reputable blogs and post more often. I don’t  have a one to one plan on writing. If I publish an article on my blog, the next article will be a Guest Post on somewhere else. Like I am doing here on iTechCode.  It works! 😉
  • Commenting on other blogs is also a great idea to draw some attention. Reply with valuable information or satisfying messages as comments on other blogs. Be regular and be the first one to comment, you can gain about 40% of bouncing visitors to your blog. Trust me 🙂
  • Being active on forums will not only help you with back linking and SEO, but will also help you to build a powerful online presence.

4: Give them a chance to share

What if you have awesome content which your readers want to share but there is no way he can? That’s what I call an epic fail. Make sure you have got sharing facilities on your blog.

Implement floating social buttons or sharing buttons at the bottom of the post. You don’t want to miss a chance of getting shared. Right?

5: Optimize your Content for Search Engines

Before proceeding, let me tell you one thing. You always gotta keep your readers first on the list and put the door of organic traffic after that. It’s humans who will be reading your blog posts, not just some bots. So make sure you are writing for your readers. Balance the optimization ration  65% : 35% as writing quality : SEO.

Half an hour of keyword research will be worth it before starting to write a blog post.

Let me ask you something. Consider you need to download songs which have good quality from the movie Titanic. What would you search for?

  1. Titanic Songs. OR
  2. Download High Quality Songs from Titanic.

Probably the second one. Right? Now that’s a long tail keyword. It’s something people usually search for. When you are writing a new post, think from the view of a user who is in need of relevant content and come up with some effective long tails. Include them in your content and try to avoid repetition of the same long tailing phrases.

 Over to You!

Howdy Blogger. I hope you felt it was worth reading what I have written. Hey! Where do you think you are going? Wait a sec and tell me your opinion about the post and don’t forget to share if you have got some extra traffic building strategies.

About Amit Shaw

Amit Shaw, Administrator of iTechCode.He is a 26 Year Ordinary Simple guy from West Bengal,India. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc. Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Zac Johnson says:

    You can never go wrong with quality content that provides value. There is nothing better than writing something that people actually learn from and share with others. There is simply too much re-hashed content out there. Spend the few extra minutes to make something amazing and you will highly benefit from it.

    • shiwangi peswani says:

      Very well said Zac..we must write what we want to read…What I mean to say that we must think like a reader before we start writing a post.

  2. Mahaveer says:

    Great tips Amal!

    I think building an online presence and specially creating a brand for yourself is very crucial in attracted not just traffic but LOYAL traffic.

    Nice article. I enjoyed reading it and learned a lot.

  3. vishvast says:

    Amal Rafeeq
    i think Optimize your Content for Search Engines is one of the most important thing to concern and a part from that the points u had mentioned above is going to help me lot thnx for this nice share

  4. Vipin Pandey says:

    Hi Amal,

    The most important point you discussed is building a strong online presence. It is very important in order to get loyal readers. They will listen you carefully each time when you say something.
    Targeting long tail keyword is also great way to get good traffic from search engines.

    • Amal Rafeeq says:

      Hi Vipin,
      Yeah! Building an online presence is something you should give the most priority to.
      And I don’t think Targeting on long tail keywords got something to do with this topic since this is not a post on Search Engine Optimization.
      Good luck.

  5. PrIyAnGsHu @ Blogging Tips says:

    I still depend upon guest blogging and blog commenting to drive in quality traffic to my sites, as well as increase the link popularity at the same time :).


  6. Excellent tips Amal. We can drive a spike of traffic on the site if we write about trending updates before the hype is lost.

  7. Ravi Verma says:

    Awesome Read Amal. Really I enjoyed every line of your post. Yeah !!! there is a lot of competition today in the Blogosphere. But you have provided some mind blowing tips to breat it. 😉

    I am going to implement the third headline. 😉

    By the way thanks for this article. I also read you latest article on bloggerdoc 🙂

  8. Koundeenya says:

    Great tips, Amal.

    But, do you still think we should optimize the posts for search engines, rather than readers?

    After all, readers use search engines. So, optimizing the content for readers would do better than, doing it for search engines. Matt Cutts has already spoken about it many a times.

  9. Nice post Amal 🙂

    I agree with your points and hope am doing all to drive huge traffic to my blog.

    To improve the online presence, creating profile in to have own identity and using digital signatures in emails and forums are essential.

    Thanks for writing the useful information 🙂

  10. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Amal,

    Being all over is a big part of gaining loyal traffic…and yes I see you practice what you preach 😉 Great work!

    Guest post, post on your blog and become a creative machine. People do take notice if you are creating like a fiend.

    Thanks Amal!


  11. My tip is to create a free wordpress plugin or theme and put a link back to your website. You will get a ton of traffic and online exposure for sure.

    thanks for sharing Amal 🙂

  12. Divyansh Peswani says:

    Nice and informative post, especially for the young and newbie blogger like me. I always wonder how you guys get heavy traffic on your blogs. I am bookmarking this post to keep the things in mind 🙂 Thnq Amal Bhaiya

  13. Deo Guru Chaturvedi says:

    Great article Amal, Thanks for sharing………

  14. Sarvesh Darak says:

    Hello Amal rafeeq,

    Well the first thing which comes to point while we are talking about loyal traffic is quality content yet to be unique which is very important to gain traffic from search engine as well as direct traffic too.

    Once we gain a loyal reader we can assume some good outcome from our blog or website.

    Thanks for the awesome tips.

  15. enstine muki says:

    Point #1 is key. If you write quality contents, you are sure to get and key visitors. Evreyother thing runs round this point

    Thanks for sharing bro

  16. Hi Amal,

    I can’t disagree anymore with you. Loyalty comes from relationship and of your tips above are aim for that kind of engagement. Nice tips.

  17. Atul Kumar Pandey says:

    Hi Amal,

    I like your post about gaining loyal traffic. Especially the point of building strong online presence which is the most difficult part of blogging. But this is best way to engage readers.

  18. Anil Agarwal says:

    I agree that creating loyal traffic is the key to turn visitors into sales.

    If you are not focusing on getting targeted traffic to your blogs, you are wasting a lot of money and time. Great share.