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If you are looking for a VPS hosting, I am sure you might have come across so many options that you might be in a confused and doubtful situation as to what and which company to go for.

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If you are looking for a VPS server, it is obvious that you need more and dedicated system resources at your disposal. You need more resources in many cases including hosting a website with high traffic as well as websites that use more resources. High traffic will need more resources as compared to what a shared hosting might have to offer. Shared hosting can host many websites at once and all the resources are shared and hence if one website is using most of the resources, all the other websites on the server will go down or become slow.

A VPS provides you more power and system juice. You have more CPU, more RAM to use and more disk space for storing your files. In this post I am going to talk to you about Host1Plus VPS Hosting which is not only one of the best hosting options, but as a company they have some great things to offer as well.

Who is Host1Plus?

Before we go ahead and talk about the plans and details of their services, let us first know what Host1Plus actually is.

Host1Plus as a web hosting company was started back in 2008 and they are pioneers when it comes to web hosting. They have a great portfolio of products which includes web hosting, domain names and SEO services. In terms of web hosting, they sell shared hosting, VPS hosting as well as dedicated hosting.

They have a great support team that is always prompt and responsive in case you are facing some sort of technical or functional glitches. Their staff contains a pool of experts who know their responsibilities and they are also the best when it comes to their respective fields.

What is VPS and why do we suggest Host1Plus VPS?

What is VPS?

VPS as a term stands for Virtual Private Server and it is a much more powerful server option as compared to a shared hosting. In shared hosting you share all the resources on a server with all the websites hosted on it. You have no control over the critical things so you cannot tweak things internally.

On the other hand, with a VPS you can have specific set of resources to yourself only. VPS is created by the means of virtualization which is used to create several different virtual machines on a single server. These virtual machines have their own set of specifications like a specific amount of RAM, CPU clock, disk space and bandwidth.

On top of that, you are free to use these resources as you please and whenever you want.

Why Host1Plus VPS?

Host1Plus is one of the best VPS hosting providers. They have some really good and stable servers and these servers won’t cost you much or burn a hole in your pocket. The servers are available for a really good price plans.


On top of the great plans, their support is also really good so you won’t face any kind of problems as they will be there to fix it as soon as possible.


Personally, I find Host1Plus really satisfactory in terms of performance as well as price. The support is really good and the plans are excellent for everyone’s needs. I think you should consider and try them if you are in need for a great hosting.

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