The Best Apps to Use to Create Amazing Social Media Content

Social media has proven to be a great avenue for marketing for both large and small businesses and all you need is a mobile phone! However, the posts shared a need to be relevant and engaging in order to be able to attract the right kind of traffic and increase conversion rates. If you are in charge of social media marketing at your organization it is important to have good apps for editing your posts before sharing them. If you have been experiencing low engagement levels and conversion rates, you may have found the solution to your problem. Making use of the right apps will greatly boost your social media marketing efforts. You might think that it is possible to do it all on your own without the help of apps. But anyone who has been down that road can tell you to save yourself the trouble and invest in good editing applications. Below are some of the most popular apps for editing your social media posts.


This app was developed by Instagram to help users create time-lapse videos, something that was previously not easy to do and required the use of very expensive equipment which many could not afford. It is very easy to use, even if you are not a skilled photo editor. Hyperlapse is available for free for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.


Layout was also developed by Instagram, and with it, you can create an image with multiple photos in it. There are several layouts to choose from and you can even custom design your own layout if none of the available ones appeal to you. It is free and it is available for iOS and Android operating systems.


MuseCam is an iOS app with which you can shoot photos and edit them. There are several effects to choose from as well. You can also purchase add-ons from the Apple app store to give you access to more effects and to enable you to do much more using the app.


Over is very popular because of the wide range of design effects it features. Whether you want to add a caption to a photo or create graphics, Over has got you covered. It is only available for iOS and you can purchase add-ons from the Apple app store to enable you to customise your photos even more.


The editing options with VSCO are limitless. There are several filters to choose from, including tint, temperature, fade, sharpen, skin tone, saturation, clarity and so much more. And you can adjust these filters to get exactly what you want. VSCO is available for free for Android and iOS.

Apple Clips

This app is relatively new and only available for iOS. It is popular because of the wide variety of photo and video effects available. You can edit your videos and photos and make them more interesting by adding text, graphics, sound and other effects in line with your marketing campaign. With Clips, you can even combine images and videos and share the end result on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site.


Boomerang has been in use for a long time now and continues to gain more popularity because of its unique concept. It was developed by Instagram and enables users to make mini videos which play forward and backward repeatedly. The app is available for iOS and Android.


This is a great iOS app for creating GIFs and other short clips. With Clippy, you can add several effects to your videos including text, stickers, and emojis among others.


The above are just but a few of the best apps for editing your social media posts to make them more interesting and engaging. Experiment with different apps to find what works best for you. Having great content is a good place to start; but you also need to know when to post, how often to post, and how to engage with your followers in the comments and get them to do more than just like your posts in order for your social media marketing campaign to bear fruits. While the apps mentioned above are mainly used by social media marketers, there is no harm in using them for your personal profile to make it more fun and interactive; a few extra likes on that Instagram post might just make your day.

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