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Here, we take pride in associating ourselves with the best bloggers/industry experts and if you believe to have something that will interest our readers, you have come to the right place for guest blogging opportunities.

Topics for Guest Blogging –

Brief ideas of what all we accept from guest bloggers include the following:

You can either upload a blog post directly or email to discuss a blog idea. Either way, it is necessary to check out the sitemap because we won’t entertain topics which have already been covered by us or other guest bloggers. If you feel there are other important things to discuss on the same topic, you are welcome to share the idea with us.

Advantages of Guest Blogging with iTechCode.com –

  • Exposure to a wide readership
  • Permanent do-follow back links*
  • We promote your articles in social media networks.

* The permanency of the do-follow back links depends on your participation on iTechCode.com. Since you will have a guest author account, it is mandatory that you log in to reply to comments. Avoiding doing so will result in removal of the back links. We are serious about this, ignore at your own risk.

Guest Blogging Process –

1) Registration: Visit this link ( Contact: itechcodeguest@gmail.com ) and register. To lessen spam registrations, you will be registered as a subscriber.

After registration, it is mandatory to email us at itechcodeguest@gmail.com within 48 hours with the username you used to register. Failing to do so will lead to deletion of the account.

Please Follow 3 Steps for Google Author MarkUp : 

1. Login to your account ( http://www.itechcode.com/wp-login.php ) with your username and id >> Insert Your Google Profile ID on our ITechcode’s Dashboard Profile Section (Google Plus Link).

2. Open Your Googe Plus Profile >> Place our http://www.itechcode.com on your Google plus profile’s Contribute to Section.

3. Place Your Author Link (Example:  http://www.itechcode.com/author/yourusername ) on Contribute to Section.

Once you email, we will upgrade the account to contributor status and you can begin to guest blog. Please do fill your profile. A maximum of 2 backlinks is allowed. It will be good if you have Gravatar.com account to display your image on blog posts.

2) Content: Please follow the below pointers –

  • No affiliate links
  • No self-promotion
  • No degrading / defaming material
  • No duplicate / derivative / regurgitated content
  • No malicious backlinks.
  • Don’t Place any Outbound Link on Article.

The blog post should be above 700+ words, with informative original content and proper credits**.

**Within the article, you must include 2 links to a live itechcode.com article. The keyword should be relevant and URL of your choice, not the main page.

** If you are quoting or paraphrasing someone, don’t forget to mention the source.

3) Images: It is essential that a 400×400 pixel is accompanied with every blog post. Kindly email the images or Link of Images once the blog post is uploaded.

Moreover, the images should not be copyrighted. Therefore, do mention the image source too. If you have created images / Infographics, you will be given due credit.

4) Plagiarism: iTechCode.com is strictly against plagiarism. Think thousand times before submitting a copied article. Your account will be banned from iTechCode.com and if have had any previously published guest blogs on this site, those will be permanently removed too.

5) Technicalities: If you are unsure about on-page SEO, leave it to us, we will do the needful.


  • Whether the guest blog will be published or not depends on the webmaster. If it is rejected, feel free to submit it elsewhere.
  • All inquiries for guest blogging or a tentative timeline for guest post publishing will be notified through email.
  • When we find any Broken Link (404 Error) Via Our Broken Link Checker Plugin then we check the link. . and if the link does not work, we remove the link.
  • We don’t allow to add new links to old articles. For new Links, you have to submit another article.
  • Every Guest blogger needs to supply a list of URL’s which the writer used to reference for this post. Those URLs will be checked for duplicate content. Further, if someone accuses ITC of publishing content and that content happens to be a guest blogger’s,  not only will be guest blog be removed but the writer has to pay $500 in damages.

We hope to get awesome guest blogs from you. Don’t disappoint us.

If you have any doubts, leave us your doubts/queries through the Contact page.

Thank you for your time.

Amit Shaw

Founder & CEO