How to solve dual boot issue with Linux

Many of us who are using Linux (including me) using the dual boot configuration either with windows or mac.  It seems little bit of problem if we are using dual boot configuration with windows or mac and we want to re-install the either one operating system. Basically following problem would occur.

  • Existence of system files of Linux in system.
  • Boot Priority changes.
  • Unwanted behavior of  system due to re-installing the master OS.

By facing these problems many of us got a headache and we used to thought “why i used this damn..!!” and then we started suggesting other also to don’t use Linux in their system as well but i am suggesting you to respect this great invention and use to feel their developer proud because they spent money and work hard to provide you Linux as “free”.

Well now above problems will sort out and you can use Linux efficiently with dual boot configuration without facing any issues and here is Ubuntu Secured Remix  with some little tweak from SoftPedia.

Ubuntu Secured Remix 11.10 is actually based on the Ubuntu 11.10 operating system and is a slightly modified version of the Ubuntu Desktop Live CD.

The Ubuntu Secured Remix Live CD offers only three applications :

  1. Clean-Ubiquity.
  2. OS-Uninstaller.
  3. Boot-Repair.

Clean-Ubiquity is the important feature of Ubuntu Remix version and it can automatically backup the MRB’s Files during installation.

OS-Uninstaller allow you to completely uninstall any system from your hard drive. The Boot-Repair application is a smart utility that can be used to repair the filesystem, the GRUB boot loader or MBR, to change the GRUB boot loader location, to change the MBR or GRUB options.

OS uninstaller:

Os uninstaller

Ubuntu Secured Remix 11.10 is available for download and it is distributed as ISO images for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Click below links to direct download from SoftPedia Server.

Hope you enjoy this post and this will help you solve your Linux issue. 🙂

Good luck 🙂

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  1. Abhi Balani says:

    I installed ubuntu for a while but soon uninstalled it because it was not able to fulfill my needs.