Programming Kernel – How to Start Kernel Programming

If you are belongs  to computer technology then you should have knowledge about the term “Kernel” and “Programming Kernel” as it is one of the core structure of computers and its operating system.

And don’t worry if you are not much aware about this but you wanna learn then in this post i will tell you the basic of “How to do Kernel Programming”.

As we know there are many operating systems available in market and these all operating system have the Kernel inside them only those kernel all responsible for their running operation on machine.

We can use the open source operating systems available like linux for kernell programming.

You can design your own kernel by learning the Structure of Kernel and it importance to operating systems, Just refer below diagram you will surely understand the importance of Kernel.

As it displays the Kernel is the “Heart of operating system” and it provides basic services to the application that user might running and the device driver for handling the devices connected in system.

Following are some services that Kernel Provides:

  • Process Management
  • Memory Management
  • Device Management
  • System Calls

As i said the Linux provides us a “open source” kernel for practicing and learning purpose so will learn the kernel programming in Linux only cause we don’t have other kernel.

But i am assure you that you will get the all the information about kernel and all by using Linux and in this post i just posted the basics of kernel and its programming so in next post we go into deep about the actual programming of kernel.

So till then good luck guys and happy programming…!!!

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  1. Hey great Post and waiting for your next post………..Hope it will be soon 🙂

  2. Hey but there is no programming section describe ,,, i want to know where to edit and compile it .. pls tell me ASAP.

    • Shaikh Shahid says:

      Wait for Next post please you will get the complete information about the compilation and execution.

      Thanks for Nice comment 🙂