How to Transform Linux into MacOSX

If you like the Mac system most and specially its cool desktop (Like me :)) and you don’t have much capability to install mac on your system or in your virtual machine then here is the way to get your Linux system desktop as MacOSX.

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Macbuntu is an open-source software, designed to transform Linux’s look and feel and layout into a Mac OS X appearance. Although Macbuntu is dedicated to Ubuntu Linux OS, it could be used in other OS based on Debian/GTK.

The installation of Macbuntu is very easy and it install in your system in a snap follow the download link given below and installation instruction:

  • Download the macbuntu from here.
  • Extract the package to your Desktop. You can do this by right clicking and selecting “Extract Here” from the menu.
  • Open a terminal and type cd Desktop/Macbuntu-10.10/ and press enter.
  • Now type ./ and press enter.
  • Follow the instruction and answer a few questions(given below in snap) and it does all of the rest!
  • Here you go for your cool MacOSX dekstop……take a look.

Hope you like this post and enjoy the cool desktop…….!!!

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Shahid is a Engineering student and addicted to Technology. He is Working For iTechCode(Editor-In-Chief) very passionate about blogging and technology. His area of interest includes programming, tech gadgets, gaming, internet marketing, blogging etc.


  1. Hi, how is the performance of your system after installing this package. Am worried if it impacts negatively on performance. My system has ubuntu 11.04 with 1gb ram and 2.6 dual core processor


    • Hi….and ya performance is depend upon system….work fine on system having 1.5GHZ and 512 MB ram…better works in your dont worry…!!

      By d way Thanks for comment.:)

  2. Kuldeep @ Cool Tricks says:

    Though I do not use LINUX but I still like it’s graphics and looks! I really appreciate the post and the tool you shared!
    Cool One!

    • I insist you to please use Linux and its tools it really surprise you and surely you will say “Oh this is called OS…!!!”

      By the way thanks for giving comment and visiting site.

      Happy Programming.!!!!!!!!

  3. Yousuf Khan says:

    Any method of un-installing it?

    • Yes there is if you have already installed this then open a linux terminal and type cd Desktop/Macbuntu-10.10/ and after this type ./ and all done..!!!

  4. Kevin Malmo says:

    very interesting!
    I’ll sure play it with my ubuntu machine..

  5. Hi Shahid!

    I can’t live without computer, LOL just like Amit (I have just read his about me page).

    And I am also an OS freak, I want to try Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

    Thanks for this post, because I have now a new way to transform one operating system to another.


  6. Openbook says:

    Worked clean on my Intel Pentium 2.8 Dual core although a friend with the same processor but 2.0 GHz says booting Ubuntu with Macbuntu is a bit slow although everything comes back to speed after his desktop is completely loaded.