23 Effective Ways To Build Links For Your Website

How to Build Links

Effective Ways To Build Links

Link building is a skill that you fine tune over time till it resembles an art. Link building is an all time fav topic of discussion within the SEO community and with good reason. Everyone’s looking for the best way to increase in-house links. We present 23 great ideas that you can use to build your links.

1. Join Niche Forums

Find out where your prospective customers hang out and join those forums. You can leverage do-follow links after meeting minimum contribution level.

2. Write About Products

Use your blog to canvas other companies, their products, success stories and bios on their CEOs. Make sure you write quality, unbiased and professional reviews that’ll garner the attention of the companies you’re writing about.

3. Create Infographics

An infographic can earn you far more backlinks than a regular article, especially if it’s well thought out and creatively done.

4. Give Away Free Tools

If you have the skill set and the knowhow, try and develop cool tools and give them away for free. Create more tools and package them into a must-own collection for more backlinks.

5. Interview Biggies

Target biggies in the blogging and commercial arena and interview them based on what people want to hear. Publish your interviews on blogs which publish expert interviews.

6. Link Out

Be generous and link out to other blogs (target influential ones). Your generosity will be noticed by the bloggers who keep an eye out for bloggers who link to them. This is a great way to earn links indirectly.

7. Ask Your Partners

No matter what kind of industry you’re in, you’ll know people. If they have websites, get them to link back. This means retailers, vendors, manufacturers, book stores, business partners and so on.

8. Coupon Code Page

Create a page that lists all the latest deals and coupons in your industry. Once the word goes around people will search for your brand plus coupon, which means you’ll be higher on their search results.

9. Customer Review Page

Create a separate page for customer reviews for each product and link it back to your product page. People often search for unbiased customer generated content which makes this strategy a gold mine for links.

10. Edit Wikipedia Articles

Find an article that is relevant to your blog, add some more useful information to that page and drop a reference link to your blog. Visitors will link to your blog page through it.

11. Get Deep Links

If you want deep links in your product detail pages, get creative. Allow visitors to directly download freebies such as demo videos, guides, eBooks and other stuff from your product detail page.

12. Spark Controversy

In a sea of Yes people, the one that stands out and says something totally opposite of a common belief gets all the attention. Be sure you are prepared to back up what you say, though.

13. Show Interest

Enter or sponsor polls, surveys or contests on other blogs. This show of interest can earn you backlinks.

14. Get Product Reviews

Offer a free sample of your product to bloggers for review. You will not only get free publicity for your product and honest feedback, but get quality backlinks via reviews as well.

15. Make Shareable

Disable log in to view wish list and gift registry pages, so that people can share their wishlists on blogs or social networks.

16. Compare Listing

Allow users to compare products right on your site, instead of doing it elsewhere. This kind of page is highly linkable because of its highly sought-after unbiased content.

17. Create Gift Guides

Create gift guides for every top occasion or festival that comes up in a year. People love to share this sort of thing.

18. Exchange Reviews

Approach bloggers who are niche SMEs, offer free products and ask for reviews. Delicately ask for a link to your page with specific anchor text when the review is done.

19. Get Listed

Check all your suppliers’ sites to see if you’re listed in their ‘Find a Store’ pages. If you’re not, make them add your site to the list.

20. Get Linked

If your site uses vendors and other technology providers, offer to write a testimonial of their product or service to get linked on their testimonial pages.

21. Do PR

Create news-worthy press releases to earn incoming links from valuable sources.

22. Create Widgets

Do you have an online community comprising of customers, top reviewers and VIPs? Offer exclusive widgets and badges to them for their sites, in appreciation of contribution. Each widget should have a backlink to a key page on your site.

23. Use Twitter

Follow active bloggers on Twitter with active followings. Send them links to your latest posts and request backlinks.

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