10 Killer Tips to Get Traffic From Facebook Fan Page

Social media is the main source of traffic now a days for many bloggers due to its cost effective nature and you don’t have to do hard work in order to get traffic. People are just cruising to social-networking because world is now a global village and nobody wants to be alone in this world. People make friends daily and its amazing that they never meet each other but they can be a good friends. Everybody is inspired by some one who is most successful and sharing his or her experience on internet.

We all know that Facebook is the ultimate with more than 800 million users. The amount of users on Facebook are enough to convince any webmaster to harness the potential of Fan Pages provide for his or her blog. In order to get maximum benefit from your Facebook Fan Page here are few tips.

1. Regular Update:

Keeping fan pages update all the time will make readers interested and create a positive impression of site. Every-time fan page is updated they will receive an instant message and the next thing they do is to quickly visit blog to read the update.

2. Be friendly:

Always be friendly and gentle with your fans and make them feel that you are always there to help them. If a fan is visiting your blog regularly then he or she must have positive image of you and they always want to interact with you. So its in your favor if you give positive response even the readers who are not happy with you or don’t agree with you.

3. Facebook Button:

Facebook like button is the easiest way to let visitor be the fan of your blog. New comer only have to click one button and he or she will be interacting with you all the time. Its good to have share button also so that they can easily share the post they like.

4. Be Interactive:

Never neglect your fans as no body want to be neglected. Try to interact with your fans as much as possible and yes this requires time and consistency so if you have not so much time to do so than you can hire some one who can do the job for you.

5. Encourage Your fans:

Its a reality that if a visitor stay longer on your fan page than he or she will definitely find some thing interesting which may end up buying some thing from you. Tell your fans to share fan page with there family members and friends. You should encourage them to visit your blog in order to read new content, this will tell them that your fan page is not the only page to interact but your blog is also there to benefit them.

6. Give them incentives:

Everyone in this world like free stuff and specifically Facebook is a website where everyone move around very quickly like they always join new Facebook-groups, making new friends and attracted by other fan page which are giving some incentives. So time to time give some freebies like e-books, free license keys, recharge cards etc.

7. Your Link:

Always mention your website link into your postings so that new and regular users can easily visit your blog. Many folks don’t like to type URL and hence you can lose precious visitor which many become customer in future.

8. Avoid spamming:

Everybody hates spamming and that’s why you must not post unnecessary links or links which are useless to your fans. Always try to put relevant links related to your fan page.

9. Update your blog:

Very important that you not only update fan pages but regularly update your blog as well. Always put fresh and unique content on your blog so that readers revisit your blog again and again for updates.

10. Keep them busy:

Try to busy fans by posting some polls than tell them to share the poll results with there friends. The longer they stay on fan page the more chances are they will visit your blog. These little things bring relationship with your fans more closer and they feel much comfortable on your Facebook fan page. If you want to be successful and want to always ahead from your competitors keep busy fans and let them do comment on your posts.

About Mohsin Ali Waheed

Mohsin Ali Waheed is a Full time Professional Blogger, Web Designer and Internet Marketer. He likes to write about Technology, Making Money Online, Windows Tips and Tricks etc.


  1. Facebook is the master in the field of networking and if you get some tips to use it in a imaginative way then it really become booster for you…

  2. Awesome Tips . I really Don’t know about tip number 5,6 and 10. and now am trying all tips. thanks for sharing .

  3. Prakhar Vijaywargiya says:

    agree…. regular update is very important ….

  4. Thanks for this tips. I’ve a facebook fan page but have not really done much about the promotion. I think these tips may just help me do this.

    • Yes Facebook is the awesome way to get a good amount of traffic. After SE most of visit are from Facebook and StumbleUpon. If we follow this 10 killer tips than i am sure you will get a huge amount of visitor. Thanks for dropping your comment. Keep Visiting.

  5. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    I think that these are some really great tips. I will follow them all to drive traffic to my blog from My Facebook Fan page.

  6. Abhi Balani says:

    I’ve read like #6 many times. But I’m unable to get something out of it. But I’m working on it. I know, that’s the only part where I’m lacking.

  7. The title is very eye catchy – Killer tips. All points are really fantastic to get traffic from Facebook fan page. Among all these points, updating fan page is the best solution to get regular traffic.

  8. Seriously people are so much towards the word free that they even don’t care about the link they are clicking on. They just click to find what is inside it, but get fooled many times. So in that case if someone providing free stuffs genuinely then people will definitely going to like it.

    Good point! I like it. Thank you for pointing it out Mohsin.

  9. Enstine Muki@easyretweet.com says:

    Nice tips bro!
    Having a Fan page is like having a free email list. It has to be treated and maintained with care. These tips are surely important guide lines that should be followed if one wants to keep an active and productive fan page.

    Hope you have a wonderful week

  10. Rajesh Chaukwale says:

    Great tips friend. I will surely use them to get traffic from Facebook fan page. I think updating Fan page frequently and arranging polls helps in increasing user interest.

  11. vishvast says:

    according to me facebook fan page is the great tool for genreating traffic .will consider these points will posting the post thnx for sharing it

  12. Ankit Bansal says:

    When it comes to building a good website, there should also be a good community for the website on social media especially Facebook. Facebook can get you traffic regularly so updating your fan page is necessary. All the points are nice one.

  13. Shivkumar says:

    Socail site like facebook is a rich resources to get traffic to our blog. Fans are most important to persons in the bloggers life. More happy they are more successful we are.

    The points you have mention is a worth noting down and acting upon it.
    Thanks Ali for sharing.