How to Write Great Content that People Will Read

How to Write Great Content

All bloggers say “Content is King”. Is it really true? Well, I don’t think so..

In my opinion, “Readable content is King” not just content.

Once again saying, Readable content is king – not just content.

What’s the use if you have content which no one reads? Is there any use of it? So try to create readable content in your blog.

But, How?

Here are few tips to write readable and great content in your blog…

Write Informative Content: Write for your readers which solve their problems. Readers love to spend their time if you solve their blogging problems and if you have informative and useful content in your blog.

Keep your Audience in mind: Know your audience, know what they want from you. If you know this perfectly then you are on your way. Always keep them in your mind while creating any blog post. Without their acceptance, waste of creating too many posts.

Try to Enhance your Writing Skills: The best way to produce great content is to have better writing skills. It’s not that you need to be an expert in writing, but you must have convincing writing skills, keep it simple and effective. The more you practice the more you get.

ImportantIt’s OK if you use technical terms in your articles but try to keep your readers in mind (especially newbie bloggers) and use simple language in your articles.

Blog Consistently: It looks bad if you don’t publish your content at regular intervals. Try to maintain a proper blogging schedule to get over this problem. If you once decided a blog schedule, stick to it.

Engage with your Readers: Encourage comments at the bottom of every blog post or story line. Make them to comment easily. The best suggestion is not to maintain a CAPTCHA  in comment box, otherwise your readers will have to call their whole family to type exact CAPTCHA some times ;). So, don’t use it except your PR is too good or if you are the authority in your niche.

Note: Even if you use it, make it readable.

Keep your Paragraphs Short: Break your content into short paragraphs and divide them into reasonable length like 3 to 4 lines. Because short paragraphs look appealing to your readers to scan the content easily.

Have a Unique Tone: Have your own persona and try to develop it. You don’t need to be perfect to become an authority in your blog, but you need to have reliable persona to win the hearts of your readers.

Choose Relevant Images: Put relevant, catchy or funny images in your blog post which really makes your post worthy. As a rule of thumb don’t produce your blog post without having at least one image.

Bonus Quick Tips: Read a lot (the best writing comes from best reading), tell stories to your readers, use humor in your blog posts, write in a unique way which really grabs your readers attention.

Your Turn: It’s your turn now. Do you follow these steps while creating your blog posts? Or did I miss anything here?

Do share them in the comment section below 🙂 I would really love to hear them from you.

About Rahul Kuntala

Rahul Kuntala is the author of LearnBlogTips. He mainly writes about blog tips in an easy way. Connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Boost My Media says:

    Really all are bullet proof methods to write a good Guest Post..

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Thanks for your appreciation Kulwant

      • Trung Nguyen says:

        Hey Rahul, your post is really cool tips, and I’m also seeing you’re writing killer content, keep up your good work 🙂

  2. BlogTechnics says:

    Rahul, an informative article and i agree with you just writing lots of articles won’t help, we should write quality articles…

  3. Thanks for enlightening us by this ideas.. You have given inspiration to write the best content that everyone will read.. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  4. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    I appreciate your effort on this post. Since back, I had been focusing on producing more Effective Content for my readers and Still Improving myself. These tips are very helpful for me as they help to write Great Content that people will read.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Thanks for your comment Kuldeep, let’s hope one day we will have huge audience. LOL 🙂

      BTW what do you think about great content – is it acceptable by more readers or solving their blogging problems?

  5. Abhi Balani says:

    Hey Rahul,

    Are you serious? Are you asking to remove CAPTCHA?

    You know CAPTCHA is used, especially to stay away from bots. You could say that one can use plug-ins like AskimNet to keep spammers out of the town. But removing CAPTCHA is a big deal, I think.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      I’m not against using CAPTCHA in a blog. But by using it the commentators have to work out more to make a comment. Where I’m against more is; CAPTCHA with complexity (which includes complex letters & words, sure commentators have to type that more than 1 time). Haven’t you faced this kinda situation??

      Sometimes I totally pin my face into my laptop to read that CAPTCHA 😛

      Even if you use it then make it READABLE (look at the post again, I made a note there already). That makes commentators to comment easy. And even though CAPTCHA is disabled in a blog, using spam filter plugins one can control the spam more effective.

      BTW there is no sense in making READABLE CAPTCHA because spam tools can easily navigate them (I suppose)

      I strongly believe that, if anyone wants to get more comments (not spammy) then don’t use it.

      Thanks for making me such a long comment Abhi 😉

      • Abhi Balani says:

        Haha you call it a long comment. May be, it is.

        Okay, first of all, if you want REAL commenters with REAL comments (who are not commenting just to steal a back link to their blogs) then you MUST use CAPTCHA or any plug-in to filter spams.

        Yes, I’ve faced that situation, too. But I never kicked my laptop for that. LOL!! I really don’t mind if I’m asked to re-enter the CAPTCHA when I REALLY want to share my thoughts, express my views or simply appreciate the writer.

        And I really didn’t get you on this – “..I strongly believe that, if anyone wants to get more comments (not spammy) then don’t use it.”

        How’s that? You should think about it.

        Is the point for getting MORE comments or REAL and ORIGINAL comments?

        What you said above that means, spammers really cares about the CAPTCHA and other commenters not. And it also means, CAPTCHA gives us spams. (I thought, it’s used to prevent from spams)

        How this will give you REAL comments and not SPAMMY ones?

        I’m confused.

        • Rahul Kuntala says:

          It’s your opinion to use it or not. What I feel is not to use CAPTCHA. And who knows I may change my views about using CAPTCHA oneday!!

          The only reason why I said not to use is MAKE YOUR COMMENTATORS EASY TO COMMENT. Moreover I’m not against using it.

          And you mistook my comment that CAPTCHA gives us spam. I dint say that anywhere, did I?

          • Abhi Balani says:

            Yes, you did, I think.

            Here – “I strongly believe that, if anyone wants to get more comments (not spammy) then don’t use it.”

            It meant the same.

            Hope you aren’t angry with me. 🙂

          • Holly Jahangiri says:

            Oh, the irony.

            Thanks for the Conditional CAPTCHA. (I guess I did say that one was okay. Kick Akismet for me, will you? I thought we were FRIENDS… maybe it’s feeling threatened, now that I’ve got Conditional CAPTCHA and GASP running on my own blog.)

          • Holly Jahangiri says:

            Ohhhhhh, I get it, now (you’re both confusing me).

            It’s that parenthetical phrase. “I strongly believe that, if anyone wants to get more comments (not spammy) then don’t use it.”

            Take out “(not spammy)” – just take it out. It doesn’t work there and is conveying the wrong meaning. As Abhi points out, it implies that CAPTCHA causes spammy comments, and to get more real comments, you should remove it.

            Go read this:

        • Holly Jahangiri says:

          Abhi, for once we disagree. I despise CAPTCHA codes. I have not found them to be necessary at all – not since installing the latest version of CommentLuv Premium, for sure, but even before that – between Akismet and other simple plug-ins, like Conditional CAPTCHA (which only challenges those Akismet claims are spammers, to give them a small second chance), it’s just not needed.

          What CAPTCHA will do is frustrate readers who have low vision or difficulty deciphering the code or typing it in. SOME CAPTCHA codes are reasonably easy to read; others are worse than line 8 on an eye chart. What CAPTCHA says to ME is that the blogger doesn’t welcome comments, doesn’t welcome older people, doesn’t welcome people who are all fumblefingers when they type, and thinks rather too highly of himself – can’t take a few minutes to make comments more user-friendly and assume the normal duties of a good moderator.

          I know a great many REAL people who won’t bother commenting on a blog that has CAPTCHA codes. Often, if I run into one that even LOOKS difficult, I’ll abandon my comment rather than mess with it. You’ll never know what I MIGHT have said, and you’ll never know what I’m thinking. (But if it’s a complicated CAPTCHA code, you probably don’t want to know what I’m thinking, anyway.)

  6. Rahul Kuntala says:

    “If anyone wants to get more comments (not spammy) then don’t use it.” This doesn’t mean that CAPTCHA produces spam. If you think it in wrong way, then what can I do? 🙂 BTW I don’t mind about kiddy words. Hope you aren’t angry with this 🙂

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      @ Holy: You really gave a lot of explanation here about CAPTCHA. First of all I’m not opposing anyone here be it CAPTCHA or Abhi. I respect them both 🙂

      I’m saving your comments on my notepad for future reference about CAPTCHA 🙂

      Thanks for dropping your valuable comments.

      • Holly Jahangiri says:

        Thanks, Rahul. I belong to a writers group that includes a lot of interesting writers who are older, new to blogging, interested in a lot of things besides blogging, and have day jobs (or full time jobs as novelists). Many of them actually require bloggers who want to participate in blog book tours to disable any moderation holds (not counting spam filters like Akismet), CAPTCHA codes, or complicated math challenges prior to hosting a blog book tour stop.

        I used to use CAPTCHA when I did a lot of blogging on Blogger, but even there – now that they’ve implemented spam protections – it’s not necessary and it is overly cumbersome for readers. If the idea is to encourage MORE comments from REAL readers, then we have to make it easy and inviting – WE, the blog hosts, should be doing the work behind the scenes, not making our engaged readers – the ones who would leave valuable comments – jump through flaming hoops to do so.

  7. Rahul Kuntala says:

    @ Holly: That’s what I believe, to encourage more comments its essential to make it easy for readers/visitors to comment. And I don’t oppose Abhi too. He made really good points there.

    His POV is about making PROFESSIONAL way of commenting which is really acceptable. My POV is MAKE it easy to comment. And you are POV is…..?? 😉

    • Holly Jahangiri says:

      My POV is… obvious, no? 🙂

      And really, I think Abhi was confused – I don’t think he meant you HAD to use CAPTCHA (other spam filters would work better) any more than you meant to say CAPTCHA caused spammy comments.

      My POV is that if you want interaction on your blog, you may have to work for it – but all the work should come from you, the blog owner – and you should make your commenters feel welcome and make it easy for them to leave valuable comments (which you, clearly, are doing). 🙂

      • Rahul Kuntala says:

        Thank you so much Holly 🙂 I’m glad the way you said. I should inherit these qualities from you.

        With your presence, comment section became more valuable than the article now 😉

  8. Saikrishna says:

    Nice Post Buddy 🙂 Thanks for share

  9. Well written – You proved why you said enhance your writing. Producing well written content gives live audience to interact with. And that’s all you have done with this post. 😉

  10. Prakash says:

    These are really the nice tips for writing great content that people must read. We have to take care of our readers choice. The heading section is the main part of any post and it must be eye catching………..
    nice article thanks for sharing it……………

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yeah keeping mind about your readers and creating the content according to them can make you a successful blogger. Thanks for the comment. Keep visiting for more worthy articles from my side 😉

  11. hi rahul…
    awesome post for beginners like me..
    i am new in blogging and want to improve my daily traffic graphs….
    i always hear these tips from people that content is king…
    new bloggers will definitely get help from this post..
    thanks again for sharing your knowledge

  12. Shalu Sharma says:

    You have very good tips her on how to engage the readers. Also most people don’t want to read long articles. Therefore short and sweet is the way to go. Its better to be on the point than to waffle useless stuff. Thank you.