What to Expect from the iPad 3

What to Expect from the iPad 3

Waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s over now.

Apple ipad 3 is getting launched today.

So now we can see ipad 3 for real, we can feel the sensation of new ipad3 for real. We can do the stuff that we are planning for while ago to do with ipad3.

It’s time to make your credit card ready.  And if you have any doubt about what ipad 3 has for you then below are some specification that will clear the mist of your mind help you to make up your mind.

ipad 3

Retina Display 

Everyone expected the iPad 2 to adopt the iPhone 4’s retina display, an advanced screen resolution with greater pixel density which, according to Apple, meant the pixels were so tiny and could not be detected by the human eye.  At 326 pixels per inch, I can testify that retina display technology is truly stunning since I’ve been enjoying it on the iPhone 4S for several months now.  When I compared my retired iPhone 3Gs display to that of the 4S, I could see the difference immediately:  the retina display rendered sharper images and text, and the old display looked a bit blurry beside it.

Now, we can be fairly confident that the iPad 3 (if  that is what Apple intends to call it) will feature a retina display.  Around the Web there are plenty of screen captures of parts lists from Chinese manufacturers affirming this rumor.  Which leads us to the next point…

iPad 2S, or iPad 3?

Last year when the iPhone 4S was released, people were disappointed it wasn’t the mythical iPhone 5.  The popular speculation did include the possibility of a “segue iPhone” that would bridge the distance between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, but I don’t think anyone believed it until it happened.  Soon, enthusiasts and critics alike were scrambling to justify upgrading to the iPhone 4S, and what it all boiled down to was Siri, the AI virtual assistant that became the star of the show, and Apple’s chief marketing focus.  Was Siri strong enough to carry the burden of selling the iPhone 4S to consumers?  Apparently so.  Orders skyrocketed in the fourth quarter of 2011, and persist to this day.

But, would the addition of Siri, along with the retina display, be enough to warrant ditching your iPad 2 for the new model, whatever it is called?  I’m leaning towards “no.”  It’s going to take something truly amazing to sell this third generation iPad, especially following a Q4 surge in iPad 2 sales in 2011, not to mention the competition in the wake of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, which sold like hotcakes between October and January.  For real Apple die-hards, any Android device can never be considered a suitable competitor to any iOS device, but for many people wanting to dive into the world of tablet technology on a constrained budget, the appeal of cheaper, smaller, Android powered tablets is powerful.

The verdict?  I think we will see the iPad 3 on March 7, rather than an iPad 2S, and I believe there will be more to it than just a display upgrade and the addition of Siri.

So, What Else? 

We might be in for a surprise double debut during Apple’s announcement next week – not of one new iPad, but two.  A 7.85” mini tablet design, long rumored and anticipated in the tech media world, might actually appear alongside the full sized upgraded iPad.  There are some good reasons for expecting this:  1)  Apple could use a more compact, less expensive tablet that would lure people away from Android upstarts (like the Kindle Fire,) and 2) there is evidence that parts suppliers have been working with components that would fit the scale of a smaller device.  Whether it is announced next week, or later in the year, a downsized iPad is practically a given.

So, that’s my prediction for the todays (March 7) announcement.  Please leave your comments, and let me know what you think.

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  1. Kuldeep@ Cool Tricks says:

    Hmm, It would be a hit. Would be waiting for it.
    Good Post.

  2. Yeah iPad 3 will be awesome one…but what about its launch in India?

  3. Abhi Balani says:

    I’m not gonna buy it if it’ll cost $1000 more than other countries as usual.

  4. Adeline says:

    Hmmm… the iPad 3 had better have something better than the retina and siri.. else it just another case of fooling ppl with hype! Looking for some value in today’s announcement!

  5. Rahul Kuntala says:

    Surely it’s gonna rock the market. I love this gadget 🙂 Steve you are not there, but your babies(gadgets) are still there 😉

  6. Allie | Ramblings of a WAHM says:


    I just heard that the new iPad was being released. There is usually a buzz on the Internet more and among many of my friends, not this time. Maybe it is going to not be that big of a deal.

    I don;t have an iPad but I do have an iPhone and Siri is funny. But she is also very useful. Once you get used to her she can save time.

    Maybe the iPad will get Siri.


  7. Grace Merrett says:

    I’m curious to see the different between my BlackBerry PlayBook display and the Retina Display, other than that, nothing real exciting on the new iPad. I’ve an iPad 2, I prefer my PlayBook because of size and weight, and the new iPad is a little bigger and heavier.