12 Excellent Cloud-Based Tools To Be Productive

Excellent Cloud-Based Tools

Cloud Based Tool

Cloud-Based Tool

In the olden days, say about a few years ago, the only mode to transfer the data or to communicate throughout the world was through FTP, IM or email. But the times have changed now and we are blessed with the cloud computing technology.

However, not everyone is aware of the word cloud computing. So let me first tell you what actually is the Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is actually a service which is used to share software, information, or resources to other computer devices over a network. The service provides data management, software application, and storage resources.

What are Cloud-Based Tools?

Cloud-based tools are the great way to stay connected to people all around the world. By using the cloud-based tools one can allow anyone to access your data through various channels.

One can rely on the cloud-based tools for both personal and professional life. Below is a small list of best-sorted cloud based tools which may help you to stay productive-

  1. Google Apps/Docs – This is the most commonly used cloud-based tool and is used both in personal as well as professional life.
  2. Google Bookmarks – This tool enables the user to access the most used bookmarks from any computer. No matter on which computer you have stored the bookmarks, you can access them from any computer system. This tool is now also available in leading brand Smartphones.
  3. Google Reader – This is one of the most commonly used tools by the readers. This tool is also available on iPad and iPhone.
  4. Mozy – This cloud-based tool allows the user to get the backup automatically. The process of backup is ON even if the user is not working on the system.
  5. Backupify – This is again a cloud-based tool used to get the backup of the social media data. This tool secures the data from various commonly used social media sites such Google Calendar, Facebook, Gmail, Basecamp, WordPress, Google Apps/Docs, Zoho, Delicious, Twitter, and Flickr.
  6. Dropbox – This tool enables the user to use their data from anywhere. The files stored in Dropbox can be accessed from iPad, iPhone or any other computer devices. Image files, documents and any other type of data can be stored and accessed through Dropbox.
  7. Evernote – This is a tool used to make a note or to keep a reminder. This is also a very commonly used Cloud-based tool used by businessmen. One can set goals; add some important task and memorable notes etc in Evernote.
  8. Hootsuite – Hootsuite is the Cloud-based tool which helps the user to stay connected to more than one account on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter at a time.
  9. Yammer – By using the tool Yammer the user can stay connected to anyone even while they are on travel. They can stay connected without interrupting each other’s privacy. However, there are many other platforms available nowadays to stay connected with people but Yammer is worth giving a try.
  10. ScrewTurn – This tool is basically used by the corporate teams to manage their policies, documents, discussions, timelines, and meeting notes.
  11. ZohoZoho is a CRM (Customer relation management) tool. It is a completely outfitted platform of CRM and gives the best outcome in business houses.
  12. GoToMeeting – This is one of the best tools for the officials. It is the service created by Citrix Systems and is desktop sharing software. It is remote meeting software which enables the users to meet with their contacts online in real time. This tool is best for the personnel who travel more.

The above mentioned Cloud Based tools are best as per my consideration and would like to know if you have some more on your list.

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  1. Sheshnath says:

    Hi Amit,
    Nice collection, I think you forgot to list MediaFire Which is one of the best file sharing place free of cost.

  2. There are just so many of them now.. it is just impossible to list em all. I use Office Web Apps, and Dropbox more frequently than others.

  3. Rahul Kuntala says:

    Do you know how to organize google bookmarks at one place? Which tool to be used for that?

  4. Satyakam @ Grassroots marketing says:

    Cool List, Amit. I have tried only Dropbox and Google Docs from this list. Yet Great share. 🙂