Live your Dream with Google AdSense

AdSense is one of the most popular methods of earning money online. Many people have already made thousands of dollars using their services.  It is a service started by Google on a profit sharing basis with the publisher. Publisher posts image, text, Media files and other unique posts which are then viewed by others. You can get money on per-click or per-impression of the ads that AdSense had placed along with the content of your site. You can choose the ad type and placements for the Google ads on your site so that your website would look clean and professional.

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How Google Pays You?

Google uses advanced data searching technology to base its ads upon the content for your website. For example: – if you have an android review website then the ads would probably on the websites that sell them. These ads depend on a lot of factors like the location of person viewing ads, the past browsing history and many more.  Also if you want to advertise your site, you can do so by using Google AdWords. Google AdWords shows ads of your site on the website that are enrolled in AdSense program.

Maximizing Income from AdSense

  1. Write about trending and popular subject. For example when Ipad 2 was launched there were thousands searching the net for its review. It would greatly increase the traffic in your website and blog. Yeah, you can monetize your blog with AdSense. You don’t even need to pay hosting or domain fee to set up your profitable site.
  2. The placement of ads in your site is very important. To make more money it should be placed in places that are easily viewable by the visitors. Nobody will pay you if you place the ads in places with no visibility.
  3. You can earn more with AdSense if you have any original video that you can share on YouTube. Do you remember seeing some ads when you see any YouTube video? This is the ads that AdSense gives on popular and trending videos. You can make a lot if your video is seen and shared by others.

Points of Caution

  1. Remember to give your correct name and address as AdSense send the payment by check on your registered name to your registered address.
  2. Never try to add copied content to your website. Google uses advanced search technology and it can get your AdSense account terminated. Believe me, Google is rather strict about it. One of my friends tried to cheat Google by writing an article by copy pasting from 5 different website. It led to termination of his AdSense account within the account
  3. Remember to have patience. It isn’t easy to make big bucks on the first day itself. Initially you would see only some measly cents in it but if you persevere within months you could be raking in hundreds of dollar.
  4. AdSense has a minimum payout of 100$. So it would take some time before you can cash out.

This guest post is by Susan Hannan from Exams key.

About Amit Shaw

Amit Shaw, Administrator of iTechCode.He is a 26 Year Ordinary Simple guy from West Bengal,India. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc. Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Reading an article on Adsense tips when the site itself has no Adsense ad? 😀

    • @irfan, Thought the same 😀

      Good for beginners to understand the basics of Google Adsense which are important too.


    • Thanks Irfan for dropping your comment.
      I will apply for Google AdSense soon. iTechCode is only 3 MOnths Old so i’ll apply after 6 months As Per google’s TOS :).
      Currently i am focusing on my list building, traffic-to-subscriber conversions, traffic-to-sales-conversion etc.

  2. Trung Nguyen says:

    Hey Amit, Will you monetize this blog with Google Adsense??? Well it will be your good passive income stream, I think you can join GA on May 2012, just do it bro 🙂

  3. Well written post in Adsense. Most bloggers wants to earn through Adsense. But they don’t know proper way. Your article will guide in a proper way

  4. Ajay Patel says:

    well very nice article mr, amit. i also have faced some problem when i applied for adsense but i make many changes in my website and now after all google have approved my account.
    Pay Per Click PPC Money making Ideas

    • Great News Ajay. Now just concentrate on Article Quality and Traffic.
      Thanks for dropping your comment. Subscribe us, Keep Visiting.

  5. Chitra@SocialVani says:

    Overall a genuine post but it would have been better if the writer had gone into a bit more depth.

    First, you CANNOT live your “dream” with Google AdSense. Those times were 5-6 years back when online users were not that educated about online advertisement and clicked on ads here and there.

    Second, most bloggers and online users today are “ad blind”. Ads are there and they choose not to click it. It is a hard fact. The sooner every AdSense user accepts it, the better. Ad placement plays a little role here.

    Third, this is NOT self promotion but you better click on this – – to understand why making money with AdSense is so difficult. Making money with AdSense is “thrice removed from reality”.

    Finally, make your dream income online by not depending on AdSense only. It can make 20% of your earning not 100%.

    Susan Hannan – no hard feelings, nothing personal.


    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Well, your comment can be used to extend this post 🙂 Great insights chitra

      • Chitra@SocialVani says:

        Well, have to ask Amit if he is interested or not.

        Are you listening @Amit?

        • Thanks @Chitra for Dropping your Comment.
          @Chitra :
          Yes i am interested :).
          Its true that we can’t live our “dream” with Google AdSense. I saw most of bloggers are earning too much $$$ from Google AdSense bcz of there knowledge, Traffic and Ad Placement which plays vital role to getting clicks. If we want to earn money from Google AdSense than we should focus on list building, traffic-to-subscriber conversions, traffic-to-sales-conversion etc its not only for Google AdSense it will help you for Affiliate Marketting also.
          Nice to see your valuable input Chitra.
          Keep Visiting :).

    • Alan Tay says:

      Definitely it is not going to be 100%. But I can say that Adsense is still there, it is not that ‘dead’. There are couple of research need to be done if you are really into Adsense especially on the ad blindness that you had mentioned.

      I had a blogger who had been driving a good traffic to his blog but turns out he is not getting any clicks from Adsense. It is not Ad placement issue and also not insufficient number of ads placed. They are pretty well optimized on all these except ‘keyword research’.

      The keyword that he had been writing about has very little advertiser from Adwords. So few that his Google Adsense mostly show all the irrelevant ads that cause the Adsense strategy to fail. I would advice that never put all the blame to things like ad blindness or insufficient organic traffic.

      We should know in the first place, whether the niche that we are going for Adsense has the potential or not. By the way, Adsense is my secondary although I wanted it to be my primary badly.

      • Chitra@SocialVani says:

        Let me share something interesting.

        Five years back, I knew this person making 8000 USD per month. Naturally, I was intrigued. I kept on prodding him to tell me his way of making money online.

        He tell me that a client running 300+ websites has hired him to build a HUGE team of people that would regularly click AdSense ads on those 300+ websites. In return, he and his team will get 8000 USD.

        I knew that this thing was illegal. The friend and his client were cool about it.

        When the contract ended after a year, I again prodded the friend to reveal his name. He did albeit on confidentiality. I won’t reveal either. Will just say that the CLIENT is one of the biggest known names on the internet millionaire list!!!!

  6. Mridul Pareek says:

    Really nice post..
    As I’m a beginner in this world of blogging, every post/article on adsense makes me excited to read it with full concentration.

    This one is really nice & simple post.
    I am getting more & more experienced with these articles by you all.
    🙂 keep more posts coming..
    Help me if someone has time to.

  7. Thanks Amrik for Dropping your Comment. Glad that you liked the artilce.
    Keep Visiting.

  8. Great tips about adsense… I am not happy with adsense earning from my tech blog. But working well with some other niche blogs…

  9. Peter Lee says:

    While I do agree that Adsense is good, I suggest to try out other Adsense alternatives as well. Do not put all your eggs into one basket!

  10. Rizwan Sultan says:

    Great post I understand your passions my friend but don’t worry next time we will marked up the Google Adsense criteria.

  11. Prayag Verma says:

    I have just started using Adsense for my blog. Will heed to these useful tips

  12. Naser @ Tech Blog says:

    Keeping the ads above the fold also acts as great placement method. I have my Adsense account for my old site but I am a bit worried to put the code on my 2 months old site. 🙂

  13. Hi Amit and Susan, AdSense can be a great source of income. However, I understand that it performs best on niche specific websites where proper keyword research is done. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income did an experiment with a Security Guard website that continues to be profitable. The only problem is that once people find out how good you are doing with traffic for those keywords, they replicate what you’re doing and thus take a bite out of your income stream.
    For blogs like my own, it’s not so easy to earn from AdSense, since most of my readers are bloggers. But for other blogs in small niche topics it is possible to get more targeted ads that less sophisticated visitors will be more likely to click on.

  14. Sanjan Bikram says:

    Hi Amit,
    Its true that Google Adsense is great way to earn money but for blogging niche i say no, as we know that for blogging niche the visitor of site is also blogger and they are habitual on not clicking Google ads.

  15. Thank you for sharing these tips. I have been looking into the most effective ways to monetize my blog. This is something that I am going to look into!

  16. debasis says:

    Instead of How to earn from Adsense or How to Increase earning from Adsense if anybody will write a Simple and step by Step process to getting quick Approval of Google Adsense Account then It would be much helpful.

    I was having my Google Adsense Account 4 yrs back but few stupid friends get jealous from my earning and then started clicking my ads intentionally and that days I don’t know more about fraud clicking and protecting my blog from fraud clicking so finally my account got banned and The first cheque which they have sent me had hold by them….today I am feeling really very bad for this. Though I am happy with my offline earning from my profession but if I would have my account then it would be very helpful to me.

    @Chitra Do you have Adsense?

    Thanks Amit for posting this Article.

  17. sidharth pk says:

    Simple yet powerful article. You can certainly post about to increase CPC for adsense. Hope it will come soon.

  18. Amit Shaw says:

    Thanks Stacy for your Comment. Glad that you liked the post.
    Keep Visiting :).

  19. Saksham Talwar says:

    Adsense, though considered by some as a tough place to get in is the best way to make money online! Been using it since 3 years, I’ve always loved it, because it’s simply the most reliable ad network out there for big websites as well as small blogs like mine!