Why Aimless Blogging is Killing Your Profit

Most professional bloggers will suggest you to blog about anything that you like. However, most newbie bloggers often misinterpret this message. Instead of building a blog in a niche that they are passionate about, they build an aimless blog that follows their whims or whatever comes to their mind. And I will tell you that aimless blogging is killing your profit. If you’re doing this, I suggest you to stop it and build another niche specific blog instead. Here are 5 reasons why aimless blogging is killing your profit:


1. You aren’t targeting any niche

Not knowing what niche you’re targeting is the biggest mistake you can do in blogging, if you intend to make money with your blog. Most of the time, aimless bloggers don’t target any niche, and it can mean destruction for their profit.

Most clueless bloggers establish a blog that doesn’t specialize on a single niche. They write about very much anything that comes to their mind. Their blog topics can be very broad, ranging from health to money-making topics.

Remember that aimless blogging will not give you a good profit. Instead, it will only waste your time.

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2. You don’t have real target audience

Since you don’t target any niche, it means that you don’t have real target audience for your blog. You will think that it will be okay to promote any kind of product in your blog. But, this is wrong.

Remember that you don’t have any niche to target in the first place. In this case, you are blogging about anything that comes to your mind. As a result, your blog readers will come to your blog just to have fun reading. They don’t have any intention to learn about any specific topic, since you didn’t provide them with a targeted topic. Thus, you don’t have real target audience which means that you can’t sell effectively to your blog readers.

3. You don’t know where to go

Aimless blogging will make it difficult for you to build strong branding for your blog. Moreover, you won’t have any idea about the future of your own blog. See, if you’re posting about anything that comes into your mind without specializing in any single niche, you will make your blog to grow sporadically. It means that your blog is uncontrolled. Your blog will become a bad environment to make money online.

4. Your promotion is unfocused

Unfocused promotion will result in ineffective selling in your blog. That’s because you are confused with your own blog. Remember that the readers that come to your blog are not targeted, so it is difficult to promote any product to them in the first place. When your promotion is unfocused, you will get either less or no profit at all. Note: you may think that you can use AdSense for this kind of blog. Yes, you can make some pennies with AdSense, but it will be better for you to build a niche blog instead.

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5. You aren’t dedicated to your blog

Since your blog doesn’t have real aim for what it will accomplish, and since you’re serving too many niches within your blog, it will be a difficult task for you to keep updating your blog. It will result in less dedication on your part. Even more so, it will result in less to no profit from your blog.

Those are some reasons why aimless blogging is killing your profit, either slowly or quickly. If you don’t want to kill your blogging profit, stop creating aimless blog and start building niche-specific blog.

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  1. if you don’t have any aim in anything, not only in blogging only, then benefit not come to you. very nice post. thanks fr sharing. +1 from my side.

    • Yash Sehgal says:

      Thanks for sharing the article 🙂 and yes aim and proper goals are required everywhere not just in blogging.

  2. Peter Lee says:

    Judging from your site Techmadoo ( I just visited), you sure know what you are talking about in this article 🙂 Blogging without a specific niche and clear direction will bring the blogger to no where and he/she has done nothing but wasting precious time in the end! Enjoyed reading the article Yash.

    • Yash Sehgal says:

      Glad you liked my site peter.It feels good to know people are reading my articles and gaining knowledge from it.Thanks once again 🙂

  3. Yash Sehgal says:

    Keeping aside some hours daily for your blogging would definitely help you in the long run.And I have seen your blog and it really has quality content for readers.

  4. Nice article, dedication is must not only for blogging but for any work you do. Blogging requires proper dedication to write post and time to promote your post well.

    • Yash Sehgal says:

      And along with dedication,one needs a proper plan too.Otherwise everything would go haywire in the long run if we dont have a proper plan for it.

  5. Kulwant Nagi says:

    Building a blog is like building Muscles !! Because for this you will have to take care of it for long time. once you will stop caring about it then it will get that shape again which was at start !!

    So keep feeding with good content and make it strong and strong !!

  6. Mat Slair says:

    See, dedication is really a must! for everything in life…
    As far as blogging is concerned, things are no different, we need to move ahead with a plan, with out a plan it is not going to succeed in any ways!

  7. rakesh kumar says:

    This is the reason why we see a lots of blog die. because they fail in their main aim ie make money since they are not targeting a niche as you mentioned in your heading.

  8. Aimless is pretty relative. Most tech bloggers looks aimless but since there are abundant topics to write about, you cannot specifically choose your niche.

  9. Shalu Sharma says:

    I think more than than half of the blogs that start are finished in the first few months as the bloggers change direction. Aimlessly blogging about anything they like is unlikely to help them in anyway specially in a business like internet marketing.

  10. Anil Agarwal says:

    Without knowing your target audience, it’s a waste of time to create blog posts.

    I think it’s all about build right relationships and working towards reaching your goals without wasting your content marketing strategy. Make sure to involve your creativity to get the most out of your time.