5 Things to Consider before Buying a new Laptop

Technology is growing with times, evidencing transformation. Same can be in computer world, previously we used to be happy with PC but now the whole criteria are changed as people are upgrading themselves for using Laptop. Recent years showed advancement in Laptops and the reason behind increased purchasing trends is its portability which makes it easy to use & moving from one place to another without applying efforts. So people prefer use of Laptop over Computer because of several many reasons i.e upcoming technology, portability, etc. But, often we get baffled when it comes to purchase new Laptop.

things remember before buying laptop

Increasing business and marketing strategy makes it difficult for people to choose best Laptop for their use. Often, we are deceived by purchasing the system which is not self-reliable to use. So before buying new Laptop it’s much recommended to consider below mentioned 5 points.

1. Specifications:

This is the initiative point one should keep in mind before buying a new Laptop. Technical specifications include system’s hardware and software ingredients which is the basic things. One should check out the RAM capacity, Hard Disk, Processor, Video Card, etc which considers Laptop’s reliability. If its capacity is low, then you will obviously suffer fluctuation like frequent hanging up of system and so. So its recommended to go with such master piece which is derived with at least 4 GB RAM, 320 GB Hard Disk, Dual Core i5 processor including one Graphic Card, so before purchasing any Laptop you should consider above mentioned points.

2. Structure & Durability:

The next priority to keep in mind is Laptop’s structure which includes size, durability, weight and so. The main purpose for selecting net book is its portability and if the size for same is lumpy, then there’s no catch. So you should see weather device is handy or not. Second point to relay on is its weight, normally standard weighting within the range of 2 kilogram is pretty to determine the reliability and portability.

These two factors even determine the durability of system. Users with harsh working tendency always need that device should endure surprising shocks. So the laptop must have extra tough metal covered, to ensure no internal damages i.e. to hard disk, processor, etc. Thus, if you are completely satisfied with structure of Laptop, then only you should go for it.

3. Battery Life:

Battery Life is directly or indirectly the first need of any user. If device’s battery system is of poor quality then one will face many inevitable problems. The very first thing I liked much about customers is, they firstly ask about Laptop’s battery life and they choose one accordingly. So one should check about maximum support Laptop’s batter will give. Standard need is 10 hours or as per usage.

4. Price and Budget:

Every person has its own budget, and one should buy Laptop keeping same in mind. Let’s say if your budget is 25 k and you are dreaming for a device which costs 50 k, this is completely not happening. So, in such case, you should concentrate on main functions needed for your use. In cheap price you can’t enjoy latest technology but can surely seek out functions which are basic and required one.

5. Other Specifications:

Other things include connectivity, user guide, display resolution, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB ports, etc. These are the required specifications which users should keep in mind before purchasing best Laptop.

So folks, the only implication I can derive is users own choice, you should work according to your sole needs, but make sure that the above mentioned 5 points is surely assimilated before buying new Laptop.

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  1. Naser @ Tech Blog says:

    Nice explanation Kuldeep. Dell offers many affordable laptops. I got my Inspiron N5050 which lasts for 4 hours with full charge and I can play hi res games in it for more than an hour.

  2. I moved to a macbook pro 1.5 years ago and it was a great move. No more daily reboots.

    Each program is isolated from the other so a program crash does not equal a system crash. This is something that wastes a lot of valuable time on a PC.

  3. Mushfique says:

    Great tips for those who are looking forward to buying a new laptop. Battery power is of course one of the crucial points when selecting a laptop. Sometimes I feel, owning a tablet is far more better than having a laptop !

  4. Pavan Somu says:

    Beyond the specifications the battery life is the must in the check list while buying a good lappy.

  5. If You write this article few days before then It could help me.. but I already bought my laptop and pretty happy with it.

  6. Zeeshan says:

    Well i prefer bigger screens laptop minimum 17 inches so other specs don’t really matter for me.

  7. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    However, these above mentioned points were all already mentioned for the laptops by distributors and dealers. I think there is no need for such. But it’s a nice written post especially for those who were confused of buying a new lappy.

  8. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Great tips Kuldeep. I’m soon going to buy a new laptop so that I can blog from everywhere. And these points will certainly help me out to buy a better laptop 🙂 !

  9. Aadith sasi says:

    Kuldeep thanks for this wonderful post..Hope this article will help me in buying a new laptop.

  10. Pete Goumas says:

    Hi Kuldeep,
    Thanks for your suggestions. I first check for battery life in a laptop because it annoys me most if it doesn’t work well. Specification, structure and durability are other most important things to check..

  11. Gaurang says:

    Great points mentioned here. I would definitely keep them in mind before going for a lappy.

  12. Hari Narayan says:

    Thought of Buying a new lappy for me , and was surfing net for choosing best laptop, and finally got it! Thanks for the post kuldeep!

  13. When I’m going to buy a new laptop I always think about one thing – how long into the future it’ll actually last. I’m a Mac fan, I currently have a Macbook Pro which can last me for many years which I believe makes the purchase worth it. Of course the specifications and battery life are also things that need to be thought about.

  14. devinder (thetecnica) says:

    Loved the article and really helpful.

    i am also looking forward to buy a new laptop as soon as i earn some more bucks via my own blog.