Giveaway #1: Win Handy Backup Home Standard Version 7

Giveway iTechCodeThis is going to be first giveaway on iTechCode. We have another giveaway on the way. In this, we are giving away premium software (Handy Backup Home Standard). After that SEOPressor will be offer on the next giveaway. Isn’t it amazing!

Not only this, we will also start the third giveaway very soon in which we will offer a superb Prize…but the prize remain a secret for now! OR you can subscribe to our email list to get information about the next Giveaway.

Anyways, let’s get back to the present giveaway.


We are providing 5 license keys of Handy Backup Standard (worth $197). I will be giving this Handy Backup Home Standard 7 Version to 5 lucky winners.

This contest will be running from May 25, 2012 through to May 31, 2012 and the winner will be announced on this blog on 1st June 2012.

General Giveaway Rules:

How to Enter the Handy Backup Home Standard Contest?

1. Duration of Giveaway: 1 week, starting at Friday 25th to 31st. Winner will be decided on 1st June.

2. Winning: To Win/Enter Giveaway, a reader should follow the Rafflecopter and post a comment (Quality Comment) with email and fill the Survey (optional). Filling the survey will increase chances of winning.

The chosen winners will be contacted by e-mail; therefore, make sure that the email is valid. I will wait for only 48 hours to receive responses from the winners. If anyone does not respond within that time frame, I will have to select another winner.

About Handy Backup Standard

Searching for reliable backup software? Handy Backup Standard is a great choice for everyone who is looking for a cool backup tool with powerful features:

  •  Automatic Backup with Scheduling.
  • Backup Various Data: Files & Folders, Mail, Skype, Your Website, Media and More.
  • Backup Every Application – Including SEO tools that you’re not willing to lose.

Read more at Handy Backup Official Site

Get an Ultimate Chance to Win Handy Backup Standard for free!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Survey Questions:

1. What data loss cause would you want your backup software to prevent in the first place?

        a. Hardware malfunction or loss (God forbid laptop stealing and hard drive failures!)

        b. Virus attacks eating my data

        c. Someone deleting something valuable to me

        d. Software malfunction

        e. All that

        f. Other / What?

2. What exactly do you think deserves to be backed up?

        a. Docs

        b. Pics

        c. Videos

        d. HDD snapshots

        e. Databases

        f. Servers

       g. Email messengers

       h. Application data

       i. Other / What?

3. Like the idea of Instant availability and top security for data, stuff stored to the Cloud?

        a. Yes

        b. No

4. What’s your favorite blog besides iTechCode?

Survey Sponsor: Handy Backup, the meaningful backup software.

We hope you win, and wish you good luck!

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  1. Irfan Siddiqui
  2. Hari Narayan
  3. Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahman
  4. Koundeenya Dhulipalla
  5. Rohit Kothari

My heartiest congratulations to all of you. Thank you for participating. I expect many more participations in future.

ITC is going to organise many more Giveaways shortly. Please stay in touch. Subscribe Our Feed. Something more exciting is waiting for you. Stay in touch!


About Amit Shaw

Amit Shaw, Administrator of iTechCode.He is a 26 Year Ordinary Simple guy from West Bengal,India. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc. Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Thanks for this Giveway Amit. I did everything Followed Rafflecopter and Subscribed to your email list too.
    Here is the Survey’s Question Answer :
    1. e
    2. e
    3. a
    4. My own blog 🙂
    Hope I will win.

  2. Jafar @ Tech Trait says:

    Now I entered in!..

    There are more chances of winning !

    • Jaffar Please Read the Article then Give your Answer for Our Survey’s Question Answer. You will get high chance to win this Contest. Thanks.

      • Jafar @ Tech Trait says:

        1. ==> e. All that
        2. ==> a. Docs
        3. ==> a. Yes
        4. ==>

        Now okay? Now I am in Survey giveaway too ?

  3. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    I think i will participate in the next GiveAway for SEOPressor Plug-in. I don’t like this Handy Backup. But definitely share it to others who really need this. However, BEST OF LUCK for this GiveAway. Going for some sharing of this GiveAway. 🙂

  4. Pardeep says:

    count me in 🙂

  5. antodoms says:

    1 -> e
    2 -> e
    3 -> a
    4 -> ( I would probably Go with my Blog 😛 ##Greedy )

    I am looking forward for this Giveawy… Hope I win…:)

  6. Sai Kumar says:

    Done all the Steps and Entered….Hope i Win this Giveaway 🙂

    Survey’s Question Answer :
    1. e
    2. a
    3. a
    4. Obviously My Own Blog

  7. Thanks for the giveaway. Here are the survey answers-
    1. e
    2. e
    3. a
    4. My blog: 😛

  8. Naser @ Tech Blog says:

    Congrats for the very first giveaway Amit.

    My answers to Survey questions:

    1. b. Virus attacks eating my data
    2. e. Databases and Files
    3. a. Yes
    4. Some of my favorite blogs include Tech Tricks World, Craving Tech and. Nicks Traffic Tricks

  9. Shubham says:

    Thanks For The Giveaway Amit..and here are the survey answers,
    1. e
    2. e
    3. a
    4. My Own blog: 😀

  10. Avinash says:

    Survey Answer:
    1. f
    if you provide multiple answer for 4th question then another answer will be

  11. 1. e
    2. a
    3. a

  12. Gautham A S says:

    Good luck to all the participants!

  13. Erik Emanuelli says:

    Hi Mate, thanks for let me know about this giveaway, fantastic offer! 🙂

    I think Handy Backup Standard is a great product, must have for professional bloggers.
    It is important to not risk to lose anything of the hard work of a good site.

  14. Mushfique says:

    Great Giveaway Amit ! Here are the answers to the survey questions.

    1) E
    2) E
    3) B

  15. Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi says:

    1). E
    2). E
    3). A

    Nice giveaway! Hope for the best! 🙂

  16. Gowtham V says:

    Have participated in the Giveaway.An awesome giveaway indeed.
    Gowtham V

  17. rohit kothari says:

    wow nice give away hope able to win but really tell you that i am very much intrested in second giveaway of seo preporcessor

  18. Amandeep Singh Nagpal says:

    1. e
    2. e
    3. a
    4. My own blog 😛

    Hope i win this giveaway …

  19. Don Caprio says:

    1. B
    2. E
    3. A

    Hoping to win 😉

  20. Rahul kuntala says:

    Congrats for your first give away Amit 🙂 I’m really glad the way you’re taking your blog to the next level. We’ve to learn a lot from you, specially the way you promote the things.

    I’ll be participating in the next give away 😀 Good luck, I hope you’ll succeed with this give away.

  21. Nikolay Stoyanov says:

    1. a

    Great giveaway and I hope win 🙂

  22. Kelvin Entrepreneurs Discuss says:

    Thanks Amit for this giveaway and congratulations for taking this great step in your blog…

    My answers to the survey:

    I hope 2 be among the five lucky winners…

  23. Amandeep Singh Nagpal says:

    1. e
    2. e
    3. a
    4. My own blog ( http:// )

    Hope i win this giveaway …

  24. I am in dude.. thanks for this giveaway..

  25. Amal @ ActiveNerds says:

    I’ve done all the necessary steps to enter this give-away. I hope I would win. 🙂

    Survey Answers:
    1. e
    2. a
    3. a

  26. Kharim Tomlinson says:

    1. e
    2. i
    3. a
    4. and mine 🙂

  27. lokesh chauhan says:

    1. E
    2. E
    3. A
    4. http:// androidquark. com

  28. Jason Mathes says:

    1. e
    2. b
    3. a

    Cool giveaway man! Hope it goes well for you!

  29. Irfan Siddiqui says:

    Entering into this contest at very last moment, not sure if I get to win it.

    • Irfan Siddiqui says:

      My name on the top, OMG 😀 Entered last and came first, wow!
      Thank you so much Amit, It was lovely contest.
      Waiting for the gift now 😛

  30. Naser @ Tech Blog says:

    Congrats to all the winners. Hope to win next giveaway 🙂

  31. Novosoft says:

    Thank you Amit Shaw for a great communication and a perfect giveaway, it was a pleasure to work with you. Still more to come!

    • Amit Shaw says:

      Thanks Novosoft. Still More To Come? 😀 Always welcome. I am all time ready to conduct Giveaway 🙂

  32. Himanshu Rawat says:

    Missed That Ahhh!!