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This is guest post by Michael.

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How successful are your tweets?

I started using twitter in 2010.

But I didn’t realize how powerful it was until 2012. I could tweet whatever idea in my tiny head then.

For 12 whole months, I got 102 followers only. How pathetic.

I don’t know how good twitter has been to you, but I’m sure a lot of people are asking questions about increasing followers and driving traffic from twitter.

But I know what works now – and within 2 months, I implemented simple 3 tips, increased my followership to 550 and started getting traffic from my tweets.

I’m going to be strict here. There are several ways to increase twitter followers, but what’s the essence if your current fans don’t visit your blog.

Isn’t it better you engage the people first, then, add more targeted people to the cabinet later?

If you’re with me, here are 3 simple ways to attract targeted traffic to your blog using twitter:

1.     Don’t be desperate

Do you know why people make mistakes and hinder their growths? It’s desperation. When I first came to twitter, I thought sharing news stories and blog posts would bring thousands of traffic and engagement to my site.

But I was wrong. Take away desperation from your marketing, no matter the platform you’re using.

When you’re desperate to drive traffic now, now, now, you will fall prey of writer’s block continually – no tweetable idea. You’re not supposed to share every post with followers. Only posts that can help and provoke them to action are necessary.

Desperate people even post get-rich-quick affiliate offers, with the hope of earning decent commissions. What a pity!

2.     Don’t discourage followers

A lot of people who market on twitter don’t even know how the followers react to tweets. You see, you’ve to be very careful with the message you pass across.

Twitter is a great platform to build your brand, but it can as well destroy your business if you tweet spam and junk messages.

You’ve to avoid some words which don’t show credibility or value. Never include “Buy Now” or “Win Now” on your tweets.

It’s similar to spam in email marketing. And for goodness sake, twitter isn’t meant for direct selling, it’s a marketing system which can be used to channel prospects to a particular page.

Successful bloggers don’t sell at twitter, they simply network and engage followers – you should do likewise.

3.     Don’t tweet blindly

The worst mistake bloggers make on twitter is to tweet blindly. If you shared a quality post with followers by 12.30pm, how did you know that your followers were logged then?

Oftentimes, we forget that time varies at different countries and continents. For instance, the time in United States of America right now is quite different from that of Africa or Asia.

Before you tweet a post or event, be sure of who is getting it and when. So, how do you know when they’re logged on?

You’ve to study, test and conduct a survey. Whatever strategy you’re using to get data from followers, be serious about it.

When I discovered that my followers are often logged in by 3.00pm, the number of retweets I get increased. Targeted traffic and sales also increased. That’s the beauty of ‘knowing.’

Take this home

Shh…tell no one what you just read. Log in to your account and ask a simple question. If you’ve attained a level of trust prior to this time, you’ll get comments and response.

Whatever data you get from followers are priceless – invest into it and begin to reap the rewards of twitter. And if you want to grow your blog’s traffic and income, click here!

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  1. I dint knew that timing of the tweet matters…but in last few days i have seen posts that have emphasised on the time of the tweet.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Sure, timing is important. That’s where quality research should come in.

  2. Yes, time of tweeting is very important. Most valuable content should be tweeted at least twice a day, at different time…
    BR, Chris

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Twice a week Chris, at the right time.

      • I tweet some important things twice a day – for EU and for USA 🙂
        And what does it mean right time for you – I want to be noticed in EU, USA, India, Australia and Canada 😉

  3. Kelvin Wealth says:

    Thanks Michael for sharing this…

    I must say I almost got frustrated because of twitter at a time… I felt it was too boring and I was not even getting followers like I expected… I kept tweeting and tweeting until I felt I was tweeting rubbish and so no one wants to follow me… I stopped for a while yet no followers. Until I began to understand how to use twitter and right now I have over 300 followers in 3 months…

    I agree with your point about timing. It’s very important you understand that your target audience might be in different time zone so you must know when to tweet and when not to….


    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Hey Kelvin, I’m so glad you’re reaping the great benefits of twitter. Keep rocking the twitter world – you’re a success.

  4. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    Yeah, Twitter is not working for me properly. Not such followers. I think I have to follow your steps. May be it’ll work.

  5. I think Twitter can be a big traffic source of our blog if we do it in right way.
    Not only tweeting your blog posts can bring a traffic your blog posts. You have to retweet others tweets in order to build relationship and friendship with your followers.

    Becoming a better Twitter member is the first step of using Twitter, Thanks for the post Michael.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      What else can I say Ehsan?
      “Becoming a better twitter member is the first step of using Twitter. Marketing is more of a lifestyle, than a tactic.

  6. OnlineIncomeTeacher says:

    Twitter is such a great place to meet and connect like minded individuals. Someone once described it as being like a pub, filled with interesting people having a conversation. I think that’s a great way to look at it.

    The best way to grow a following is to get involved. Yes, tweet a link to your latest post, but don’t just talk about yourself! ReTweet other people’s links, thank people for following you, tell people you found their site useful, answer people’s questions, ask people questions, etc. Twitter is a social site, so be social!

    This can be daunting when you first start out on Twitter, but as you gain confidence (and a following) you will find it easier. Just be yourself and interact with people! (You can interact with me on Twitter ‘@matt_oit’ )

    Great post Michael!

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Twitter is a powerful marketing system, but we must use it properly. Thanks for your concise contribution.

  7. Romy Singh @GeekyWriter says:

    Hello Michael,

    From my twitter experience I think using Timely (and having focused tweets) is the way to be successful on Twitter. Otherwise Twitter can be as addictive as chocolate chip cookies. (My true addiction-you really can’t have just one.)

  8. Twitter is an interesting place indeed. The more blog posts I come across the more I hear people talking about twitter.

    I think there are some great things that can be gained from twitter. Building a loyal following is one of them. I have recently found that people will gladly retweet for me when I do things for them.

    This is probably the most important thing. Help others get what they want and then you can get more of what you want. It is an important lesson that we should not forget.

  9. Kharim Tomlinson says:

    Twitter is one of the best places to get free and also targeted traffic to your blog. I love using twitter and I don’t tweet every hour to scare away my followers.

    I also use a wordpress plugin which tweets my blog posts for me. It’s called tweet old post.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Yes, I know the plugin you’re talking about – tweet old post is the name and it works so well. Thank you Kharim for sharing your Twitter experience with us.

  10. Andi the Minion says:

    Great tips, but if you are not careful can Twitter not rob you of a lot of important time? Talking and interacting can be time consuming which distracts from writing blog posts. It has to be a happy balance, do you not agree?

  11. rakesh kumar says:

    I think time and quality of your tweet matters a lots. Here you can retweet the tweets of another. But the idea must remain in your mind – your niche.