Traffic Generation Tactics That Offer Lots Of Payback

Traffic is the key to success in online business. It is crucial for a business blog. It is well known that most of the bloggers are aware of the importance of content, relationships and promotions to generate traffic.

Regardless of the priority that you count for your blog, let us explore ways to generate traffic from all corners which in turn will reap many benefits to you.

As blogs evolve over a period of time, you should have enough patience to reap the benefits of applying all the worthy tactics to generate traffic to your blog.

traffic-generationBlog commenting

Posting comments on other relevant blog posts is a great way to establish relationship with bloggers and the audience.

By posting useful comments you can generate interest in the audience. There are chances that the audience would like to read your comment as well with every new post released by the blogger.

Undoubtedly, you are required to spend a considerable period of time in understanding the views presented in the post before posting a valid comment.

Your insightful comment will give you returns in many ways. While posting comments you can be selective in choosing blogs that implement CommentLuv for receiving comments.

The advantage with CommentLuv is that you as you post a comment, a link back to your recent blog post will be included automatically. In this way, you will be able to attract new visitors to your blog.

You can also choose blogs that follow you and you too can ensure that you follow those blogs. This process will take time, but you are on the sure path of success.

You should also interact with visitors who post comments on your blog posts. By replying comments, you will be able to recognize them and readers will be alighted to hear from you. They will get encouragement to post replies on a regular basis.

But do note that blog commenting cannot be relied as a major or a sole traffic source. You have to spend quite some time in commenting on other blogs (which means you have to read a lot of blog posts). And, you have to be consistent in doing this.

This may not work for everyone as a great traffic source. But blog commenting is surely a source of good traffic.

Call to action

It is very important that you should include text in the content that encourages users to give their feedback. You can ask your readers what kind of stuff they would be interested, how to improve your blog, what are their choice of topics, etc.

If you are offering a free email newsletter, you can ask them to subscribe to the same. You can also encourage them to pass on the blog post’s link to their network of friends. Your posts will become viral if the power of social networks is triggered in the right direction.

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You should be able manage your reputation as well when you face unfavorable situation from some readers who might not have been impressed with your stuff.

Ask and you will receive; it’s that simple.

Guest posting

Guest blogging is a great way to generate traffic to your site. While choosing blogs for guest posting, you should select blogs which have good reputation, page rank higher than your site and a decent traffic.

You should also select blogs that you are relevant to your niche. You can also look into the blogs and their geographic presence which will help you target in the right direction.

As your content will be exposed to a variety of quality audience, you should be able to present quality content to the audience.

Before submitting a blog post, you are advised to go through a few of the blog posts to estimate the level of standard the blog demands and to understand the presentation style. You will be able to adapt the post as per the blog’s tradition.

In order to impress the audience, you are required to present well researched and fact filled post. You should be able to demonstrate the authority on the subject and at the same time, the content should be simple and lucid.

The benefits through guest blogging are quite impressive. You will generate the necessary heat by attracting visitors from all corners. You are likely to get content generation deals as well from other bloggers.

Writing killer content

It all starts with quality content creation; it is one of the most vital things in blog promotion and thus to generate traffic. Regardless of the numerous arrangements you make to promote your blog, if you fail to present well organized and interesting content, all your efforts will be futile.

Hence, you should be able to satisfy the new as well as regular visitors by presenting ever new and refreshing content. This is especially for a business blog.

You should be able to know the concerns of your regular readers and should be able satisfy their aspirations.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I like your points. As far as I am concerned, Guest posting and social media are the great way to expose your blog content and to drive traffic to your blog.

  2. Jane – great ideas.
    Killer content is very important, but traffc (IMHO) is even more important. So we should concern not only on quality content, but also on quality links 😉
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Points are Worth to Implement. Social Media Share is very important to boost your traffic. Thanks for it.

  4. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Great tips Jane. Guest blogging and commenting on other blogs works great for me.

  5. Arbaz Khan says:

    Great tips Jane.
    Blog commenting and guest blogging has worked great for me. It has helped me getting some nice traffic to my blog. But I would like to mention Web 2.0 properties here. Using Squidoo and HubPages can also give your traffic stats a vital boost. They rand higher on search engines and can even provide you with relevant backlinks.

  6. Blog commenting really worked for me, although I haven’t tried guest posting. Maybe if I get some free time I could write on other reputable websites as well.

  7. I would add that while we should also focus on retaining the readers to our sites !

  8. rakesh kumar says:

    You forget to mention one thing- Share your article on popular social networking sites.

    • i agree with you.
      Very good. Made me chuckle.
      This is a great way to attract audience.It has thousand words and increases our credibility as the name of social networking sites.Thank you for sharing this great post with us

    • Jane | Problogging Success says:

      Thanks for the addition Rakesh 🙂 Its quite true that Social media is a great traffic generator of all times. It could be a distraction but if you have your controls, you can reap great benefits from social media. You just gotta pick the right platform that works for you. Twitter works for some while for others Facebook could work great.

  9. Hi Jane,
    As similarly again i’ll take your side. In such looking good creative.
    I love your blog. Great insights, content and inspiration. These tips are really great. Headlines must be eye catching that attract readers to visit your website or blog.
    Thanks for this information Jane hope you provide much more information about other stuffs too.

  10. Blog commenting and guest posting are best ways to generate traffic from other blog thus it results in stealing the readers from others but it will only works if we produce killer content.

  11. Hello, Blog commenting and forum posting is really good technique to increase the website traffic along with website content not only the getting the back-links. So natural links are necessary along with unique content. In this way, your article is very helpful for us. A lot of thanks for sharing this.

  12. Shalu Sharma says:

    Great tips Jane. Commenting does work. If commenting is combined with answering and asking then it goes an extra mile. Guest posting especially on popular sites within your niches will do wonders for your site. Not only will you be able to generate traffic but also build your own brand. I was wondering what your thoughts was on article marketing, does it still work?

  13. Philip A. says:

    Having a targeted and loyal audience is vital for the success of a blog.
    For my blog promoting I started with article marketing in Article Directories, then moved to guest posting which is very time consuming, and I kinda felt sorry for some great content I would have added to my own blog which is fairly new….no I’m commenting on blogs and forums, and personally I think you can reach more people through commenting, I feel it’s more personal this way
    Thanks for posting this information and sharing it with everyone, cheers to you.


  14. Agree with Tarun above. Social media is treasure for traffic reason but we have to be careful or we get trashed as spammers. What’s the best platform of social media? It’s a bit hard to answer but the best bet is to evaluate our traffic profiles. Based on my GA result facebook is the best for my blog with 7% of my monthly visitors came from there.

  15. Raj kumar says:

    Hi Jane, this tips are really helpful for generating traffic. I too follow some of these……….

  16. Rajesh Jhamb says:

    Nice tips about getting high traffic from these tactics.
    according SEO 2013, if we share our articles on some social media like facebook, Twitter, G plus. Then we can get huge traffic via refferal or it will improve our SEO too.
    Some social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest are also useful.
    Thanks for useful review mam

  17. Gautham says:

    Another brilliant article by Jane, I think that I got most of my regular readers through blog commenting. I am sure many other bloggers have also experienced the same.

  18. Ravi Verma says:

    Hi Jane !!!
    I am completely agree with your points. Most of bloggers may do guest posting and Blog commenting. But for a Business Blog, its very very important to have a good call to action. This is the most important thing that most of blogger fails to do.

    Beside this, also the content of the blog matters a lot. After all its the content which may improve the CTA.
    By the way thanks for the article 🙂

  19. Hi Jane,
    Nice sharing. Traffic Generation is the only way to get success for online business. Traffic Generation is the only motive of SEO. Social Media, Social Networks, Blog Comments, Guest Blogging and Killer content writing are the very important ways to get traffic. And also we can do ad posting, directory submission, article writing, press release….etc. Thanks for this nice article. It is very interesting and informative too.

  20. devinder says:

    The points you mentioned in the post are effective but hard to implement. I tried blog commenting but it requires a lot of effort, Guest posting is awesome way to get more eyeballs but you need to have a great sense of writing otherwise it becomes really difficult to get accepted on higher authority blogs.