7 Steps To Make $500+ Monthly From Content Marketing

Would you like to make at least $500 every single month?     make money $500

Well, this post is going to show you the 7 steps to get started. No fluffs, it’s brief and doable.

You should pause whatever you’re doing right now and read this. Yes, baby!

If you’re a blogger or writer, you know that money can be a source of motivation.

When I wasn’t making any money from my blog, I was about giving up, but a friend said something to me.

“Michael, why don’t you promote affiliate offers, using content marketing?”

Guess what? I actually did, and it was as if the door of success was opened.

Money started rolling in like a broken ATM. And I want to share my 7 steps with you. Do you want to write your way to BIG money online? Visit content marketing blog.

That’s the overview. Let’s eat the real meat. Ready…?

1.      Step one: Mind your business

I’m convinced that 88% of bloggers are wasting their precious times on social media networks.

My concern is, what exactly are we doing with all the noise? Sure, social media marketing can be effective, when you understand the pros and cons. Apart from that, it’s a time waster.

If you want to make $500+ monthly with affiliate marketing, you’ve to put your endless social media meeting on hold. It’s high time you mind your business.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are owned by individuals like you. When are you going to build a resource, a product that solves a specific problem?

But I’m not against twitter, after all I’ve 564 followers who always retweet and enjoy my contents. Use these networks if you’re ready to learn the tenets, or build relationships before selling to them. But for now, just mind your business. Period!

2.      Step two: Select a hot affiliate product

Our goal is to make $500+ monthly from affiliate marketing. Believe me; it’s going to be hard work on your part.

You’ll start by selecting a hot affiliate product. Rather than select a “hard core” make money product, I’d prefer you go for blogging blueprints or membership site.

75% of your audience already has a faceoff with ‘make money e-books and programs.’ There are other hot and helpful products from credible bloggers.

Make sure the commission is good enough. At least you could earn $20 – $50 per sale. Anything less than this, might not cut in.

3.      Step Three: Create a landing page

The purpose of creating a landing page is to capture email leads. The last time you were promoting an e-book, software or a membership site, did you try to sell to a stranger or a reader who just visits your blog?

I’m sure you’ve done that. You’d agree with me that’s it’s the most difficult thing to do. Sure, if the product is that good, and the reader is desperately looking for quick answers, you could make instant sale. But it’s on rare cases.

Take the easy route. Create a landing page; give away a free valuable report. Capture reader’s email address and name (for personalization) and then do something about it.

4.      Step Four: Write epic content

In this challenge, you want to make $500+ monthly using content marketing. It means you’ve to write epic contents to serve the audience. Guest blogging is the only way I’ve seen to generate instant traffic, which usually converts.

Guest blogging has grown my blog from 53 email subscribers to over 1372 in 5 months. So, how do you write this epic posts? I just wrote a detailed post on how to write epic shit. Read epic shit now.

5.     Step Five: Send out 7 days email course

If you can publish 5 – 10 guest posts weekly, and send the traffic to your landing page, you’d have built a list of 100 – 300 by the end of the week. Hmm, it’s not a guarantee, but you get my point.

You may not realize the potentials of landing a guest post on a popular blog like Bloggingtips.com or problogger.net, which can send over 200 visitors each to your blog immediately.

On your resource box (author bio), link to your landing page twice to capture email leads. Don’t worry about your blog pages. You’ll refer subscribers to your blog later on.

Now, set up an autoresponder account. Schedule a 7-day email course to educate your subscribers about the product you want to sell.

But don’t sell a thing during the e-course training. But arouse curiosity. Create anticipation with your words.

Always tell your subscribers that you’ll send the best product that can help their business. Make them look forward to it. It’s magical, really!

6.      Step Six: Pause for 5 days, send an affiliate offer

Don’t complain yet, it’s time to make some money. By now, your subscribers already know you and what you’re worth.

The quality e-course trainings you sent to their inbox have been fantastic. You didn’t ask for a dime, but naturally, they want to reward you. They want to reciprocate the love. They want to buy from you.

So, should you send the affiliate product you’re selling on the 8th day? NO, NO, NO!

Don’t do that yet. Hold on for 5 days. Don’t even send a single email to remind them. Just after the 7-day training. Pretend as if you’ve forgotten about your list. Guess what you’re doing?

You’re building up anticipation. Your readers are probably looking forward to the product. They can’t wait to pay with their credit cards.

7.      Step Seven: Email the long-awaited affiliate offer

All right, on the fifth day, you can email the affiliate offer to your subscribers. You should get the newsletter email ready before that day. This would calm your soul, and prepare you for success.

Nothing fancy about the email. Say a few things about the product and introduce a single call to action link. A link that says, “Click here to visit site” or “download your copy here” is powerful enough to get massive clicks and sales.

Make sure the affiliate offer has a professional copy. Don’t be tempted to promote get-rich-quick schemes. If I were you, I’d focus on recurring affiliate programs, so that I can earn monthly commissions from the same customers I referred today.

So, can you make $500?

I can imagine the thoughts flowing through your mind right now. You truly want to make money online, as a blogger, but probably don’t know if this is right for you. But why don’t you try it? It’s all boils down to action.

There are no secrets to making money online – just action and confidence. Do you want to develop confidence as a writer or blogger, see this!

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About Michael Chibuzor

Michael Chibuzor is a Freelance content writer. He's helped over 150 small and mid-sized businesses to generate leads, increase sales and grow an online business. Get in touch with him at contentmarketingup.com


  1. Mairaj Pirzada says:

    Hey Michael,
    Not a bad way for bloggers especially like me. Bloggers, I see, are wanted to earn! ONLY earn.. They think that getting a Google AdSense account will be their success key, they run after using worst tricks to get adsense account, and finally they end up with the result NOTHING!! They’re now sad, wanting to make money!
    I’ve been such a guy too!! But, now focusing on writing better is my passion and mission. The more better I’ll write, the faster I’ll write!
    And without knowing writing content, content marketing cannot be done by anyone! And, same problem is here with NEWBIES.. They don’t know How to write better, and give up blogging just because they’re running after money only.

    Final: Most don’t know, where to start!, and this main point you didn’t mention, that first make yourself a better writer! or, you’re not there with Content Marketing, if one don’t know how to write content, how he/she can market it?

    [ Just my own opinion, I think almost every newbie are unaware of the fact what makes them better writing? but they do useless thing ].

    • Agreed !

      Blogging starts from a better writer, if you are writing better, with patience and persistence nothing can stop you from getting successful.

      • Mairaj Pirzada says:

        No.. I’m not agree with you..
        Writing Quality Content, make readers stick to your blog and for search engine bots, you’ve to optimize. This will gain you traffic from search engines.
        And Writing Quality Content with a Good Consistency only is never enough (in my point of view). Promoting Content is a must, and Optimizing it for search engine bots too, or you’ll be writing just to write better, you’ll have no TRAFFIC without promotion and optimization, except the traffic you’ll gain through your friends & family members whom you’ve told about your blog.

        I think, writing on a good consistency, promoting and optimizing is ENOUGH!!
        [Keep in mind that I THINK that I’m not sure that’s True]. Thanks for your support by the way.

        • I was talking it response to what you just said and not in general, you don’t have to explain all this to me. I know that much dude.

  2. Hey Michael,
    I must appreciate your post. These steps that you have highlighted are really very important. I like the sixth step of pausing for a time and then sending a letter to the affiliate offers. I think this really works. Thanks for the share!!

  3. Probably this is one of the best tips for affiliate marketing which I had read so far, Michael.

    I had been following your guest post over at JohnChow, Problogger and some other sites that I can’t recall.

    The thing I really like about this post is from step 5 onwards where I think this is something that I can’t find on other affiliate marketing tips blog.

    Looking forward to read more from you.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Yes, I’ve read a lot of your comments on my guest posts. I’m grateful for your time and contribution. It gives me so much joy to know that people like my work. Keep the flag flying – your success is sure.

  4. Rudraksh Pathak says:

    Hey Michael,
    Your tips sounds good. Well Affiliate products are good but some time they are not worth enough. I still love to make money by Adsense.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      I appreciate your guest post Pathak. It’s important we consider other ways to make money with our blogs, but affiliate marketing is easier. IMHO!

  5. Micheal, you’ve explained step by step tutorial of what to do with affiliate marketing and what not, as per your words, we’re wasting our valuable time on social medias instead of thinking creative ideas for making money.

    Thanking you for a wonderful article.

  6. Naser @ Tech Blazes says:

    Hi Michael,

    I also promoted some amazon affiliate product on my Tech Site but after 3 months, I have removed it as the commissions is too low and it took me too long to reach minimum payout. Searching other affiliate programs now.

  7. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Hello Michael, I like your idea on making $500 a month. By following this method everyone can make not only $500 a month, but more than that. But I wanna point out here that I’ve always seen that you’re against social media. I’ve also read your interview at Chadrack’s blog where you mentioned a lot of great tips.

    I know that guest blogging is great and you got success with it, but do you really think that social media sucks?

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      It’s good to have you here Ehsan. Of course not, I’m not against social media. In fact, it can be a great way to get more traffic. But my concern is how much effort people put into it, and the time wasting it breeds. Bloggers should learn how social media works. It doesn’t bring overnight results, but guest posting can yield better results, when properly approached. Don’t you think so?

      Don’t get me wrong, social media doesn’t suck, but wasting time with the hope of hitting it BIG one day, SUCKS!

      • Ehsan Ullah says:

        Yeah, I got your points on this Michael and I think you’re absolutely right. A lot of Bloggers wasting a lot of their time on social media sites, especially Facebook (including me).

        It will be great if they spend those time on the growth of their own blog and by guest blogging. I’m going to leave social media soon and I’ve even written a blog post on this topic where I discussed on treating our own blog like a social networking blog.
        Ehsan U.

        • Michael Chibuzor says:

          I think you’ve a great blogging strategy. I hope bloggers understand and treat their blogs like social networking blog. Thanks a bunch!

  8. It’s a tough route to get to that point, but while I might be envisioning a different route, I agree with your main principle – Focus.

    I think too many people expect things to magically happen on the web and suddenly have money appearing in their pockets. Maybe there was a time like that in the past, but if you want to make money from content marketing, you need focus and a responsive audience.

  9. Great post Michael, People should know it takes hard work to earn money in any field but its not really a lot of hard work in blogging and IM, just working smart. Capturing Email Leads is the most important point in my opinion, Once you have email leads, that’s work half done.

  10. Andi the Minion says:

    Hi Michael, 5 to 10 guest posts is quite an achievement, not the writing but getting sites to take them, sites that are worth guest writing for at least. Still I love the post and the idea, I haven’t yet got a huge list of sites that I write for but I do guest on several regularly. I believe for every own post you write there should be at least 2 guest ones written, more if possible so yes I agree with your guest posting for traffic method.

  11. Hi Michael,
    Nice article, this article will help newbies to earn from blogging.

  12. Hey Michael .. You have written real a good article but it would have been better if you had given some examples like which afflicate marketing to use and an example of landing page.
    This article helped me a little, but I wonder if I earn 500$ from content marketing 🙁
    Anyways Thanks for a good article

  13. Joseph Adediji says:

    Great post Michael,
    affiliate marketing really rocks! thanks for sharing your method with us, i will surely give it a try.