Social Media Roadmap: Getting It Together

If your savviest marketing members are still prioritizing traditional media campaigns (print, radio, television, etc…) while your newest staffer, a recent college graduate, is handling the online ads, it’s time to reconsider your approach to marketing. Even if your business doesn’t have a marketing team, it’s definitely time to steer your resources toward building a social media roadmap, one of the most essential ways to market your products or services online. Not only is a social media campaign effective, it’s cost-effective—far more than traditional media campaigns.

Social Media Roadmap

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Set Marketing Goals

As with any marketing campaign, goal-setting should be part of your plan. Begin with research. Tell your team that 75.6 percent of the U.S. population (239 million people) are internet users; Facebook expects to see itself reach 900 million users this year. Unless you’re running ads during the Superbowl or the Olympics, do you think you have the potential to reach this many people? One of your first goals should be to set up profiles on the major social media networks—Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc…Then, establish a routine for checking in to these sites to frequently to update statuses, product information, events, etc…It helps to extend your company’s reach by extending your network with goals that support growth, which is an important step toward growing your clientele base.

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Create Profiles that Enhance Your Brand

To use social media sites effectively, it’s important to create an appealing profile that supports brand recognition. Your profile is like a perpetual commercial for your company. When people click into your profile, what to you want them to see and know about your company? You don’t want to provide dense information or viewers are likely to shy away from an intense read. Yet, you should include essential information about who you are and what you do. Once you successfully create your informational page, you might consider adding photos of your company and products. Be sure to use your company logo as your main profile picture in order to build on brand recognition.

Be Socially Savvy

Once you have your profile together and you begin to build your social media network, you’ll need to establish an effective means to communicate with this group. Vary your messages so that people won’t begin to tune you out. Posting repeated updates even on a daily basis is fine so long as you share information that is relevant to your readers. Ideas for status updates include sale information, company changes, introductions to staff, product reviews, useful consumer statistics, etc…The key point to remember is to remain tuned in to your network by posting regularly.

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More Communication Tips

You can also stay on your network’s attention radar by posting pictures, videos, or even useful tutorials. Blogging has become more and more important as companies try to boost their online presence and increase their rankings. Your company might assign a blog to a talented writer on your staff or you might even consider a sharing the blog among many staff members.

Monitor Your Marketing Efforts

Fortunately, many websites make monitoring your profile quite easy. Facebook Insights, for example, allows you to see daily and monthly statistics of how many people view your page and interact with your posted information. You can easily export this important marketing data into your own spreadsheets. You can also learn the demographics of your network in order to see both your strong and weak areas when it comes to marketing.

By developing a social media roadmap, you can navigate between all the major sites and seamlessly grow your networks by communicating effectively on a regular basis. Since social media sites are free, you also have a cost-effective avenue to literally reach millions of people. Of course, it takes time to build your network, but these sites offer the possibility to directly communicate with a large audience far more cheaply than other media forms. Discuss your ideas with your staff and begin to move toward a prioritized social media marketing campaign.

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  1. Romy Singh says:

    Hello Peter,

    Quite interesting Roadmap. My social media Roadmap is be Intresting, Be consistent, And Care about people. 🙂 But now going to make some edits after reading this. 🙂

    Thanks for the share. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment Romy, I am glad that you found it helpfull…

  3. Rudraksh Pathak says:

    Hey Peter
    Amazed to see your Social media road map. Being Socially Savvy is one of the most important part in blogging. Thanks for Sharing mate. =D

  4. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Hey Peter,
    This a great social media round map for everyone. By following this rules everyone who didn’t set up a social media round map yet can set it up in an awesome way.

    Thanks for this.

  5. When it comes to social media, we can benefit from it by hanging with customers. We need to follow many strategies to update our services with clients. Good eye catchy profile with enough information about our company would help to customers to understand about us.

    So they can easily contact about our services and products instead of asking more details about our services.

  6. Road Map is very important in getting your goals. There are more things to consider in doing social media. It is building yourself and influence others about you, what is your mission and objectives. As a follower it is really good to follow a good leader that is why I agree about the road map.

  7. Gautham Nekkanti says:

    Hi Peter,
    I never had a clear roadmap or blueprint planned out for my social media. Now since i’ve read this, i will try to plan it out smartly

    • Peter Nevis says:

      Thanks for your comment Gautham, I am sure you will plan your social media campaign smartly 🙂

  8. Aditi Datta says:

    Hey Peter,
    I must say that this social media roadmap is just great. I find it interesting. Yes, I agree that it is the best way to market your product or services online and I find it in your post that it is cost-effective too. That’s good. Thanks for this important update.

  9. Good Road Map for Social Media, I must say.
    Social Media is one of the important online marketing tool now a days to get online success, many businesses, create their fanpages, profiles on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,g+ etc. This is one of the ways to keep in touch to your customers all round the globe, by creating a profile on Facebook(one that gets more visitors than others), one can connect to the people in just no time, they can invite suggestions from the public about the improvement in product or even can get response from the public about their demand with the company in relation to launching of a new product or even improving the existing ones. Social Media is gaining importance in today’s world as it is the most visitor generating site.
    Thanks for useful information, good post.

  10. Awesome post! Social media Roadmap is very helpful to reach your destination. We need to follow many strategies to update our services with clients. Yes, I agree that it is the best way to market your product or services online. Well Thanks for sharing this post.

  11. Anchit Shethia says:

    I just registered a new brandable domain name.
    What should I do if social media name is not available for registration? My brand name for social media is gone.