2 Misunderstandings About Alexa That You Have!

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Unlike most Alexa hunters, I won’t be giving you any tips to improve Alexa ranking of your blog or site but here’s something that I really want all my fellow-bloggers and YOU to know exactly about Alexa!

Alexa ranks sites based on tracking information of users of its Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox and from their extension for Chrome. – Wikipedia

Alexa is trusted by lots of sites and have a great respect in the blogosphere too. People (maybe you’re one among them) worry about their blog’s Alexa ranking, that’s something that they never should. I’ll mention reasons right after a bit in the post additionally an advice for YOU.

I’ve seen people are quite greedy for a good Alexa rank and PageRank like there’s none more important than them. What a great thing they do. They’re worrying about their rankings instead of their readers’ needs. Even, if they’d have published only a few posts and now running after ranking. Aren’t they going awesome?

Actually, I’ve been noticing a great number of posts where same and same again duplicate tips for Alexa improvement are shared. And you know what? People read them having a great interest as it’s a secret can be used to make millions of dollars an hour. However, I had never been interested in reading them because my blog’s ranking have been already good enough. But I did read them though for more better improvement.

As it is said, “we must thank for things we have”. But unfortunately, humans’ nature doesn’t include that bright quality of thanking, appreciating and being proud to have those particular things. Same quality was being lacked in me. I didn’t thank for good Alexa but tried for even more good ;-).

So shouldn’t you care of Alexa??

If you’ve an authority blog with good audience, you’re good. Take care of rankings if needed. It decides the # of dollars and advertisers for your blog. If you don’t have an authority blog. Build it first, grab readers and care of ranking later.

Alexa confuses!

What do you think, what affects your ranking? Is it traffic?

NO! But, most folks think it plays a role in having a good ranking. I’m totally against them. Certainly they’d have said this lie without testing it out themselves. And I guess, they even are unaware of the fact and the lie they’ve just put out on the web. Hate such guys, who speak without testing their belief. Believe it or neglect, I’ve been to such sites which have a great traffic. Great mean big = with millions visits (sometimes), but their Alexa is quite unexpected.

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Also there are those among us who even don’t have 100 visits a day but alexa is rocking aside the traffic proving that traffic doesn’t affect Alexa. Traffic really doesn’t affect our rankings but it is just a factor, Alexa considers to know about performance of our sites whether how many percentage it’s up or down and state it on site info page (you know where I’m referring to).

My own Experiment

I’ve been blogging on my primary blog since this June, 2nd. And had published 50 posts with crappy content in them all. Ashamed of it. When I got to know my main goal, I prepared an awesome strategy for success in blogosphere. I decided to get rid of poor posts in first place. Thus, few but quite surprising facts / misunderstandings were discovered to me, I’m mentioning them all here;

#1 Does Updating Blog Regularly Affect?

When my was blog started, I had been preferring publishing post on a daily basis like other new bloggers. There were times, when I used to publish 3 posts a day! OH. Those were my worst mistakes. You must avoid it but don’t avoid if your niche is tech or news anything where publishing updates is necessary.

I don’t say it doesn’t help ranking low but it really is a good practice to get little improvement. Updating blog regularly still works but to me from my experiment that I did, I couldn’t find any effect of not updating blog.

Over 27 posts were deleted one or more than one days before PageRank update of August, 2nd. Received a gift of PR 3 from google when PR updated. I don’t say it’s because of deletion. Because of removal of crappy content etc. Possibly, Google didn’t know this worth doing act.

Now are those days when I publish very less, weekly. But didn’t notice even a single downfall by preventing daily posting schedule. Surprised?

Possibly, you may criticize what I’ve written but that’s all what I’ve seen through practical acts. Believe or not.

#2 Traffic doesn’t affect

I’m saying things accordingly to my experience that I got when taking those above mentioned awesome decisions. Traffic was vanished almost, though it didn’t affect Alexa in any way. I got to know, traffic doesn’t affect our Alexa rankings. Right now, I’ve almost zero or NO traffic and ranking is going better still, no downfall noticed ;-).

Even, now It’s about 50K while traffic is just in condition of not to reveal.

Also I got to know about a blog which receives Ten million (10,000,000) visits per month but blog’s ranking is lower than a blog with visits less than 100 visits. That’s true.

I want you to…

Working naturally (=honestly) is the way to get succeed in blogging, in getting good rank, in achieving good PR and everything else. Why do you blog? Ah, for money? for readers? or like me for fame? I’m aware of most answers. However, you never can be succeed without working hard on right things.

No, even you work hard for years, you can’t accomplish the right thing that you’re here for. Hard working isn’t the key of success, but working hard on right things is right advice for everyone. Hard working on wrong things like tricking, hacking etc. is just a waste of time, efforts and your brain. I know there’s no goal can be accomplished without working hard but more importantly that hard work must be on right things. You worked hard, doesn’t mean you must accomplish. But, making the same hard work on things where it is needed is something most important.

What am I trying to convey? Just few lines to make it concise;

Hard work isn’t a quality that can take place on right things only. But it can also be a part of tricks, illegal things, cheating like wrong deeds. Working hard is easy, but it is hard to make it happen on right things.

Don’t blog for money or anything wrong, but do it for even bright goals. Blog for readers, show your love to readers. Try to get touched by more and more readers. Show the world, who you’re? A blog really doesn’t matter that doesn’t generate money.


Wrong! A blog’s success can be identified by the # of readers it has, it’s true work, natural work and fame in the industry not even by traffic it receives or comments it receives. Not by the # of dollar it earns. Not by its ranking, as rank can also be achieved by tricks. Yes, impossible is nothing.

Money will be generated once it adds value, is worth reading, worth indexing etc. I know, here are most sowing money in their minds only as they are unaware of the main thing that can get them money. That’s work naturally.

Google PageRank (PR) matters…

PageRank PR = Respect of a particular blog according to Google. I think.

It matters a lot, it’s one of 200 Algorithms of Google, that work to rank web pages in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). The better PR a blog has, better it is ranked in SERP. Really, it’s never a hard task to achieve a Good PR. How?

By working for readers, considering them as the most important asset of your blog is the secret behind having a Good PR (I guess, not sure).

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Over to you…

It’s undoubtedly up to you whether you carry my little yet awesome advice for better result or just neglect it and keep on finding ways to improve Alexa. Have anything to let me know? Drop it in the comments section below, I love hearing and knowing what do you think?

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  1. sai krishna says:

    Glad to see you again here with second guest post, In my opinion Alexa is not much important if blog owner depends on google adsense to generate revenue. But its get lot of importance if he earnings money via paid reviews, banner advertising etc. Also alexa helps to show our blog reputation. In my experience my alexa rank is improved with social sharing and active link building.

    I wonder why you got the doubt that traffic also will be a factor of Alexa ? How Alexa can track our blog traffic? But you cleared a doubt of lot of people those who thinking traffic also a factor of alexa.
    Anyway nice tips, your writing style is improving gradually, you have good career on writing field. Bye bye, will meet you soon in your next guest post 🙂

    • Mairaj Pirzada says:

      Hey Sai,
      Pleased to see your first comment on my second guest post like previous one.
      Actually, just after I got entered in 50K Alexa few of my friends were really asking me about my traffic. And how I got good alexa? I was puzzled, so thought to make a guest post on such topic.
      Also, I heard this lots of times that my traffic would be more than 5K because I’ve good alexa. This post is a message to those, who always get misconceptions about Alexa.

      BTW, Thanks for appreciation. Hope to improve writing more. (y)

  2. Really great article about alexa rank. I think you miss spelled as 27sep. Today Sept 5…
    Recently my blog traffic dropped by a great mile.. ie from 2k visitors per day to a number that i don like to share… But still my alexa rank is going strong and it is near 70 k.. Even though there is slight decrease in last 2 months…

    • Mairaj Pirzada says:

      O. I just noticed it now, sorry!
      There was to be 27 August, as recently my analytics on the day of this guest post wasn’t working so thought to add screenshot for 27 August. Thanks for your comment and notification.
      Good Luck for your blog.

  3. This happens on many blogs. Every weekend traffic falls but still Alexa raises, also those keywords shown in Alexa page are not at all accurate when compared to Google WebMaster Tools.

    • Pavan Somu says:

      Yes, most of the keyword searches doesn’t relate. Alexa can be just used to write a guest posts for a back-link 😛

      • Mairaj Pirzada says:

        Yeah, I’d be happy to say Alexa is just a bullshit ranking site, which confuses everyone that revolves around it. It gets us away from our blog advertisers too! Hate it, but love for giving me a good alexa. Thanks you both for comment. I appreciate your words.

  4. Sudeep Acharya says:

    Good post Mairaj Pirzada, you made me clear about Alexa ranking.

  5. Tauseef Alam says:

    Hi Miraj

    Really a nice & Informative article.
    According to me none of the Ranking either alexa PR or something else are reliable. It could be a signal in search engine but not the deciding factor of your website ranking. PR can be gain through link building it doesn’t matter your links are coming from high quality website or spam website. I did this experiment and obtain all my links from web directories for one of my blog which is really easy. I got a PR 2 within a month for that blog but that blog lost its ranking in SERP because all links were of low quality.

    We all know alexa rank can be increased by just installing alexa toolbar on you browser.

    Its what quality of a website matters not the Rank

  6. Varinder Pal Singh says:

    Deleting some useless content from your Blog is a great way to improve Google Ranking as Mairaj said in above lines.Nice tips Mairaj, very well written.

  7. nice post but Mairaj im still waiting for your post about the coolest tips and tricks for new bloggers to stand up in the blogging community 🙂 please share you experience with us 🙂

  8. Hey Mairaj, Quite an enlightening post 😉
    I’m sure it depends upon the number of seo related visitors to your site, as your site is seo niche, so you get targeted seo related visitors, so the alexa is low ? i may be wrong but this is what i think it is.

  9. Alexa is nothing, we can easily built it in <500K in one month either for new or old site, I recently did it for my new blog. Alexa rank is not measured by traffic as one of my client site is below 60K Alexa ranking and traffic is 5-80visits/ day and other site is over 900K Alexa and traffic is 500+visits/day.

    So if I need more conversion, we need to target the keywords and keep move in to the first page of Google.

    But Alexa rank is indeed as advertisers really approve good payout for sites if the site is less Alexa ranking.

  10. saad naeem says:

    there was a minor update on google panda may be you got hit by that , it will take a lot of time to recover from it.

  11. When I started internet marketing, I was very confused whether it really matters or not. But now I know SEO and higher rankings is the most important thing in Web world. I have you have rankings and traffic, Alexa and PR will follow you sooner or later.

    Keep sharing the good work.


  12. Hi Mairaj,
    You have given an awesome information about what Alexa really is.Most of the people have misunderstandings that they can handle the Alexa ranking but they don’t know that it depends on the traffic coming to their site and not the SEO work they have done.

  13. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    I can’t say that alexa ranking does not totally depend upon the traffic of the site but there are a few more important factors which puts affect on our alexa ranks. Claiming your site on Alexa can also boost up your traffic.

  14. Enstine Muki@EasyRetweet.com says:

    Technically, we may say all sort of things based on personal experience or simple knowledge. Alexa figures has a great influence in making money blogging (except for adsense earnings) That’s one of the things most visitors to your site check to decide whether to buy ad space, review or not. You can buy fake Twitter followers and fake Facebook likes to influence your social proof. I have not seen any possibility to buy fake alexa ranking 😉

  15. Technology How To says:

    The importance of Alexa rank depends on the nature of the site. If your site is mainly designed to earn from Adsense, the Alexa rank is minor. But if you want to sell direct advertisements, Alexa rank plays a vital role.

  16. Matt Smith says:

    Great post Mairaj!

    Totally agree that many people value their Alexa ranking higher than they probably should. Yes, it can be a good indicator to how your site is doing compared to others, but it’s not very accurate. Like you stated, traffic can go down, but Alexa ranking can go up somehow!

    I used to be more interested in my site’s Alexa ranking. Now I’m not too bothered. I find it is much more important to focus on driving actual traffic to my site and produce quality content.

  17. Santosh Mishra says:

    Alexa is a great parameter to know about your blog’s performance. You know, Alexa works like your moral booster- The boostup it shows in ranking- you become confident enough to grow further.

  18. You have share an excellent post on Alex ranking. Alexa computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources.

  19. Nishant Srivastava says:

    Great post!
    Its true it doesn’t matter how much alexa you have but if we are thinking for monetizing our blog it does matter alot, due to lack of competition in similar kind of company.

  20. Abdul @ OnlineUstaad says:

    Superb post Mairaj,

    I guess you’ve won the hearts of many bloggers in very young age. Your article about Alexa is of course worth reading .

  21. Hi Miraj! I am added with you on facebook and read your smart FB saying, quotes and posts daily. However this first time ever I am visiting your blog.

    Let really felt great honour when I reached end reading this post. What your said is actually happening to me. Like many other newbies I had “Money Factor” above all the other factors and for this I used to gauge my Alexa rank and got happy. My one friend told me earlier that Alexa doesn’t matters a lot but I ignored. But now I am feeling that he was right.

    As now i was reading this post, I was thinking as yours words actually happening to me. So now I have to give serious thought to reshape my preference from “Money” to “READERS”. Because after all customers are the KING.

  22. Dear Miraj, would you tell me what is meaning of “Authority Blog” and how it can be achieved? any posts for reading or your opinion about this?


  23. Melly Schug says:

    Yes, I agree with your thoughts here.
    I hate it when people focuses their attention on gaining good rankings than focusing to their readers, and subscribers. Why are they always doing it for Google or Alexa, why did they miss to give value to their readers which is the most important thing…
    So people must think about that.

  24. I like how you focussed on reader utility. Your ranking won’t mean much if you get no traffic and every reader dislikes your blog.

  25. Hi,
    I think that most people confuses about the Google PR and Alexa Rank. Google Page Rank shows how important your site is compared to other website while Alexa Rank is how many surfers get in relation to other sites on the Internet. Our aiming to gain a high Google PR and a low Alexa Rank. Facebook contain the Google PR= 9/10 But Alexa Rank= 2. Thanks for sharing an informative article!

  26. You are right from your view Mairaj but who will explain to advertisers? Recently I got a deal failed due to this damn Alexa. The advertiser says that he considers page rank and alexa rank but I replied that traffic is what that matters, which created problems in the deal resulting in its failure.

  27. But still Alexa rank is important when you judge about the quality of a site and its visitors. So it’s more like a natural detector of site quality.

  28. Alexa rank measures quality of your website. Sometimes people get the High PR through the optimization process but not gain the Alexa rank. Alexa is a very powerful tool used to rank web site traffic. Thank you.

    • Mairaj Pirzada says:

      One thing made me puzzled while reading your comment, that’s; how Alexa can measure our site’s quality? Answer is needed buddy!

      • Hi,
        I think that you are right , Alexa rank doesn’t measures the quality of your website while Alexa measures your site’s value (read: popularity) based on two primary items:
        1. Number of visitors to your site
        2. How many pages they visit
        Thanks for enhancing my knowledge about the Alexa rank.

        • Mairaj Pirzada says:

          Maybe you’re right or it’s also possible that Alexa is just ranking based on the number of hits from toolbar installed browsers. What do you say about it? I’d prefer not to concentrate on alexa rankings instead try to build more and more quality links only! That’s the best thing to concentrate followed by high quality content generation!

  29. Hi,
    I think that Alexa Rank ranks your site’s popularity in visitor numbers as measured by those who have used Alexa’s toolbar. Alexa Rank is important to judge the numbers of visitor or where are our website lie. Thanks.

  30. Alexa Rank, Its tells about number of visitors on your sites. and measure by those who have used the Alexa Tools. and The importance of Alexa rank depends on the nature of the site. Well Thanks for sharing about it.

  31. As a matter of fact , I loved this post . But I think you should prefer writing posts in such a way that people can skim through your posts . I mean people have very less time to spend on reading as they have official burden ( or some other kind of burden ) . You can actually save lot of time and convey your message to the readers as well …. Peace…