15 Types of SEO Tools You Should Be Using

If you are serious about making your online venture, blog or business a success, then you’re going to need to get clued up about SEO and make sure you are using the best resources available to help you. Here are 15 SEO tools and techniques you should definitely be looking to adopt:

SEO Tools

1 – Backlink Analyzer

There are several free tools that will analyze how many backlinks your webpage has, and this has a huge impact on search engine rankings so is certainly data you’re going to want.

2 – Domain Age Tool

The age of a site is quite important in Google rankings, with mature sites having more stable ranking positions. While you probably know how old your own site is it can be a good idea to check the ages of competing sites.

3 – Domain Popularity Analyzer

Another way to see how your competitors are doing and glean an edge over them is to use a domain popularity tool to see how they compare in terms of backlinks and visits.

4 – Google Pagerank

The Google Pagerank is a statistic that tells you how Google views the tested URL. Google offers a tool to reveal this for your site (and any others you want to test) as part of their toolbar, though you can also check it on Google’s tools site without installing the toolbar.

5 – Google Banned Tool

A tool is available to test whether or not a given URL is on Google’s databases. If it isn’t, chances are it has been banned by Google (this can happen for all sorts of reasons). No amount of SEO techniques will help a banned site get good rankings!

6 – Keyword Density Checkers

There are plenty of tools available which will tell you what the density of a chosen keyword is on a chosen domain, page, or set of content. This can help you check your content is within the correct margins for the keywords you want it optimized for.

7 – Keyword Suggestion Tool

There are tools that can help you work out what other good keywords would be based on the prime ones that you have chosen.

8 – Outbound Link Checker

Links to other sites, especially reputable, high volume ones like news sources, can actually help your site’s SEO. An outbound link checker will show you how many links you have to other sites (as well as internal links) and list them out to help you make sure you have made the most of the opportunity to link out to important sites.

9 – Plagiarism Checker

Test all of the SEO content you are going to use for uniqueness using a plagiarism checker such as Copyscape. Google prefers unique content.

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10 – Search Engine Ranking Reports

Search Engine Ranking Reports (often called SERPs) contain data about how well your page and site fare in the major search engines for your keywords – this can give you a good idea of how well your SEO strategy is working.

11 – Pages Indexed Analysis

Use a tool that analyzes how many pages from your site are currently indexed by the main search engines in order to check all of your pages are being picked up at the moment.

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12 – Link Popularity Checker

A link popularity tool will tell you how many sites are linking to you. While this is similar to a backlink checker, a backlink checker will find all links including those on social media sites, whereas a link popularity checker will find the sites with permanent links to yours.

13 – Google

Use Google itself to analyze your site’s SEO. Turn off any personalized settings, run advanced searches, and generally test out things you think your desired users will be doing on Google to see how easily they will currently find you.

14 – Backlink Building Tools or Services

Use automated tools or professional backlink building services to create more backlinks to your site and help you build up your SEO.

15 – Link Validator

Use an automated link checker periodically to check all of the links on your site still work.

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    They are great points and i think it will really help a lot because is a great way to generate huge traffic back to your site. thanks for sharing

  2. Manoj Rawal says:

    all these are useful and must used seo tools,
    thnx Charles for this wonderful list

  3. Aditi Datta says:

    Hi Charles,
    I must say that these tools are really very important and have their specific performance in SEO. All these tools are infact needed by a SE Optimizer. Like as you have said in your post about Google Page rank Tool or Keyword Density Checkers. These are definitely important. I like the link validator that you have said and I have never used it before. Thanks for the share!!

    • Charles Henery says:

      Yes just like you said these tools are important. The link validator can save so much time.

  4. Very nice and informative post. I think these SEO tools will better helps us to track our website position on the search engines and to enhance the overall performance of the search engine optimization techniques. Through these tools, any defect or mistake can be easily detected and make solutions to get those recovered on time.

  5. All tools presented by you are very much useful for every SEOer to keep track of everything he wants.Its all about backlinks and having knowledge of each and every thing which can make you aware about your links is the soul purpose of everyone to rank higher.

  6. PrIyAnGsHu @ WordPress Tips says:

    Hey Charles, great list of online SEO tools. I have so far used a few of them such as the Pagerank Checker, Link Checker, Plagiarism Check and a few more. Anyways, thanks for sharing this amazing list.

  7. Awesome list, Many of these tools can be replaced by SEO quake or Seo for chrome.

    • Charles Henery says:

      SEO Quake is ok but it just doesn’t have everything I need it for. Have you tried ahrefs?

  8. Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

    Great list as always Amit, I’ve been using Link Detox which I reviewed some time ago to find links that are affecting my search engine rankings, it’s a great tool, check it out some time. The plagiarism checker tool is a must have in my mind.

  9. Thats a nice post. SEO tools are really worth using because it makes SEO’s life easy. I have used tools for almost everything. Thanks for nice post.

    • Charles Henery says:

      Yes, I find that the better tools are paid but well worth it. They save me so much time in the long run.

  10. Krishna@techmero says:

    I am already known to most of these tools, these are the fantastic and I use most of them in my blog also. SEO works well with these tools 🙂 Nice post btw!

  11. The ideas and inputs here are very much complete except by citing some “actual” tools. One example is “Google Banned Tool”, the author should have cited some websites or products. This will help newbies on finding the right tool for their own websites.

    • Charles Henery says:

      Yes, that is a great tool. I haven’t used the ban tool in years. Does it still work good?

  12. Personally I’m using Majestic SEO for monitoring backlinks and SEO Moz pro for keyword research, ranking checks, I bought a quite expensive SEO suite which I’m not overly happy with

    • Charles Henery says:

      Have you ever used Raven? Their tools are very good. Link checker, serp monitor and a bunch of keyword tools. Try them if you can.

  13. Thanks Charles. It was really helpful.

  14. Charles Henery says:

    @Harish Thanks I’m glad you found it useful. 🙂

    • You’re welcome Charles . . . 🙂 I have also been using some of the tools you mentioned. Can you suggest some good free SEO tools that I can use?

  15. Hi
    Thanks for all your shared SEO tools.I think all has its individual importance in respect of SEO .Each tool has its individual charecteristic to make an website SEO optimized.

  16. Nwosu Desmond says:

    Plagiarism is a menace to bloggers and glad i have found even more options to check my guest articles for plagiarism before publishing it on my blog so i don’t hurt my SERP and myself as its been proven that most freelance writers don’t care their only interest is to gain backlinks and traffic from their articles.

  17. nice collection of SEO tools amit..