Top 3 Reasons Why Most Bloggers are Unable to Make a Living Online

The last two years have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of blogs as more and more people are inspired by the success stories of top bloggers and want to try their hands at making money online. However only a handful of them succeed in making a decent income and the others are just left behind in the race to come out on top.

In this post we will discuss the reasons for the failure of a majority of the bloggers and hopefully you will be able to learn some lessons from them as well.

Make a Living Online

1. Lack of Effort

Although everyone who dreams of making it big online starts out with a big, the initial enthusiasm soon gives way to laziness and only after a couple of months more than half of them find it difficult to motivate themselves to work hard on their dream. This generally happens because nobody expects results when starting out, however once they put in some effort in their blogs in the initial months, they expect to see overnight results. And when the results don’t appear as they had expected, they lose their motivation to continue working further and wither away as a result.

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They don’t realize that blogging is fruitful only in the long-term and that the first six months almost no results should be expected. If you read the success stories of some of the top bloggers in the world, you would realize that they too struggled in their initial days but it was their continued hard work that made them successful.

2. Lack of Promotion

Just like in the real world, if you do not advertise or promote your business, you will most likely fail to capture the attention of your customers, in the same way if bloggers do not push hard to let the world know about their blogs, they will be lost in this ever-expanding blogosphere.

A large majority of the bloggers make the mistake of just writing content, without focusing on other equally important aspects of their blog. This includes building backlinks, working on SEO and networking with other bloggers. Since their blogs are not optimized for SEO and lack the credibility in search engines, they receive little or no traffic at all, which ultimately makes them feel blogging is not their cup of tea and they quit in no time.

3. Lack of Patience

According to me this is one of the most important factors on which a bloggers’ success or failure depends. There are many bloggers who did not get their desired results even after working hard for months, yet they kept on believing in themselves and ultimately success came their way.

These are the so-called probloggers that you keep hearing about ever so often now a days. On the other hand, there are umpteenth number of bloggers who worked their heart out when they started but eventually failed as they didn’t have enough patience to wait for the results. What a wasted opportunity; they didn’t realize that they could have featured in one of the success stories themselves!

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  1. I think the first reason is also the most important reason 🙂 People aren’t consistent enough to see their success, so they quit right before they can make decent income. Sad, but true

  2. Hi Harshit,
    What a coincidence. I just share my experience in making $2000 (more) from affiliate marketing in my newest post.

    You are right, it so happen to me. Hard work (effort), Promotion and Patience (I like to call it experiment) are must have combination when you are on your ways to make money online.

    If you don’t have it, you will just feel exhausted seeing your paypal account not growing. As I said above, I’ve successfully made $2000 in 9 months! It’s not so impressive but that’s the points, be patience and never give up until you got the results.

  3. Rahul Kashyap says:

    me agree with you Patience is very important for our blogging career and our like. so keep Patience and get Success. thanks @Harshit sharing this valuable and informative post. rally i like it

  4. Manoj Rawal says:

    Nice post Harshit, I think Lack of Passion is one of the most important aspects in blogger success, our energy should be driven by passion. It is important to have passion and positive energy to achieve what you want from your blog.

    Manoj Rawal

  5. Chris Lynn says:

    Rightly said Harshit.

    many people starts thinking they can taste success on the 1’st day or week itself & loose confidence going forward & retire themselves.
    For any one to get success Patience is the key along with promotion & they should be ready to learn new things

  6. Sandeep Kumar Dan says:

    Hi, Harshit
    yes, I am talking about your second reason Lack of promotion mostly the newbie blogger who are started with a large effort but for their lack of attention around their blog promotion how to connect with their niche blogger,they are not considered about SEO and at the end they get lack of traffic then lack revenue then at last lack of interest … 🙂 Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you
    Sandeep kumar dan

  7. Shivani Arora says:

    Great Post and very helpful , valuable and informative
    Thanks for sharing


    I think the most out of it is the lack of patience because newbies think they can make things happen so fast blogging and when we are talking of blogging to succeed then patience is very important. thanks for sharing

  9. Ti Roberts says:

    All of these reasons are so true. I agree, lacking patience is one of the biggest reason bloggers fail online. I remember when I first started out 7 years ago, I had it in my mind to “get rich quick”, but I soon realize that I was living in a fairy tail.

    You have to willing to get out there and crawl through the trenches to get what you want.

    I’ve learned that building up a popular blog and a presence online takes lots of hard work and not being afraid to open your mouth and speak up! Be open to networking and reaching out to other bloggers for help – that’s one of the biggest things that’s working for me.

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. You’re right!

    Some people hear about the success stories of established bloggers and starting their own blog, after passing 3 months or so they feel earning money is not at all easy way as they need a lot of patience, hard work and execute practical ways instead writing content all the day.

    So I feel this is also a reason for people quitting from blogging.

  11. Awesome post Harshit!!
    I think that Lack of Promotion is one of the most important aspects in blogger success, our traffic should be driven by promotion. It is important to have promotion and positive traffic to achieve what you want from your blog. I believe in unique content and also less write and promote more.

  12. Hi Harshit,
    you mention 3 important points, but IMHO 3rd one is the most important. Lack of persistence is the main sin of bloggers, and I think we should fight with it.
    Thanks for sharing,

  13. Tuan @ TechWalls says:

    There’s one more point I’d like to add. They are lack of passion for their niche. We can’t do anything well without passion. I myself didn’t have any profit from my blog for years but I still continue blogging just because I love it.

    • Harshit Singhal says:

      Yes passion is absolutely necessary Tuan. The bloggers who end up quitting very soon are usually the ones that had no inclination towards writing or blogging, but just gave it a shot hoping to make some quick bucks.

  14. I always read about bloggers giving up early and I just can’t understand it. Why work so hard only to give up? Having said that, I’m kind of glad they do because it means there is slightly less competition in a crazy crowded internet.

  15. Reeja Mathews says:

    Most bloggers put ads on their blogs at the very initial state to get money quickly this makes readers to get distractions

    Good one Harshit

  16. My suggestion is to keep working till you don’t get the results. but now days What I am noticing is that so many guys start blogging with a aim to make money online from the day they start blogging which is not possible.

    There is need to have patience. never Give Up. Give your 100% wisely. be happy with small acheivements. just don’t think to get something big immediately.

  17. I know it’s trite to begin a response with, “In this economy…” but it really sheds light on the situation. People are prone to laziness and defeat regardless, but when times are tough, it’s even easier to search for a “faster” or “easier” solution. You’re right, blogging can be very rewarding – but it takes just as much work as progressing in other fields. You need to be willing to put forth both the time and effort, and you need to have faith in yourself and your abilities to accomplish what you sought out to do.

    This article gives some truly great encouragement.

  18. Harshit its my 9th month of blog and i have barely seen any result i was about to quit blogging but then for the last time i decided to sum up all the work i have done to find out what i was doing wrong , Later i
    saw that total amount of post was too low like 25 post that means i worked for only 25 days but thats another story the main thing is i came to blogging for some cash plus fun but later i understood that its not that easy to get your blog to the hike of success ..
    I started to work hard again without thinking back but still i am facing two major problem one lack of time , lack of writing skill’s i confess that i was not good at writing at school days but i think the text messaging habit spoiled my writing skill and my check spelling option is always enable because i suffer from silly spelling mistake’s , my grammar sucks .
    But i am still standing with a hope that I CAN !!! .
    My friend’s laugh on my blog post i feel ashamed while sharing but still i have a hope that someday i will be a great blogger i am not blogging for the sake of money but to prove the world I CAN !!!!
    Thanks for reading ….

    • Harshit Singhal says:

      Hi Amritpal, good to see that you are not giving up. Just hang on and keep working. It’s only a matter of time before you start generating some revenues, which will further motivate you to continue blogging.

  19. Hi Harshit,
    true reasons, I want to add one more reason that is blackhat seo, most frustrated bloggers opt for blackhat seo to grow their blog’s popularity. I dont know whether you agree to me or not. anyway thanks for the share

  20. Molly Matt says:

    Good publish Harshit, I think Deficiency of Attention is one of the most significant factors in weblog author achievements, our energy should be inspired by interest. You should have interest and good energy to achieve what you want from your website.

  21. the most important. Lack of persistence is the main sin of bloggers, and I think we should fight with it.
    Thanks for sharing,

  22. you are absolutely right now a days bloggers have no patience with them as they come to this blogging world for only one thing i.e money and they think that it would be a piece of cake for them but they are wrong it requires a lot of effort to make money from them.

  23. When a blog is new, bloggers put in great effort but after some time if they do not get quick response they get demotivated and stop doing effort and even if they put in some effort, the effort is of low quality so patience is the most important thing a newbie blogger should have!

  24. Very correct ! promotion is equally important , many bloggers ignore SMO

  25. Prime Aque says:

    Hi – thank you so much for this post. An eye opener! You are right, one should wait and be patient enough to continue doing hard work even without results.

    I have remembered a familiar line that says, quitter never wins. I failed several times already, but it is not the reason that I quit blogging. I continue and I always bear in mind that blogging is a long process.

    I am learning more about link building, SEO and promotion. I consider blog commenting is a free promotional tool I can do for my blog.

    I also join some nice forum sites.

    Thank you and regards.