Follow This 6 Simple Steps To Monetize Your Youtube Content

The ever increasing craze of people with respect to the blog writings and video uploads and many more features that are available on various networking sites has grabbed the eyeballs of marketing heads, who are viewing this as a very good medium for advertisement. And this thinking has already made this concept worth a million dollars business. Yes, advertising has never seen such a huge surge and that too on a common platform where advertisers of all sorts and of all kinds are queuing up to pay for a few seconds ad of their brand at some really popular sites. People have become millionaire in no time just by uploading a video which has been liked by one and sundry. In this article I have discussed the initial steps necessary to become a millionaire through Youtube videos.

Even though there are individuals and corporate bodies that are earning huge sum of money but still there are majority of us who don’t know about the mammoth size of this business or even if we know, many don’t know the way it functions.

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In this race of becoming the most popular site in their respective field, there hasn’t been quite a major threat to the video giant YouTube. Now in order to earn money through this portal one needs to become a YouTube partner wherein the person uploading the videos would get a share of the number of times the advertisement being run before the videos is clicked on. Now the amount varies from a trivial $3 to $10 per 1000 video views. Thus one can earn a huge amount by having the maximum number of views on the videos. The concept works in the similar fashion as much as AdSense except for the fact that becoming an AdSense Publisher is pretty easy and less cumbersome than becoming a Youtube partner. Following are the six steps that would help one become a YouTube partner and thereby, monetizing the content that is to be uploaded.

1. One compulsorily needs to have an AdSense Account

Although YouTube partner and an AdSense publisher are two different prospective, yet one needs to be an AdSense Publisher along with YouTube partner. If one is not registered as AdSense publisher then one can proceed to become a YouTube partner, however, later on one would have to become an AdSense publisher. Thus it is always advisable to go it the other way and first have an AdSense account and then apply for YouTube partner.

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2. Build your audience base on YouTube and increase it through your network channel

They say one cannot,does not and should not ever praise one self. Thus we need others to approve of the fact that we are good, rather than going to the people and giving a tall claim of being the best. In the virtual world it is the followers and their numbers which define how good one is and how popular they are on the net. Though there is no specific requirement mentioned as such but still some norms are being followed before allowing someone to become an YouTube partner. These norms are not the official one but are to be believed from the people’s word of mouth. In order to be eligible for becoming a YouTube partner one needs to have minimum of a thousand of subscribers or one thousand of views on all the videos uploaded or at least ten thousand channel views. But these are the eligibility criteria for considering one to make a partner, not the criteria to make a partner. So one should always have it in mind that in order to become a partner of YouTube and earn a revenue sharing business one needs to have much more than that, let us say 5 times the subscribers or channel views mentioned or a million of upload views in total for all the videos uploaded.

3. Keep the Videos being uploaded there on a regular basis

An active member would get noticed earlier than a dormant one. Thus in order to be noticed and recognized one needs to be hyper active. No one likes to work with a lazy partner who would upload a video once in a while, thus one should upload the videos continually so that their videos get maximum views and plenty of recognition, then only it stands a chance to go viral on the net. If one has just one or two videos, no matter how good they are, they would get lost in the ocean of videos that are being uploaded every hour. Thus one should upload videos every now and then because at the end of the day, everybody looks for longetivity. Moreover one must also have a good number of videos say, a century or a minimum half of it, so that when one applies to become a partner, one has data and past performances to speak on one’s behalf.

4. Create a Brand of one’s videos

In todays’ world either one needs to be the best or different. Here is where building one’s brand come into play. Branding helps one to make a mark of its own and people can associate the videos with a distinct brand very easily. Thus it is very important to characterize one’s videos or, maybe, customize it to give it a distinct and unique look. This would also help in developing one’s professionalism image as everybody wants to work and be associated with the ones who seem to be outright and serious with what they are doing, and branding does exactly that for us. Thus we should look at creating distinct features in the videos that we are uploading and sharing with the help of creation of logos or watermarks or maybe adding new features that attracts the new viewers and make it more appealing. However one must understand this that this step is not a compulsion, but still it is more than useful and creates an all together a different impression on the people when they decide whether to make one a partner or not.

5. One should never engage in plagiarism

Nobody likes someone cheating on to the work of others and claiming it to be theirs. And so no one would be even interested in being associated with the individuals who lack creativity and thus engage themselves into copying someone else’s stuff and claiming the credit of it. Thus one should be very careful that one is not violating any copyright or trademark or intellectual property right rules which may taint the videos later on in the event of discovery of the original draft.

6. Apply to Become a YouTube Partner

The most awaited step of all is to apply to become a YouTube partner via YouTube Partner Program. And once one is selected as the partner there isn’t stopping anyone from earning money at a brisk pace as the ads would be aired on the videos soon after.

Why are you still waiting? Don’t just sit idle go ahead and start making your first YouTube video and take your fist step to become a millionaire. If want to add your views on regarding monetizing youtube content feel free to share it through comments.

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  1. Sandeep Kumar Dan says:

    Currently i am planning to do some podcasting hope your all point will help me . your all points are informative Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar says:

      Hello Sandeep, thanks for your comment, I hope the points I included here will definitely help you in your new business

  2. But are they accept those outside the US become YouTube partner?

    • Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar says:

      Yes, Youtube partner program is available for Indians, but I cannot say about other countries. I think the countries which accepts Adsense are able to apply for youtube partner program,

  3. Hi Debarshi, I’m glad to see you encouraging others to get on board with YouTube. Some of the rules you have stated have changed recently and YouTube has allowed just about everyone (with the exception of a few countries) to monetize their videos. The idea of being a YouTube partner is much easier than before and it has nothing to do with the number of views or subscribers you have like it used to before the change.

    Also, I want to add that you can earn income from the ads that appear in the sidebar of your video too, not just the ones that play in the beginning of your video. Thanks for the post.

    • Wow!. Thanks Ileane for your comment. I am glad that you liked my post. It is an honor to get feedback from pro bloggers.
      I am sorry I didn’t know about the recent changes to youtube advertising policies and I am thankful to you to add valuable info on youtube sidebar advertising. thanks again for your comment.

  4. Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

    Top post Debarshi, I’m really excited about getting involved in YouTube more and want to explore avenues to monetize as I’ve not ventured there yet. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the YouTube Partner program as I am an AdSense user for many years. I’ll have to make an effort to enable my account soon and wait to see what happens. Thanks for the tips, and thanks Ileane for the update, I wasn’t aware of them.

    • Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar says:

      Hey Fabrizio, let us know how you are doing with youtube advertising program. thanks for your comment

  5. Nizam Khan says:

    Awesome and useful post! Well yes, building brand is important, as branding helps to get more exposure and thereby people can associate the videos with a brand easily. And agreed, nobody likes copying, so one should be very careful that no to violate any copyrights, so as to keep the Youtube channel in good standings. Thanks Debarshi for sharing this wonderful info 🙂

    • Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar says:

      yes Nizam, branding is too essential for opting for youtube partner program. I hope you read the FAQs and policies before signing-up for youtube partner program. thanks for your comment

  6. Debarshi, recently i am thinking to make a you tube video and make it viral about my business.Is this a good idea as i am not much aware of having a good hand onto this.

  7. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    I know many people who are earning huge just by uploading videos on YouTube. Right now I’m using YT only to promote my services and CPA offers, may be I should now start monetizing my videos with Adsense.

    • Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar says:

      It will be a good step, but I doubt youtube will allow you to put ads on promotional videos, but you can always try

  8. Andi the Minion says:

    Great set of tips Debarshi, I am amazed at how many youngsters are constantly on YouTube watching and uploading YouTube but never start a channel in order to make money. With some of the videos going viral and being seen by millions it just doesn’t make sense not to try.


  9. Youtube is a major source of traffic for some niches but for other it may not drive much traffic to your blog so its better to monetize it on youtube itself.