Top 3 Photo Editing Tools for Professionals

Whenever the thought of editing pictures come to mind, then the first things to correct are always the color contrasts, removing the bad light effects, removing spots or dark circles from faces and avoiding the red eyes. These are certain things that even professional face while taking pictures. There are no ways by which one can avoid them while clicking the picture as a camera will take what it is shown. Therefore a huge number of software’s have been built to make the pictures look beautiful.  These can be both used by professionals or the ones who takes photography as their hobby. None of them are too difficult to use. It is user friendly. How the picture gets edited depends on the necessity of the viewer. There are various types of software’s, both paid and free for editing pictures.


Gimp was not a very well known software when it was first introduced. It was designed for windows users. The software was especially created for Linux and Unix systems. Long time back, this was the best option that one had for such systems. When a person does not have too many alternatives, then he or she has to try with the given options. This was exactly the case with this software. It had to be tried as there weren’t many options. Over the years, it became popular and advanced a lot like many other photo editors. The interface is very user friendly and matches most of the well known programs out there. If a person has dealt with similar problems before, then he or she will not face any difficulty dealing with Gimp. The tools are unique and different and the worksheet is easily accessible and wide. To make it comfortable for users, this software gives the option of saving the edited pictures, if one wants use it in various programs like Adobe Photoshop. This software can work on any possible operating system. There is a huge advantage of having an option to the tricky problems at work, for the computer at home.


This is one software which is not common to general photo lovers as it is strictly used by most professionals. It is designed for professionals. However to create a wide range for its users, this software comes in two versions now. A free one is available for amateurs and the paid one is for professionals. There are some differences between the two but not a very vast difference. In the free one, users can’t go for tenth time whitening of a picture. But can obviously go for change of colour and contrast and shades of light and a lot more. There is a tutorial that comes with this software. This is a very beneficial one for new users and serves good tips to professionals. Even though one can be a professional, it is always good to learn something new. Except for this the users and professionals can work with layers too.  This software is very popular amongst professionals and it is used widely. This software helps a lot to change the entire dimension of the picture.


Paint.Net is a software which is layer based. It is a photo editor with the best interface looks amongst the rest. The image attributes can be changed freely. A user can change the colour levels, brightness, contrast etc. This can be done wither manually or automatically. There is a huge variety of special effects at the disposal of the users. All the tools are displayed on the right side of the page. This is very new program. This software got released in 2007 and from then on it has received several awards. It is more user friendly to newcomers but its quality of editing attracts a huge number of professionals. This software has a drawback, that is, it is only meant and designed for a Windows operating system and not for any other systems. So if a user has a different system then he or she will not be able to use this software. Apart from this, it is an excellent photo editor with almost all the effects given already.

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  1. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    I have so far used GIMP and Paint.NET. The second one is new to me, thanks for sharing this post buddy.

  2. Jupiter Jim@Thesis Tutorial, Thesis Theme, WordPress Tutorial says:


    I heard of GIMP and of Paint.NET but not of Serif Photoplus, so I just learned something, thank you. I even just created a simple video on how to Crop and Re-size images using Paint.NET. I have never been a big fan of FREE software programs but I have had great luck with Paint.NET. I sometimes still use Fireworks, but it loads so slowly. The thing I love about Paint.NET is that it loads really fast and doesn’t seem to slow down my computer.

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

  3. I personally using paint .net for my image editing purpose but in your articles seems Gimps is better one.Let me give it a try !

  4. vishvast says:

    hello amit
    i was not aware of these photo editing tools thnx for sharing will download it soon

  5. HI Amit,

    Thanks for the info. Already downloaded paint net, I have Gimp but find it trying (haven’t invested the hours needed to learn how to use.)
    Since I do use regular Paint on occasion, hope with this one I’ll hae better luck!.