The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is very much a product of the 21st century – the so-called “Age of Technology”. If you were to ask people a few decades ago what they could tell you about marketing they would probably tell you that television and radio were huge ways to get noticed by your demographics, as well as billboards and maybe even mail-order catalogues. Along with online advertising, which has a fair few flaws, email marketing is truly a modern approach to advertising that offers all of the benefits of a modern age.

Benefits of Email Marketing

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One of the great things about email marketing compared to other forms of marketing is that it is relatively cheap in comparison. All of your costs go towards things like web hosting and a domain (petty cash), and also a good email marketing service to help with your campaign’s organisation. When you compare the total costs of this to something like a television advertising campaign, something which is becoming increasingly outdated with on-demand television, the costs are significantly cheaper. Of course, it’s not “free”, but it might as well be, as email marketing offers a lot of benefits that are actually free.

You see, you can make sure to utilise your subscriber list efficiently to help you spread your marketing campaign around the internet for free after you have initiated it with that first email. Think of the first email of your marketing campaign as a domino, and each subscriber in your subscriber list as other dominoes. When you push it over, you can topple another, and another, and another. If you arrange the dominoes just right, you can create a chain-reaction knocking over potentially millions like some sort of world record Rune Goldberg machine.

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The great thing about an email marketing campaign is that usually your aim is to get your subscribers to a landing page and to do some sort of task based on the internet. The great thing with this is that, you know – internet; email. You have to get to have one to get to the other. You can be sure you are not wasting any emails on subscribers that are not in your demographic. Email marketing allows you to reach 100% of the people that you want to reach.

And email marketing makes everything super easy on the user-end, which is literally amazing for user co-operation and satisfaction. Because you’re getting to your subscribers in an area you already want them to be – email and the internet, you know that they are going to be getting the email on the internet. I cannot stress this golden nugget enough. If all you want out of your marketing campaign is, say, a “like” on a Facebook page, then that can be literally a single click away for the user. It’s no hassle. It’s about 0.0001% hassle for the user to click a “like” button integrated into an email (and if you don’t know how to do this there are great online clients out there that will offer email newsletter templates for you to use!).

Overall, then, email marketing is extremely modern, allows you to reach millions of people, and then allows them to spread your reach even further without doing so yourself. Email marketing is also not only easy and efficient for you, the marketer, but also for the subscribers you’re sending email marketing too. The people you’re marketing to are always the key in any successful marketing campaign – online or otherwise. By getting them in an environment where they want to co-operate with your marketing and can do so very easily is a significant benefit to email marketing over any other sort of marketing that exists. In summary, the main benefits: it’s so easy, and it’s so simple.

Author : Jack Harding is a keen writer about online marketing, looking at all aspects of how it can improve one’s online profile. He is particularly interested in giving a good insight into email marketing as it is an affordable as well as effective way to attract clientele.

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  1. Andi the Minion says:

    Email is still the most effective form of online marketing, interestingly I was only looking at a TV advertising company, to help with enquiries they had a drop down menu for the clients possible budget, the lowest they went was £5,000-£10,000 budget!!! With prices like that there is just no competition!.

  2. Erik Emanuelli says:

    Email marketing is a tool which every blogger should use.
    The email list, and even your RSS Feeds subscribers, are the alternative of organic traffic and this is a solid audience you can have every time your blog is hit by any future Google algo update.

    Nice article, Amit! 🙂

  3. Hassaan Khan says:

    Jack Nice article. Certainly Email Marketing speaks now. Marketing is a huge and diversified field and social media is making it more challenging and competitive as well.
    Amit! We are on facebook as well. I always say I am your fan.

  4. Yes, email marketing is still one of the best way to promote your products. I am using Aweber from the last 5 years & I found it very effective. Although it becomes costlier as the list grows but still cheaper than other forms of marketing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & its benefits on email marketing.

  5. Email list is one of the best attributes of any online business, you can connect with your list and share the news about new products or changes, the opportunities are endless.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. email marketing is used to popularize our brand, organic traffic will increase by this practice. Nice article

  7. Rajkumar Jonnala says:


    Wonderful article, however never experienced or tried email marketing for my business or blogs but i still believe that email marketing will be working great if we have done it in a correct way and main thing is content and the design of emails should be unique.

    thanks for the share.

  8. Joe Saviour says:

    Well, yes E mail marketing helps a lot in promoting online business. It contains a list of potential customers that can help you in growing your business.