Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense – Which One Would You Choose?

Affiliate marketing is performance based marketing. In this the business tends to reward the affiliates who have brought customers to the business. On the other hand Google adsense is a mechanism where one can earn money from the online content. From the personal perspective I would always choose affiliate marketing because of the following reasons.

Google Adsense or Affiliate

It is one of the best ways to make money online.  Since it is a lucrative business, many people look it as a great way of making money.  In this traditional business online, there is no need to worry about product creation or customer service. Basically this business encourages people to join or buy from different sites. It offers plenty of options for people who have been looking for some extra income.  If you are interested in affiliate marketing, it is the right time to start as this conventional business getting large popularity these days.

Advantages of Affiliate marketing

  • Convenient venture

The best advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can choose your own convenient place and time to do the business. You must know what to do in the business and do that correctly. It’s the traffic that matters here. Get information about the service and product to the public and earn money for that in return.

  • Risk-free business

We can say that affiliate marketing is a risk free business because it does not require any kind of authorization from anybody to start this venture.  Depends on your time, you can either promote only one product or handle as many as products or services.

  • Good potential

If you put your resources and time in the right way, you can make what you want with affiliate marketing.  The only requirement to get success here is to put enough energy and time. Treat it like any other business so that it may help you to make a decent income for a long time.

  • Effective ways for successful affiliate marketing

Even though affiliate marketing is considered as one of the successful and easy ways to earn online income, it is not as easy as it sounds. It requires dedication and hard work besides useful marketing practices. You must think of all actions and execute it properly to become a successful affiliate marketer.  Do not forget to use all the right tools to maximize the possibility to earn more and succeed in this field.

Some of the Useful tools for affiliate marketing

  • Website

Your own website is very crucial to get success in affiliate marketing.  If you would like to get involved in this field, the first step you need to do is to create a good, professional looking and at the same time, user-friendly website.  Remember, it is the starting point of your business efforts.  Visitors of your website will love appealing articles. So, fill the site with relevant, original and useful content.

  • Link popularity

A reciprocal aggressive link campaign is important to increase link popularity as search engine rankings are depends upon the link popularity.  For a successful affiliate marketer, you should attract visitors to your site.  You can do this by submitting articles to various free articles sites with the link of your website.  You can increase the popularity of your link by submitting more articles.

Do let me know which one you prefer Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing and Why?

About Amit Shaw

Amit Shaw, Administrator of iTechCode.He is a 26 Year Ordinary Simple guy from West Bengal,India. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc. Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Abhishek shukla says:

    I had a very bad experience with google affiliate, it didn’t worked for me. I prefer adsense

    • rakesh kumar says:

      Dear abhishek, instead of that use Double ad Planner for your website. It contains the best of both worlds.

  2. Narender Chopra says:

    Nice Article Amit Bro . Now a days Affiliates are the main source of Blogger’s Earnings . Adsense just make 10-20% of earnings for Pro Bloggers .

  3. Sayed Osama Naseem says:

    Thanks for an informative post. According to my experience affiliate marketing is much better as compared to adsense (If you do it properly).
    I always get good response in affiliate marketing and the amount of earning is always bigger than Adsense.

  4. Arsie Organo says:

    Well, I wanted to try affiliate marketing but I just don’t know how to start and I cannot even maintain my blogs because of my regular day job. 🙁

  5. Chitraparna says:

    Any day, the answer will be – Affiliate Marketing 🙂

  6. Anchit Shethia says:

    I would choose Aff. marketing over adsense if you have Royal readers.

  7. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    With my personal experience I will go with Affiliate Marketing as compared to Google AdSense. Many reasons are there for it. Affiliate is easy to use and manage.

    Whereas AdSense ads has danger of disabling of account as sometimes anybody partially and personally generates fake clicks on the ads for any personal harassment as well as nowadays income is also too low from AdSense, so simply I will prefer Affiliate Marketing.

  8. Yeah! Sometimes Affiliate Marketing works well than Google Adsense. Also Its easy to manage…Good one Amit bro.


    I believe for a beginner. Google Adsense is good till he learns ways of doing effective affiliate marketing.. If there any affiliate network which gives better conversion than clickbank?

    • Hi Himanshu,
      Here are some best paying affiliate network Share-a-Sale, SkimLinks, Commission Junction.

      • HIMANSHU KHANNA says:

        Thanks for the other two. I will check them out. CJ guys gave me a warning to get few sales else, the account would be closed hahahaha

  10. For beginners adsense will be a much better option as they can earn passively,,affiliate marketing requires a lot of different concepts and ideas like copywriting etc

  11. Nice Post Amit. Yes you are Right about Affiliate Marketing and most of the Bloggers go with it because of Stupid Adsense Policies which leads many Adsense accounts Disabled, so most of the Bloggers turn towards Affiliate Marketing.

  12. Vivek Bhatt says:

    I will suggest to try out with Google Adsense before we turn up to affiliate Marketing. In the beginning one should start with adsense only. but adsense policy is really strict and it doesnt take time to disable any good adsense publisher account. affiliate marketing could be the next choice. thanks , it is an interesting post Amit. thank you

  13. Nishant Srivastava says:

    Hi Amit, Thanks for the post,
    I think both are important in their ways, affiliate marketing can gives you much more than adsense but adsense users love adsense and it gives fixed source of income, affiliate marketing is totally depend on the upcoming trends of business, and you always need to put efforts towards affiliate campaigns and list building, where in adsense main focus is on traffic generation.
    Both are best !

  14. Nice post Amit! Now am with Google Adsense program. But after reading this, just thinking about the Affiliate marketing. I am having a little knowledge about this, wanna learn more. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  15. There is a place for both but my preference leans towards Affiliate marketing because of quicker, larger payouts straight to your Paypal account. But I’d like to open the discussion to CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing which can be very lucrative. Has anyone had experience with this type of marketing?

  16. You need traffic and preferably at least some target traffic to make money. Adsense seems like you need a lot more traffic to amount to anything. Affiliate marketing you can sometimes make more money with a less traffic depending on what you are promoting and what kind of commission they happen to have. Adsense ads are everywhere and fairly distinct looking. I think some people are pretty good at tuning out or ignoring Adsense ads completely.

  17. I prefer affiliate marketing, adsense is low paying and slow. People need to figure out that as long as they are making peanuts with adsense they will not improve their online profits.

    While affiliate marketing is paying good, it’s fast and you cannot get banned without no reason and explanation.

    thanks for sharing

  18. I think affiliate marketing is a better choice but at times adsense is good too. any one can use adsense and earn good money but affiliate marketing is thing which you want learn to earn good money.

  19. Vikas Sindher says:

    I guess one should keep all options open. While adsense is easy to work with, People in affiliate might not know which product to promote and which to leave. But surely if affiliates are chosen smartly then one can make handsome earnings fromit.

  20. Bhavesh Sondagar says:

    Hi Amit Shaw,
    I am agree with your points. Affiliate marketing is risk free business & from my personal conversation with other bloggers, I would say affiliate marketing is better than Google Adsense because we can make more than adsense from it. I am also using affiliate marketing but not much, I think future of bloggers would be affiliate marketing.
    Thanks for the great post!