7 (Radical?) Ways to Take Your Blogging To Another Level In 2013

The New Year has just begun and this time it should be more than just another change in the year number. Instead, why don’t you make it the best year in blogging you have ever had?


I have gathered 7 different ways you can move your blog to another level. Some of the tips require money, while others are free.

When you act on this advice, make sure to implement it one item at a time. That way you are making yourself comfortable with one particular step until you move on to another one.

1. Stop buying info products

Let me ask you this: How many times did you actually finish the e-book you purchased or got results that were similar to what the sales page promised you?

I don’t know about you, but I was spending way too much money for products which were only gathering dust on my hard drive or which otherwise wouldn’t deliver on their promises.

Instead, I hired a coach and I have been happy with the results. Ability to reach a successful person and getting personal advice from one is the best thing there is and this factor has improved my productivity considerably.

Besides, when I can validate my ideas and get instant feedback before implementing them, there is much smaller chance of getting off track and wasting my time on something which doesn’t work.

Sure, coaching costs more money than the e-books, but then again, if it takes me faster to my goals, and I’m willing to do that.

2. Start a social media diet

I have to tell you that I have a love/hate relationship with social media. There are many platforms out there and spending your time on every possible one is not necessarily the best thing to do.

In fact, in 2012 I stopped using Facebook entirely for my blog (I have a personal profile though) and I switched most of my social media activity to Twitter and Triberr.

I spend only 15 minutes on a daily basis on social media and I’m quite happy with the approach. That way I’m not wasting too much time on it and I can focus on important work instead.

Do you think you could take a social media diet in 2013? Do you also think that the time you saved on social media could be invested, for instance, on writing guest posts?

Just give these thoughts a try and see how they work for you.

3. Pick your three

As a blogger; you know that there are a million different things you could do related to your blog. In fact, I was just like that person, “focusing” on those million things.

However, that strategy is most likely going to fail. Why don’t you just pick three of the most important areas of your blog (outside of your regular blogging) and concentrate on those only?

In my situation, I have chosen guest posting, interviews and email list building to be the key areas for my blog.

With guest posting (like the one you are reading), I’m spreading the awareness of my name and my blog, with interviews I’m building relationships with other people in my industry and with email list building I’m focusing on the core part of my future online business.

I have to say that things are considerably simpler when I have only three areas to focus on. I also know that these areas make the most difference to my future business, so that’s why I’m dedicating my time to those things.

4. Slow down your blogging pace

One of the most radical things I did last year was to slow down my blogging pace. Instead of publishing content two times per week, I started to publish content twice a month, on a bi-weekly basis.

This gave me more room to focus on other aspects of blogging like guest posting, research or building my email list.

This strategy is definitely worth trying. It made me more relaxed, as writing yet another blog post wasn’t on my mind all of the time.

5. Write more at once

There is something else that I have been experimenting with and it’s writing more than one blog post at once. This strategy goes hand-in-hand with the tip #4.

Every second month I write content for my blog for the next two months. For instance, just before the year turned to 2013, I wrote content for the entire months of January and February.

When I do this, my hands are free to do other blogging-related things instead. For instance, I have smaller and bigger projects that I haven’t had a chance to take care of. Thanks to this strategy (and the one mentioned on tip #5); I have the time for those neglected projects as well.

It takes me approximately 8 days to write the content for the next two months. After the content is created, it’s scheduled and WordPress takes care of the rest. The only exception is the podcast interviews, since I rarely have a chance to make them within one week.

However, when I know that 90% of my content is covered for the next 60 days, I’m peaceful and I can focus on other stuff instead.

6. Do something different

What if you did something different this year – something that your competitors weren’t doing? Instead of just publishing text-based content, why don’t you extend your efforts to other media like to audio or video?

For instance, I have been recording video tips for some time now and I have just started podcasting again. In January, I’m also having my first webinar ever!

Finally, be ready to stretch your comfort zone. Many people get nervous when they have to jump in front of the camera or listen to their own voice on MP3 file.

Just remember that those who are willing to do things differently and stretch their comfort zones, are most likely the ones who are going to succeed.

7. Outsource

If you are still doing all of the blogging stuff yourself, you need to change this. For instance, I have outsourced my blog’s maintenance and I have also outsourced other aspects of blogging, like e-book cover design or proofreading.

When it comes to blog maintenance, I have been using a service called Efficise. With their help, I have been able to free up my time from management tasks to something more valuable.

If you decide to hire external help, be ready to write a lot of documentation up front. Only this way you can get the results you want.

When it comes to one-off outsourcing (or in some cases to continuous one), Fiverr has been my number one place to get certain work done. It has proved to be quite reliable considering that gigs costs five bucks most of the time.

No matter in which level of blogging you are, consider giving at least another of these services a try. They have done me wonders and I’m able to spend time on more important things – not the ones which are boring or the ones I’m not competent of doing at all.


It’s time to take your blogging to another level and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

With these 7 ways you can do this and while some of these tips require money, there are also ones that you can implement for free.

Do you think this year could be your best year in blogging? It’s going to be if you decide so!

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About Timo Kiander

Timo Kiander, a.k.a. Productive Superdad, teaches WAHD superdad productivity for work at home dads. If you want to improve your blogging productivity, grab his free e-book, 61 Ways for Supercharging Blogging Productivity.


  1. Doing Something Apart : That’s the fact which works in today’s Blogging System. Blogosphere is fed up with a lot of blogs But Only Some of them Rocks because of doing something apart. Nice Atticle Timo Sir .

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Narender!

      Thank you 🙂

      Yeah, doing things little bit differently might work. Of course, you want to test if the strategies work for you or not.


  2. Most of the Bloggers Fail in creating the Impression as they Dont produce original Content. Doing Something Different is must

  3. Hi Timo-
    Loved this post. It spoke to me in so many different ways. I’m learning how to vlog this year and will start video publishing. It’s way out of my comfort zone since I am self-conscious, but that’s when I know I’m learning something new–when I have to stop to read manuals and stress over it.
    I’m going to save this post to refer back to often this year.

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Michelle!

      Thank you 🙂

      That’s great to hear! Vlogging is a great way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.


  4. Hey Timo — One more thing. How did you include what I recently posted below my name? I LOVE that.

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Michelle!

      Are you referring to Comment Luv plugin? It displays the latest posts you have written on your blog and you can build a link to it by choosing an article.


  5. Enstine Muki@easyretweet.com says:

    Hi Timo,
    This post is filled with lots of good stuffs. One important thing you mentioned is ‘focus’. This is key to success. If you feel a lot other things must be done, outsourcing them is the way out why you focus on what’s boiling.

    I take that home!

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Enstine!

      Yes, outsourcing is one way to bring more focus to your life.

      I recommend reading a book: “Finding Your Focus Zone” by Lucy Jo Palladino, if you’d like to learn more about it.


  6. Mohd Aktar says:

    Hey Dude,
    Very refined content, you have shared. It is quite practical tips not only for year 2013 but I’ll say it for whole century.

    I am very confused about outsourcing, can you tell me in details- what things should we consider before outsource?

    Thanks for the epic post. 🙂

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Mohd!

      So far I have outsourced:

      – Proofreading
      – E-book cover design
      – Podcast voice overs
      – Part of my blog’s maintenance

      Does this list help?


  7. Nice n needful information written here by the guest poster. Thanks for sharing the essential ways to take blogging to next level. Doing something different will always sounds more and yields good result.

  8. Incredible advice!

    I was nodding my head with each point I read. Personally, I think the social media diet and picking my three speak to me most of all. I’m bad for scattering myself too much and burning out as a result. I think targeting my effort and not splitting it up as much is really a big key to me succeeding as a blogger!

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Alex!

      Thank you!

      Yeah … all these things bring more focus to your blogging. It’s so relieving that I don’t have to do million things at once – just those three 🙂


  9. Heather Stone says:

    Hi Timo,
    Not sure all of these suggestions would really be considered radical, however it probably depends on the blogger. They are definitely great tips and, if there are bloggers who aren’t using them, they certainly need to start. Thanks for sharing this with the BizSugar community and for your great contribution, as always.

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Heather!

      It of course depends of the blogger. However, most of the time the opposite is being taught elsewhere, thus why naming this post with the word “radical”.


  10. Valentine Belonwu says:

    Good analytical tips , most importantly where you emphasize on writing differentially and going out of ones conform zone that will make someone writeups excpetional .Thanks for sharing the important ways to take blogging to the next level.

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Valentine!

      Thank you! Yes, being different is important. There are so many blogs out there that you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd.


  11. Marc Bell says:

    Theses are solid tips you have given us. I was have a discussion with someone yesterday about the pace of posting content, which is #4 in your post. Sometimes we can get caught up with thinking we have to “bust” out content week by week. The thing we forget is that we still have to promote the content. Doing less writing and more promoting is a great way to go in 2013!

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Marc!

      Slowing down my blogging pace has been one of the best things that has happened to me as a blogger. It makes things more flexible and I can focus on other blogging stuff instead.


  12. Anchit Shethia says:

    Well said there. My Three’s would be, social media promotion, blog commenting and researching/reading new blogs of same niche.

  13. Ti Roberts says:

    Fantastic post, Timo. I especially agree with your first point. I can’t count how much money I’ve wasted on worthless info products that failed to help me get the kind of results I desired. It wasn’t until I got close to a coach as well that I began to really see results and start experiencing some major breakthroughs. Your time is much better spent with personal coaching or even small group coaching.

    Glad to have found your post on bizsugar. Thanks for sharing!


    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Ti!

      Yes, after having a coach, I have pretty much stopped buying info products – it just doesn’t make sense anymore 🙂


  14. Ken@enviroequipment says:

    Start a social media diet? Absolutely!

    Finally, someone involved with blogging who agrees with me that there is way too much emphasis being put on social media marketing these days, especially concerning us bloggers. It takes a lot of time to properly promote your blog(s) on Facebook, Twitter, etc., time which can be better spent writing, editing or even doing other types of marketing (such as contacting journalists who would be interested in what you have to write about).

  15. Wonderful post Timo and I loved your 4th and 5th tip. I was once putting out a post daily myself, these days I put out a post no more than 3 times per week. And as for tip 5, there have been many time where I’d be halfway through writing one post and whilst doing so, I’ll get an idea for a second post and so naturally I’ll save what I’m doing with my first post and start working on the second one. Thanks for a great share mate.

  16. Ravi Verma says:

    I’m fully agree with the 2nd and 3rd points. It necessary to have a Guru if one want to blogging as for career.
    Beside there are lots of bloggers today. And surely one need to do the very different to get on Top lists.
    I learned many things from this post. Thanks

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Ravi!

      Great to hear that!

      Differentiation is very important – that way you’ll be remembered better.


  17. Gautam Doddamani says:

    great article timo…i loved all your points…especially the first point about buying useless ebooks which never help, i think of it as just a money-making marketing gimmick of bloggers. i also liked the second point, where you say to spend less time on facebook, it has helped me a lot, i mostly concentrate now on google+ and twitter.

    as you said in your third point, guest posting really helps to expose our blogs to other audiences…and email marketing is something everyone should consider.

    really helpful post man, i will keep all these points in my mind! best of luck. 🙂

  18. Inspiring Citizen Rafi says:

    Hi Timo,

    You would be glad to hear that I am focusing on 2 strategies that you have mentioned in this blog post.

    1. Interviewing other bloggers &

    2. Investing time only on one social media network.

    This really helps and I look forward for an interview with the interview master, you.

    Thank you once again for this lovely post and another factor which I loved is choosing a coach. As you said info products are not really worth the money and I do coaching for my clients to improve happiness, wealth and productivity in the lives.

    How I am able to do this is by testing it on myself for the first time, get the results and then help my clients achieve the success they are looking forward for.

    Also thank you Amit Shaw for giving us the opportunity to listen to the wise words of Timo.


    Inspiring Citizen Rafi

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Rafi!

      Thank you very much for your comments 🙂

      Also, if you’d like to interview me, send me an email (through the contact info on my blog 🙂


    • Thank You So Much Inspiring Citized Rafi,
      Glad to hear that you loved the post. Yeah Timo has an authority Blog and i always love to read his Blog post and You can say it’s my good Luck that Timo Published his two quality post on iTechCode.

      Thanks for dropping your comment and Keep Visiting.


  19. Kabenlah Cudjoe says:

    These are indeed radical. I like the point you made with regards to putting dust on your hard-drive. Many are mostly lured with all kinds of e-books which promises millions overnight but never helps.
    It’s a good thing you decided to go in for a coach and it’s really great that you are receiving positive results.

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Kabenlah!

      Yes, hiring a coach has made the biggest difference in my progress so far.


  20. Well written Timo.
    Slowing down a bit after some hard time and thinking different will really make your blog stand out and push it to the next level.
    Building a Powerful Online Presence is just another thing that every blogger must give priority to.
    I think after trying to be everywhere I have got fantastic results for my blog.
    The Founder of iTechCode Amit himself is a one who always build a strong online presence. You can see him almost everywhere ! 🙂

    • Timo Kiander says:

      Hi Zion!

      Sure. Building your audience and credibility takes time – you just have to put the hours in.


  21. I’m experimenting with a combination of backlinking and guest posting now and I think I’m getting more than descent traffic for my 1 week old blog. 🙂