4 Productivity Tips for Part-time Bloggers

Blogging is generally one of the most widely chosen options when one thinks of getting into the online money making band wagon. Not until people take up blogging do they realize that successful blogging more or less demands a dedicated full time effort. I refrain from saying the blogging gives you success only to full timers. I only say that it is better that way if you seek time bound success with it. Nevertheless, part-time bloggers can make it a profitable business for themselves, provided they do some smart work and not just hard work.

Productivity Tips for Bloggers

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Here are some proven ways that can boost the productivity of a part time blogger:

Be Tech Savvy

Blogging involves many different mini jobs like content writing, marketing, commenting, etc. Taking up one of these at a time surely gulps a lot of your time. Things when done in haste don’t end up being the best you could do. Hence save your time by optimally using technology that is specifically designed to make blogging easy. Using to-do-list apps, multi-posting apps, scheduled posting features in your CMS, password saving software (to help you remember your passwords on multiple sites and logins), multiple sharing services to share your blog’s updates on multiple sites, etc. Time is extremely precious to you as a part timer. The better you make use of today’s technology, the more you save your time.

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With the kind of competition seen today in blogging, the blog that gets more attention from its master apparently ranks better in the run. Lamentably, this is not possible for a part time blogger. A great work around could be teaming up. Partner with a fellow to blog with you. This way, your blog gets the attention it deserves. Distribute the work amongst the partners as per the area of expertise. Suppose your partner is good in relationship management, the job of promoting and marketing the blog can be handed over to him, while you can take care of content production which is (for instance) your area of expertise.

Have A Schedule

Having a schedule can really help you in organizing things. When you get back home after your office/college, you know how much of free time you have. So, make a list of all the things that you should do related to your blog. So, when you have a to-do list or a work schedule, you don’t fall apart from work.

If you think, the same schedule can’t work for the whole week, be prepared with an alternate flexible schedule. Because, people generally tend to start working only if they see it before them and that is what the schedule shows.

Carefully Pick Up Guest Posts

Bloggers know the importance of guest posts and so, do you. This is where you should utilize them. Because, creating unique content has been a major problem for most of the bloggers, you can publish guest posts on your blog. Once you get a good following for your blog, I’m sure, guest posts will start pouring in. So, instead of publishing each of them, read every article and carefully pick up the best article. This will not only reduce your load, but your audience will also get a chance to meet new authors and their writing styles.

Select Niche More Wisely

As you almost always fall short of time for blogging, there is no way that you can spend more time in researching on something new and learning it from scratch to blog about it. Hence the best thing you can blog about is the area in which you already are a pro. Choose such a niche for blogging as it requires only a translation of your already present ideas into web pages. For instance if you are a DotNet programmer in your daytime job, its better you blog about it (unless you hate it yourself), as it does not require you to spend time learning it. You only have to learn the essence of blogging such as promotion, SEO and SME.

Try one or all of these tips to improve productivity of the part time bloggers, and let me know what change you experience. I would like to know of these helped you like they did for me.

About Koundeenya

Hello, this is Koundeenya Dhulipalla, a professional copywriter and a blogger too. When I am not reading Seth's blog or listening to Taylor Swift's music, I write. If you are looking for a freelance writer for your blog, feel free. By the way, Koundeenya is my blog.


  1. yeah m a part-time blogger ,thanks for providing such useful info. now I’ll try to make a proper shedule !

    • Koundeenya says:

      Thank you, Karan.

      I really hope, these tips will help you in becoming more productive.


  2. Saqib Razzaq says:

    Though, I am not a part time blogger but not yet a full time blogger too. I’m hacking between and I can bet that these tips are going to help me. But I have a question popped up in my mind right now. Is it good to stick to a posting schedule and post at that time no matter we have something worth reading or not or only post when we have a point to talk about?

    • Koundeenya says:

      Hey Saqib!

      In my words, I prefer having a writing schedule rather than a posting schedule. Because, I understand, when we come across a super awesome article, we really skip posting an article on our blog and continue reading the other. Doesn’t matter. But, don’t miss out the posting frequency.

  3. Clair Trebes says:

    Excellent post, I really enjoy Koundeenya’s articles – always such value for the readers.

    I know myself and John Banks have recently talked about Time Management and this post slots perfectly in sync with this – so very important to get the most out of the working hours you have.

    Personally if I was new to this, I’d try to achieve / experiment with those tips one at a time, work out what is most effective for me – may even realise that a balance of them all is what works best, but the great thing about the work we are in is that experimenting = knowledge ….. by trial & error you learn so much that can be passed onto those around you – which is where the value really comes in!


    • Koundeenya says:

      Hello Clair!

      Glad to see you here. It is very important to have proper time management for part-time blogging because, they don’t have the whole day to do the works. So, having a schedule really helps.

      Personally, even I love experimenting and that is how I lost two of my old blogs. They failed! Still, I love doing something new with my blog, everytime.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Andi the Minion says:

    Great post Koundeenya.
    Part time blogging is very hard with all the different tasks that are involved with it.
    If like me you have a partner who want to spend time with you, wants to discuss how their working day and yours went you can be left with very little time spare so you do need to plan your time very wisely and find great tools to help it all work faster and smoother.

  5. Mukesh Dutta says:

    Hi, I liked the idea of teaming up with people and outsource the tasks according to his/her or expertise. It would be a great start in taking blogging to managerial level. Bloggers must start to look at the bigger picture of blogging and not just as a diary of scribbles!

    Thanks for the post!

  6. Working hard to be full time, but life gets in the way.
    Lack of knowledge also interferes. Think your ideas of a schedule would work
    for either…..Still working on updating my Twitter skills..

    So Much to learn, but finding following suggestions from smart bloggers like Adrienne Smith who
    left a link for this post on Twitter is making the learning easier.
    I do think a writing schedule might work better than a posting schedule if you are able to stock up a
    few articles or posts or even “drip” them on some niche sites.
    My blog, I try to keep current and responsive if that makes sense!

    Thanks for the share Koundeenya.


  7. When any blogger start their career in blogging at that time he/she is fulfill with passion of blogging but when time is going on then he/she realize what all things should be done for their blog which will give good returns in blogging. So my opinion they should take a break and learn those all things which are important in blogging and after that they should start their blogging career as a part time blogger.

    • Koundeenya says:

      Yes, Sam. Before actually starting, one should first spend at least the minimum amount of time in learning things- dos and do nots of the process. Only then, he/she can succeed; no matter if the person blogs for full-time/part-time.

      Thank you for the comment.

  8. chetan kambli says:

    Hi Koundeenya
    Nice tips for parttime bloggers, those points definately saves lot of time, but i believe most of the part time bloggers cannot afford to outsource work, some tools which will make them to schedule or stop them from distractions would be helpful, Parttime blogging is hard specially for students who gets exams, assignments and many other things which stops them spending time on blogging…..

  9. Christopher J says:

    Koundeenya, Great post once again. Need to add one more to increase productivity..
    “Stay away from FB when you work until and unless you don’t get distracted by FB.”

    • Koundeenya says:

      Hey Christopher.

      That’s really a valid point. LOL. I’m one among them, who use Facebook for nothing.

  10. Narender Chopra says:

    Having a schedule helps a lot. Planning and uniqueness makes you a good quality blogger.

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  12. Gautam Doddamani says:

    thanks koundeenya commenting and guest posting in the free time can help a lot…even engaging on twitter, facebook and other social media sites also helps! 🙂

  13. I am a part time blogger too but dont give much preference to Schedule but after reading this artice i get to know what a proper schedule is necessary in blogging journey.Well thank you for this great article.