Tips on How to Become a Top Online Marketer

All kinds of businesses are today utilizing the power of online marketing. No matter what is the size of your business; you can increase the profits through an effective online marketing strategy. At the same time, online marketing is not something that you could jump into without any preparation. Becoming a top online marketer is easier said than done. This involves clever manipulation of free ads and free online classifieds, as well as a host of other things.

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1. Learn the ropes

The concept sounds pretty simple, place some content related to your product on a website and viola…you are in business. The truth is rather different. It can take you quite a while to learn the actual tips, tricks and tactics that will enable you to compete with the free online classified ads in India. You may acquire this knowledge by reading material on this topic or take an online course. You can also examine and study the existing success stories of online marketers.

 2. Select the market

 If you are just starting out and haven’t got a product of your own; you should try to find a profitable niche market or product that you can bank on and from which you can make decent money to begin with. Go for something that interests you and that you know a lot about. You must weigh in the commercial viability of whatever you are choosing to go along with. It should be able to attract enough interest. This is especially so if you are using free online classifieds.

 3. Google it

When it comes to search engines; Google is the one at the top. It is best that you learn all about how Google ranks and indexes pages, on the web. That is not to say that you should avoid or overlook the other search engines. Rather, take a good look at all the options available, anywhere in the cyberspace. If you can get a listing for your ‘keywords’ in the top 5 or 10 listings in Google, it can mean a lot for your free ads posting in India. Right now, Google happens to be the one in control of the quality search traffic in the online world and getting a good ranking on Google is a sure key to success.

 4. Creating Your Site

There are some very generic rules when you are building your website. There are some simple SEO rules to be followed. Ensure that the site is easily navigable by both the search engines and the visitor. All your pages should be approachable from the home page. Most online marketers use three levels – Homepage, topic and subtopic. All pages should link back to the home page and should not be more than three clicks away. You can use Google’s ‘Starter Guide’ to learn about creating a proper lay-out. It is best to incorporate your main keyword in the domain, as it will help with your ranking on the search engine.

 5. Promoting Your Site

 Many online marketers create a great site and then sit around waiting for traffic. Promoting your site is one of the most crucial and difficult part of online marketing. Fact is, that you need to get out there and promote your URL and site, aggressively. Tying in with the media and bookmarking sites helps a lot. Use Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube and any other site that you can think of to promote your site. Videos are quite effective when you are using free ads in India.

 6. Make it productive

 The end goal is to make money and there are many ways of doing that. Even a site that gets a hundred to two hundred hits can prove pretty profitable. Choose affiliate programs that possess a recurring element in their payments or have a residual. This would mean making one sale and getting paid for years to come. Try choosing a program or company that offers residual income for the life of the referred customer.

Online marketing in India has yet to touch the scale that it has overseas, but the Indian market is quickly waking up to the potential of online marketing and is fast catching on to this highly successful trend.

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  1. Prime Aque says:

    Hi – I want to be an effective online marketer. You are right, things are easier said than done. I am changing my mindset now and I am putting more time for reading great blogs. I want to learn more. I want to be on track of what is the latest about my niche.

    I am into blogging and my next big plan is building my email list – but I need to prepare for an offer I can confidently brag to my audience – soon!


  2. Internet Marketing, SEO, SMO whatever is there, the more you read more you will succeed. If you go step by step then undoubtedly you will get more visitors to your blog or website.

  3. You have Provided a Very good “Online Marketing for Dummies” article, I do not want to be the Top but a Good Online Marketer for my Blog. Although I want to Know how to be a Good Online marketer for a Particular Niche?

  4. Tayyab Nasir says:

    50% work and 50% promotion and the result is in success 🙂

  5. Yes I agree witht Tayyab. In online marketing promotion matters a lot. You should know all the tactics of promotion. What to write , how to promote, where to promote. All these matters a lot. Once you have started you will reach be in top category soon.