Thinking of Going Viral? Let’s get to the bottom of this!

If you are aware of the recent updates from the world of internet, you would know the term called going viral. Even if you’re not aware, let me clean the dust over the term of going viral. In simple words, going viral is getting on the front page of internet in short-time. Whatever may be the category i.e., a music video, blog post or news story, todays internet population has an extreme advantage of making everything popular in short span of time. So, the only way that makes content or anything go viral is totally dependent on how the people over the internet react to it. Now, assuming that you’re fully aware of the term called going viral, we shall now proceed on things which you should worry about if you’re thinking of going viral.

Going Viral

Points to Consider Before Thinking of Going Viral?

Traffic and Website

As I discussed earlier, going viral deals with attaining wild increase in traffic in short span of time and if the viral content is being hosted on your website or blog then you must gear up for taking up wild traffic. For that part, you can buy VPS hosting to deal with huge traffic which you’re expecting. If you remember PSY’s Gangnam style music video, it had hit millions of views in less than a week or two. This sort of traffic requires you to have good hosting solutions.

Human Interest Story

People love reading real stories and if you’re good at writing such real stories, you’ve an upper edge. In fact, if you’ve noticed the viral content so far such as Kolaveri Di (Song), Gangnam Style or Harlem shake was never created for going viral. In most of the cases till now, the videos or content went viral because they were touching the bottom of the heart or were funny enough to make you laugh.

Authentic & Genuine

Viral videos that we have seen so far had one thing in common. They were authentic and genuine and they were never intended to be made for going viral. The feeling that you get after watching these videos is extremely important and that’s what makes the difference. Now, if you’re thinking of making something for the purpose of virality, make sure you do it in most natural way.

Usefulness of Content

Practically speaking, the content which is useful to the large section of community is shared most. Now, how to create useful content? Right? Well, when you complete an article, go through it once again and find out whether you’re provoking your readers to do any actions? What I mean here is- are you telling your readers how to use the content in their next action? Because when they use it and get desired results, they remember you!


The content which doesn’t allow you to express any emotions will never go viral because only when the emotions are expressed, people around you will notice. So, whatever the emotions could be-positive or negative, write an article in a way that those emotions would come out of the readers mind and be reflected on your article.

Top Emotions that makes your content viral

1. Anger

Anger is one of the emotions which are highly likely to be trend on Twitter or other social media channels. It’s because when you mess with people, they will try their best to take revenge, prove their point and the most probable ways of taking revenge would be through Twitter, blog post or a video. Now, how you can make people angry? It’s simple! Just challenge their daily beliefs and you’re on their list.

2. Anxiety

Nobody likes losing out! And when people loose, anxiety is clearly seen on their faces!  So, if you’re talking about losing out something, you’re on the right track of making people anxious.

3. Awe

Awe is feeling which I believe is one of the safest to follow. It is that feeling of surprise which you do get for most of the time such as when watching sci-fi or romantic movie.

4. Joy

Generally, things that are funny, interesting, inspiring ending with positive note are the ones that can be categorized as the ones with full of joy. One of the best ways of finding attention by this feeling is by telling your readers a story of your life which they can relate to theirs.

5. Fear

Fear is one of the feelings which can either motivate you to achieve greater heights or take you down to the lowest possible level. One of the ways which I follow in building up fear is by telling people their mistakes that they are doing.

Next Action

I, myself mentioned something called next action in this article and I would like to leave an example of the same within the same article. For this instance, what you can do is- sit down and think about the emotion which you should target. Once you’ve finalized it, go ahead and write an awesome article in the most natural way without thinking of whether the article will go viral or not.

About Amit Shaw

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  1. Thanks for the Viral post, its good!

    Will have these points in mind and will make my blog content going viral. Keep writing 🙂

    • Pawan Bawdane says:

      Thank you Nirmala for appreciating.
      I’m sure that you’ll be able to have viral content if you follow these points. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Ravi Pathade says:

    Basically What I have Observed is The most Viral Going Content are Mostly Funny. Which attracts many Hits.
    Thanks for the Post

    • Pawan Bawdane says:

      Yes Ravi, I have also observed the same however in some rare cases heart touching stories have also gone viral.

  3. prem pandit says:


    Really i am really like your post, yes i am agree with your view about “Anger” which is one of the emotions which are highly likely to be trend on Twitter or other social media channels.


    • Hi Prem,

      Thank you for agreeing with my point regarding “Anger”. Yes, it is most likely to be trend on various social channels however, other emotions which I’ve mentioned in the article are certainly equally important.

  4. Mukesh Dutta says:

    Nice points. I would also like to add that social media plays a great role in going viral. It’s easier for social media experts to make things go viral! But of course, things like fear, interests, etc. help a lot for achieving the same!

    • Yes Mukesh! Social Media has played an excellent role in making something viral and as per me, it will continue to do so.

  5. This is just amazing . Going viral is something that is awesome . My first ever blog post went viral the moment I hit the publish button . But one thing that has to be understood is that Viral is temporary and some or the other day some one else will take over .

    Some examples of Viral are Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style


    • Congrats Navneet on writing viral content. Generally, it is very arduous to write such content however you seem to have a good hand onto it. And yes, the second point is absolutely correct.

  6. Gautam Doddamani says:

    hi pawan appreciate you article…being genuine and writing genuine plays a major role if the content is to stay or not. capturing the emotions and feelings of the readers, we can easily make an impact on their minds and thus give our posts the uplift to automatically make them go viral.

    thanks for the points!


    • Thank you Gautam for your kind appreciation.
      Yes, being genuine is like a trump card as people have always loved genuine stories.

  7. Asif Khan says:

    Nice post, Pawan. Emotions play an important role in making something go viral. Emotions can make visitors share your article, make them comment and can even force them to buy a product.

    • Exactly my point Asif. Emotions play critical role making something viral.
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  8. Thank you Rajkumar for stopping by and leaving comment.