SSE- The Company with a mission

SSE is one of the leading companies in UK which is involved in the distribution, supply and the generation of electricity along with its extraction. The core purpose is to provide energy in a sustainable and reliable way. Throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland it supplies energy to close to 9.5 million homes. It is currently ranked number one in terms of customer satisfaction and is the country’s leading generator of electricity from renewable sources.

They are credited with establishing standards as far as transparency and reliability is concerned. It was the first company to simplify the tariff structure and now operates on three major levels which are

  • To improve competition and increasing liquidity it was the first company to auction the power on the day ahead
  • To eliminate the differential pricing, all the products of the company are distributed through the service channels
  • For the prepayment customers the best deals were offered.

The $ 20 principle of the company highlights the fact that they are committed to the customers in the best possible way. The guarantee is based on the charter and outlines the commitments to the customers based on three core objectives. First is to help the customers to save money, and then is to make the life easier for the customers and helping them in the best possible way.  This is the precise reason on why the company has claimed the  best award in customer service as per the independent audits. The launch of this campaign by the company is an effort by the company to achieve greater levels of transparency and the taken the industry to the next level. These commitments extend beyond the current levels of endeavor.

There are clearly five parameters which are backed by the $20 promise.   Calling back the customers in the case a commitment is made by the company, unnecessarily not transferring the calls without the permission of the customer and working out cost effective solutions for the customer while on the call. In the words of the management the programme is not just about the $ 20 and it involves setting new benchmarks and being accountable for them. The philosophy is to put more emphasis on achieving things rather than taking. The policy framed is pretty clear as they want to be distinct from the bad players and create an epitome for itself. In this regard a clear cut message is send out to the rest of the industry as well. They want each and every company to transform themselves for the betterment of the customers. In a way no one can control on what the future will be, but can definitely keep a tab on their proceedings.

The company has been pretty honest in the opinion that in the past they have neglected the concept of customer service. The fact of the matter is that they do pride themselves on being different from the other energy suppliers in the market and they continue to lead the market.

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  1. Amrik Virdi says:

    Great post Amit. I like the concept of $20 principle. However, I live in India so may be my uncle(who live in London) can use the electricity of the company.

    Thanks for the latest update.