Search or Display Advertisements – Better or Worse Together

A Pioneer promotional idea is a common ingredient of various success stories so far.  So what it takes for an e-commerce firm to inflate its wings to skyscrapers? Advertisement is the proven formula for search and display are the sale shafts in driving businesses to success.

So which one is superior in both the cases, search or display ads? Conventionally, one would be forced to believe that a standard IAB ad placement is a good solution for branding but it’s indeed a distant second set to search. In rather cases, let your business decide… Meanwhile on the safe side, it’s good to be a bit diplomatic for now as both the sets of ads have different roles to play in your marketing campaign. Before jumping to any conclusion, read on…

Display Advertisement (Standardized Combination of Graphics)      

As the name suggests, display ad is the graphical representation that appears just next to web page content or IM applications. It includes web banner advertisement and mobile ads as well.  This has certainly proved to be one useful robust tool when it comes to promoting your business online. Display ads require those usual publishers who can very well integrate the soul of content and advertisements together. With the abundance of options available, dealers are vigorously spending money on online advertisement.

Display ads are commonly associated with billboards, posters or magazines however online ads have their own benefits too, look on…

  • Ability to look for target audiences by aiming at demographic and behavioral targeting traps.
  • Track the performance of your campaign by measuring the metrics such as impressions, clicks and conversions calculate your ROI.

Search Advertisements (Published on Web pages)

The backbone of internet marketing, search advertisement is a successful method of placing your ads on web pages that show up on search engine queries. According to the same search services, such ads can also be placed on pages with other published content. They are targeted in order to match the keywords entered at search engines. This very benefit has contributed to its success among advertisers.

Meanwhile, customers are smart enough to judge and compare their purchasing options before making a final decision. Thus the opportunities prevailing in their interest encourage them to click on search ads immediately.

(Search or Display- Distinct Cohorts) Clash of Perspectives

If you are confused whether display or search ad is superior then you’ve certainly fallen in the conventional trap. Both the forms have their different roles to play in your business campaign. Apparently, they should be seen as distinct associates earning for your business rather than adversaries clashing for customer dollars.

They can be easily optimized independently and yet can deliver results differently. The former places ads in critical purchase junctions linked with results from search queries to transfer traffic and sale.

On the other side, the latter completely focuses on targets who haven’t expressed their intention yet. These ads are created to form an interest in customer by viewing their browsing interests and areas thus targeting the ads they might take interest in and eventually shop online. This very moment is perfect to run your branding campaign and thus create a positive awareness and emotional reaction to your product or service.

In any case, display ads are comparatively more visible than search and if they get successful can generate leads, clicks and sales simultaneously. Results also show that search performed better than display campaigns on their own.

Ignorance of Display Ads- Not a Better Idea  

It has been seen when dealers from their marketing strategies they tend to overlook display advertisements for their search engine marketing campaigns. Assuming that if an ad is not clicked it is completely ignored by a customer is a misconception. To the fact, companies can gain 155% in traffic and up to 5% of increase in conversion attributed by display ad followed by searched ones.

The Combination is sure to Stay

Using the two most powerful weapons together is surely a good deal for businesses to attract better opportunities. According to a new study, utilizing the benefits of both the ads together shows a big deal in your business profits and ROI. A combination of two surely lifts your campaign and generates leads more than the tactics used individually on them. In that case, marketers are advised to utilize their ads in combination of both the parties as the arrival herewith is efficient and perfectly timed with everything else that matters.

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Holistic Approach is Helpful

Keep a friendly approach towards digital marketing and utilize search ads for your search results. Don’t solely depend on search as then you can miss on deals thorough display and vise-a-versa in that case. If you don’t utilize search engines it won’t show up there and you’ll end up the dealers who saw a display ad of your brand online.

If you are going your way through branding, interact with your customers through display ads and you’ll earn your target audiences through search converts right away.

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  1. hi thanks for this article it was very useful

  2. Nice analysis Udit. I like your closing. Yes holistic approach is best since people are really fed up with clutter and are blind to most ads. But with holistic approach converting them is a piece of cake.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mitch_Akl says:

    Hey Udit ,
    If you can reach 100 people with your ads, only about 10% of them could be potential customers, and i see everyone out there, wants to advertise and target the 90%, the biggest reach possible , why ?
    it’s just a waste, you should focus on the 10% and only advertise for the 10%,
    its cheaper in cost and your chances of generating more leads is wayy higher,
    that’s why i would always go for the search engines as a top priority, i wouldn’t waste any resources investing with ads unless i can afford to take some losses! ads are always secondary!
    Many thanks and Best wishes!

  4. Chetan Bhasin says:

    Well! I almost always thought that search ads are always better for advertisers than display ads but there you got me wrong.
    As you mentioned in the article, there is a believe that search advertising is better than display, and I fell for the same, but you have a pretty good point there.
    When I see a display ad on a website and even when I am not willing to click it, I will remember what I saw and I might even search for it later in the future. This will not only save the advertiser the cost of a click but will gain them a customer with slightly extra attention that what they could have achieved with search advertising.
    To add more to it, there are people who often click on search ads but are never turned into conversions leading to waste of money of the advertiser.

    Well! So like you said in the end, a combination of both when used smartly can be a great thing!

  5. Arbaz Khan says:

    Honestly speaking,
    I didn’t understand what they article was? Was it related to search engines or was it based on display ads?
    Please clarify what article really conveys here?

  6. hi thanks for this article though i understood the motive of the article this was still informative as per the conditions

  7. Nice and well detailed post i like it thanks for sharing this information.

  8. Anil Agarwal says:

    Great share, I also like to add that, display ads take more conversion rates than the traditional search ads.

    That will definitely improve both your click through rates and rankings!