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Surplex is an online auction company that primarily focuses on buying and selling of used machinery. This particular organization is based in Düsseldorf, Germany, where it deals with automated internet auctions, and also provides appraisals and valuations of products. Courtesy of robust business-to-business infrastructure, Surplex portal is today regarded as a market leader when it comes to selling used machines and equipment. During its peak, Surplex platform boasts of in excess of 8,000 clients with more than 12,000 products in stock. In addition, Surplex also conducts gigantic internet auctions for iconic organizations such as Bayer, ThyssenKrupp, ABB, and Linde among other prestigious companies. With increasing business competition coupled with the need to bolster its market dominance, Surplex has been forced to streamline its IT infrastructure and this particular restructuring has been achieved by deploying a scalable Surplex auction app.

With a Surplex auction app clients are allowed to participate in different machinery auctions anywhere and anytime provided that they own an iPhone, iPad, or an Android operated device. The application is developed using advanced coding technologies that enables seamless integration with the Surplex marketplace, and through this particular app, both individuals and organizations may directly participate in online auctions by seeking the best bargains. The application is user friendly due to its intuitive user interface that enables users to search all active auctions, place bid, and monitor favorite bids in a real time scenario.

In order to ensure relevancy within the marketplace, the app is constantly updated by its developers and this particular Surplex auction app was last updated on October 10th 2013 which clearly attests the company’s commitment towards ensuring unrivalled user experience. The application is also very light in nature and just requires a minimal of 1.8 MB of free space which implies that it runs silently on the background without interrupting operations of other installed software programs in your device. The application’s interface is properly organized and users can easily search or view available auction items which indicate the app was designed in accordance with Nielsen’s conventions for heuristics interface design.

Description and location of the items can also be viewed as well. This app can be customized through its settings feature that enables users to filter settings according to location, price, auction start date, auction end date, technical features of the machine, and the number of years that the machine has been in use.

With the Surplex app there are also other features that can be explored and this includes viewing the highest bid, current bid, and the next accepted bid which are all vital aspects whenever participating in online auctions. Other benefits include notification of promotions, one touch access to company contact information, and the ability to connect with the on-go-customers. Because the app is installed inside handheld devices, users can participate in auctions regardless of location and they do not have to stay inside their fixed office or home locations. Users are only required to download, install, and run the program.

Surplex app is available in both English & German language and requires iOS 5.0 or higher for Apple products, or Android version 2.2 or higher for other devices. In addition, the app is also optimized for iPhone 5. It can be downloaded directly from Apple’s app stores or Google play.

Find the app for iPhone and iPad here.

Find the app for Android here.

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