How to Use a Printer Effeciently

There are many jobs for which you need to use a printer. Even in the digital age in which people now live, there are some things that simply cannot be done on a computer. For instance, you may be interested in making brochures that people can take home with them or fliers that you can hang up around town. However, do you feel like printing can get to be too expensive? There are some easy things that you can do to cut back on the cost and make working with the printer easy and affordable.

Use Ink Cartridges for Black and for Colour


Some printers are set up to create black by mixing all of the other types of ink together. This is a very inefficient way to do it that wastes a lot of ink. You will go through it more slowly if you have a printer that has both a colour cartridge and a black and white cartridge. It can then reserve that coloured ink for jobs that actually need colour.

Print on Both Sides of the Page

When you go to your print options on your computer, you can choose to print on just one side of the page or both. For some jobs, you do not have a choice. However, as often as you can, you want to print things on both sides. This uses up far less paper so that you are not constantly buying new packages. It also makes it easier for people to handle the paperwork, and it makes distributing it simple.

Keep Your Printer Clean and in Good Shape

One of the main reasons that people waste paper is because the printer gets dirty and it is not maintained well. When they print something off, it does not look as good as it should, and they have to clean the printer and start all over. This could be a huge waste if you do not notice the issue until you have printed 100 pages. Instead, keep it clean all of the time so that this does not happen.

Do Not Print Images

Again, there may be situations where this is unavoidable, but you want to keep from printing images when you can. One image is going to use up as much ink as printing dozens of pages of text. You can spread your ink out farther if you just stick to text.

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  1. Anchit Shethia says:

    Also make the black color of document a little light, a little darker greyish but not fully white. saves a lot of ink as experienced.

  2. nice article i have hp printer and your article are helpful with me thanks for sharing.