Completely Customize Your Phone with a Specialized Skin For The iPhone 6

We live in an age that’s completed dominated by the iPhone. Whether you like it or not, your phone is always beside you while you sleep, brunch with your friends and especially when you need to win an argument. (Usually by looking something up.) Thanks to Siri, Google Maps and million of other useful apps, you no longer need to scour the newspaper, Atlas or encyclopedia when you have a question. It’s also never been easier to make spontaneous plans with your friends – and then cancel them when the weather is too cold, or you realize that you have too much work to catch up on.As

As the iPhone evolves, it can be tempting to invest in each new model. Apple is quickly making their flagship item more sophisticated and user-friendly with each upgrade and their newest iteration is no exception. With a larger screen, improved camera and a better, faster user interface, the iPhone 6 is a highly desired item. If you’ve managed to get your hands on one, it’s tempting to get out there and start showing it off in just about every social interaction. But it’s also important to remember your new toy is just as vulnerable to freezing cold temperatures and external wear and tear as you are. How can your protect your new smartphone in the dead of winter in a way that still expresses who you are? If you love to accessorize but still want a practical, multi-functional cover for your iPhone, consider purchasing a smartphone skin.

Apple 6


Take a second and think about your own skin. What does it do? It’s a thin membrane that’s actually your largest organ. It was created to fit, protect and cover your entire body. While skin comes in many different shapes, textures and pigments, it can also be manipulated and changes over time. Smartphone skins are a similar idea. These products are very thin but can protect your device from scratches, liquid spills and everyday wear and tear. They cover the front and back of your phone seamlessly while leaving side panel buttons and the camera and microphone exposed. (If you want more coverage, they can cover the entire phone as well.) These lightweight protective casings can be easily removed much like a sticker without leaving any harmful residue behind. Instead of turning your sleek new phone into a heavy frozen brick-like bulky black protective cases, it fits it to the millimeter. These products are made from high-quality 3M vinyl, which guarantees that it will be effective protection for years to come.

Best of all, it’s up to you to choose the color, graphics, pattern and texture of your brand new smartphone skin. Certain reputable online retailers have gotten the memo that iPhone skins still need to be trendy and offer the latest designs. The online company brand is even known as the “boss of vinyl skins” and offers a selection for the new iPhone 6 that ranges from silver titanium to red carbon fiber tomatte black leather. (To check out their products and see pricing, head to and have a look.)

We live in the iPhone age, but just because everyone has one doesn’t mean that you have to follow the crowd. If you’ve shelled out for a state-of-the-art iPhone 6, stay ahead of the curve and personalize your device with a trendy smartphone sticker. That way, it can last at least until Apple creates a brand new smartphone for you to fall in love with.

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