Things to Do First when You’ve Got a New iPhone

So you are excited about your new iPhone and can’t wait to flaunt it among your friends. As a new user, you will be entitled to complete some of the setups offered by your phone. You already know that iPhone has applications for all purposes: if you are a student and an essay writer, you can use it for educational purposes; if you are a musician, you can download musical apps, etc. However, first, you have to set up various basic settings and make your iPhone going. And this might become overwhelming. We have prepared a list of things to do first with your new gadget, so take a look at these tips!

  • Create an Apple account

The first thing you should do with your iPhone is setting up an Apple account. You will need this account to avail features and benefits available at your gadget. Your iPhone will offer you to create an account once you start it. Just follow the steps as mentioned and don’t forget to provide a correct email.

  • Set up an email account

Once you have an Apple account, you need to set up an email account. There is a convenient email application that will activate your account automatically. So all you have to do is just select a particular mail service and then activate your account using your address and password.

  • Add information

To set your gadget and use all amazing features it can present, you also need to provide personal information to your device. Launch the section called “Contacts” and click ‘+’ to create a new contact. Then you can include your personal info to make Siri recognize you. For example, you can use the Maps feature to mark your home and ask Siri to create a convenient route for you. You can do the same with fields like work and other addresses to achieve efficient conversation with Siri.

  • Customize your contacts

Creating a list of contacts, you can customize them. Don’t limit yourself to adding just a name and a phone number. You can also include birthdays and addresses of your friends. Once you add a birthday or any other date, this will appear in your Calendar app. If you add addresses to your contact list, you will easily find the addresses in the Maps or even ask Siri to create a route to your friend’s house.

  • Social networking settings

If you cannot live without social networks, then you would also need to configure your device to particular settings. You can activate your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other account, turn in or off sharing, notification and other settings.

Getting a new iPhone is an amazing feeling. However, make sure that you know how to get the most of it! iPhone has a lot of features and amazing apps that can help you make your life easier and have a good time using your device. All you need is to be attentive and set up the settings for your iPhone to activate it and let you experience a lot of fun. Use this guide and good luck!

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